MALAYSIA BOLEH! @ Four Seasons Place, Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Boleh! This slogan, translated directly as “Malaysia Can!” generally refers to the possible things that Malaysia or Malaysians can do. It’s like a rallying catchphrase to drive success and be a benchmark for excellence. Taking this catchphrase to expound the delicious-ness of Malaysian street food, the Fei Siong Group from Singapore recently opened the first outlet of “Malaysia Boleh” in Four Seasons Place Kuala Lumpur.

It’s rather ironical that the reason Malaysia Boleh! came about was to satisfy Singaporeans’ cravings for authentic Malaysian street hawker food in Singapore! With several successful outlets in Singapore, it just goes to show that some sensible people in Singapore do know that Malaysian streetfood rocks – yay!

So, Malaysia Boleh at Four Seasons Place is a one-stop foodcourt which offers top-rated street hawkers’ selections from different states of Malaysia. From Penang Prawn Noodles to Ipoh Chicken Rice to Klang Bak Kut Teh, be prepared to feast on popular favourites served by more than 14 stalls. Check out also the interior design of this “atas” foodcourt – so reminiscent of the good old 1960s! Loads of nostalgia in the ethnic floor tiles, bird cages (sans birds) hanging from the ceiling, old-fashioned marble-topped tables and music from the old era playing softly from the speakers.

OK, so what’s good in Malaysia Boleh? We’ve tasted almost every stall at this place and good to know that generally food is very decent here with a few misses. Let’s look at what’s on our Top 10 list…

Curry Mee from Jalan Imbi Ah Yen’s stall. This is one of the best versions I’ve had – the curry is perfectly balanced with spices and coconut milk. We slurped up everything…noodles, chicken, long beans, tofu puffs and pig skin too!

Curry Mee

Ipoh Chicken Rice – as someone who grew up in Ipoh, I have to confess I’ve never eaten chicken rice from Buntong. Well, that’s unfortunate, for this plate of Buntong Chicken Rice really rocks! As plain and simple as it looks, don’t let that deceive you. The rice is fragrant, having been cooked with chicken fat, garlic, ginger and shallots. The poached chicken is smooth and tender and the chilli sauce was spot on.

Ipoh Chicken Rice

KL-style Hokkien Mee – I’m not a big fan of these thick black noodles but DL is and he’s happy with this version. With a good topping of “chu yau char” (fried pork lard), pork and cabbage, the noodles are well flavoured and with sufficient “wok hei”. I think the noodles would fare much better if they are braised a bit longer in a bit more gravy.

KL-style Hokkien Mee

Char Kway Teow from Yong Kee Penang. Personally I’ve never had this CKT in their Penang stall but this plate really packs a good punch. Tasty noodles with just enough “wok hei”, prawns, chives, crunchy beansprouts and eggs. Would have been awesome if there had been some cockles. From the same stall, have the Oyster Omelette (“or chien”) as well – it’s pretty satisfying.

Char Kway Teow

Oyster Omelette – “Or Chien”

Wantan Mee – I like the al dente noodles and the nicely-layered char siew here. The noodles have that perfect springiness in its texture, tossed in lard and premium sauce so that alone qualifies it to be on my Top 10 list. What I wasn’t impressed with are their wantans – too little filling in too much wantan skin.

Wantan Mee

Ipoh Pork Kway Tiao & Pork Porridge – smooth silky rice congee, or if you prefer noodles, the Ipoh hor fun with lots of porky goodness. Tender sliced pork, minced pork and pork innards to delight any porky fan!

Ipoh Pork Kway Tiao

Ipoh Pork Porridge

Klang Bak Kut Teh – it’s quite difficult to find authentic Klang-style BKT in KL and by that I mean the soup must be thick, dark and redolent with the necessary Chinese herbs and spices. The version served here is a respectable version, although not the best I’ve had (in Klang) but still, it does give some comfort.

Klang Bak Kut Teh

Chendol – this is everyone’s favourite at Malaysia Boleh and there’s always a queue at this stall. At only RM3 a bowl, this must be the cheapest around town and it’s RM3 well spent because the chendol is an absolute bomb! Fresh creamy coconut milk, fragrant gula Melaka and freshly-made smooth slithery chendol – how can that not be awesome?!


So, the above are my Top 10 items to eat at Malaysia Boleh! There are many more at the stalls…

Penang Assam Laksa – I like the assam laksa here: the spicy/tangy/fishy flavours are well-balanced and the right noodles are used.

Penang Assam Laksa

Pudu Roast Meats

Claypot Chicken Rice – decent crust at the bottom of the pot but I didn’t quite like the boneless chicken in it and there’s no salted fish accompanying the rice!

Claypot Chicken Rice

Fried Radish Cake

Prawn Mee (Penang Hokkien Mee)

Pan Mee

Pudu Nasi Lemak

Most of the dishes are priced from RM10 up – considered as fair value due to the nice, clean and cool environment. We’ve been back there again just last weekend and the place was bustling with hungry weekend shoppers. During weekdays, the lunch time crowd forms queues at the place, I heard.


B1-01B, Shoppes at Four Seasons Place
145 Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours: 10am – 10am daily

If you are going by public transport:
Get out at LRT KLCC Station, go two floors up to Avenue K exit, cross the road to Shoppes Four Seasons Place. You’ll see Robinson’s Store, enter and go one floor down the escalator and you can’t miss Malaysia Boleh!

KIMI-YA: affordable modern Japanese dining in Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur

There are many dining options in Old Klang Road – predominantly from Chinese tai-chow places to steamboat restaurants and a scattering of Japanese food outlets. One particular Japanese restaurant which stands out is Kimi-Ya which has been making quite a name for itself. Translated as “Your Home”, Kimi-Ya is located on the ground floor of Avantas Residences. Its simple interior deco has a cosy and homely ambience. Seating is functional, nothing too fancy and what stands out is the food.

Cosy & comfortable interior

Let’s start with Kimi-Ya’s monthly specials. If you hurry, you may still be able to catch their June-July promotion of Hokkaido Uni. Freshly air-flown from Japan, the sea urchin is unbeatable at RM38 a portion. Uni fans, make your way there now for this sweet indulgence!

Hokkaido Uni 

The menu at Kimi-Ya is really extensive and we could only zoom in to our favourites. Of course, sashimi is a must for us in a Japanese meal. Kimi-Ya’s sashimi range includes amberjack, scallops, tuna, salmon, white tuna and don’t forget to have some really good salmon roe as well!

Take Sashimi Moriawase

One of the signature dishes here is the Wagyu Steak (120g). The best way to savour this premium cut is to just have it pan-grilled and our preferred done-ness is “medium” to “medium-rare”. Just look at that superb marbling and those juicy tender slices are to die for! They practically melt in the mouth.

Pan-grilled Wagyu Steak

A must-eat item in Kimi-Ya is their Zaru Inaniwa Udon – cold thin wheat noodles served with a dipping sauce smoothened with a raw quail’s egg. and spiced up with some wasabi. This udon is quite unlike the regular udon served in other restaurants. It’s thinner and smoother with a nice bite in its texture. You really have to taste it yourself to know the difference.

Zaru Inaniwa Udon

If you are a fan of clams in soup, check out Kimi-Ya’s Asari Hoiru Butter Yaki. The fresh succulent clams are cooked in dashi soup with himeji mushrooms and enhanced with some unsalted butter – heavenly!

Asari Hoiru Butter Yaki

There’s also the Hamaguri Sake Mushi – giant clams soup with sake and bonito. The sake gives this soup a little kick and for maximum satisfaction, make sure you have it piping hot!

Hamaguri Sake Mushi

Taraba Gani (150g) – Grilled King Crab with Salt

Although we try not to have too much carbs, especially rice in our meals, Kimi-Ya’s Gyu Garlic Rice Ishiyaki and Unagi Bara Chirashi Don are quite irresistible. The former is garlic fried rice served in a stone pot, thus retaining the heat beautifully and every spoonful of the well-flavoured rice with thin slices of tender beef is immensely satisfying!

We had some really superb bara chirashi don during our recent visit to Okayama. The Unagi Bara Chirashi Don here has assorted cubed sashimi like tuna, salmon, white tuna and eel and what it needs is a good binding sauce to make it memorable.

Gyu Garlic Rice Ishiyaki 

Unagi Bara Chirashi Don

Salads – don’t miss the salads here. Our favourites are the Soft-shell Crab Salad and Kaisen Salad with assorted sashimi. They are perfect to get the meal going!

Kimi-Ya Soft Shell Crab Salad with fish skin and assorted vegetables

Kaisen Salada with assorted sashimi

To round off the meal, we had a selection of sweets … green tea ice-cream with red bean paste, glutinous rice balls, house-made mochi and my favourite raindrop jelly.

Abekawa Mochi – house-made rice cake with red bean paste and soybean powder

Mizu Shingen Mochi – Japanese raindrop jelly served with brown sugar syrup and soybean powder

Kimi-Ya’s delectable offering of honest good-quality Japanese dishes is wallet-friendly. Chefs here make the effort to serve a diverse range of dishes using fresh ingredients and many of them are curated with flair and creativity.


G-2 Avantas Residences
162 Jalan Klang Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 013-239-3406

12.00pm-3.00pm; 6.00pm-10.30pm (Mondays-Thursdays)
11.30am-3.00pm; 6.00pm-11.00pm (Fridays-Sundays)

KENNY’S FOOD CART: Affordable Comfort Food in Aman Suria

If you have lived in Petaling Jaya long enough, you’d probably know where Alisan Street is, where Kenny Lock’s father used to run a stall selling his popular “Teng Chai Chuk”, way back since 1993. “Teng Chai Chuk” directly translates to “Boat Porridge” is a comforting bowl of piping hot rice congee filled with anchovies, peanuts, century egg, dried cuttlefish and fried crullers & vermicelli for added crunch. This “boat porridge” originates from the simple rice congee cooked by boat dwellers in Hong Kong. Every spoonful spreads its comforting warmth all the way from my mouth to tummy – it’s a bowl of congee everyone needs to cheer up a chilly moodless day.

Signature Teng Chai Chuk (RM9)

25 years down the road, Kenny Lock has taken over from the father (Uncle Lock still helps out) and expanded the business with a couple of partners. The porridge stall has now found a new home in a shop in Aman Suria. To keep its heritage going, a brick & mortar replica of the stall is housed inside the shop, adding a certain quaintness to the ambience.

Besides Teng Chai Chuk, you can also opt for other varieties of condiments for your porridge. Choose your favourites from dried scallops, shredded chicken, sliced fish, minced pork, fish paste and even fried fish head. We tried the Fried Fish Belly Porridge too. The crunchy fish pieces, with sweet marine flavours submerged in smooth rice congee made for another bowl of good comfort food.

Fried Fish Belly Porridge (RM10)

Besides porridge, there’s rice and noodles on the menu. I do recommend their Cantonese Style Loh See Fun and their signature Mushroom Pork Noodles. The bowl of Cantonese loh see fun may look kinda uninspiring in its pale gooey gravy topped with an egg but once I dug into it, I had to change my mind. That bowl of gooey noodles packed quite a punch in terms of taste and flavours. Try it and you’ll see.

Cantonese Style Loh See Fun (RM8.50)

If you are not fond of noodles in thick gravy, try their Fried Loh See Fun, something that Kenny just added to his menu. Fragrant with delicate “wok hei”, this version proves to be popular with diners.

Fried Loh See Fun (RM8)

The same goes for another one of their signatures – Noodles with Mushroom and Minced Pork. Served with a hard-boiled egg and with noodles swimming in a thick dark gravy, it looks a bit like “loh mee”. It’s a bowl of simple goodness and so satisfying.

Signature Mushroom Pork Yee Mee (RM8)

Kenny prepares his fresh fish paste from scratch in-house every day which he then shapes into irregular chunks and they are either deep fried or boiled. Springy and tasty with fresh fishy sweetness, I love them either way: added into noodles/porridge or served as deep-fried snacks. Served straight from the wok, the deep-fried fish paste smells pretty heavenly just as they are brought to our table and they are gone within minutes! The same applies to the Fried Dumplings – one plate is never enough!

Fried Fish Paste (RM4/5 pieces)

Fried Dumplings (RM4/3 pieces)

Kenny keeps his menu dynamic – as he’s bound to come up with some specials every day. It all depends on what’s fresh and good at the market and what he feels like cooking for the day. These specials are written on the blackboard and the popular dishes run out pretty fast. On the day I was there, we had two specials – Fried Pork Neck and Wantan in Soup.

The tender juicy slices of pork neck were just faultless and a hit with everyone. Likewise, the plump wantans were filled with generous portions of minced pork and shrimps. Check out also Kenny’s Fried Chicken – it’s very good: tastily marinated and fried well with crispy skin – so irresistible!

Fried Pork Neck (RM10)

Wantan in Soup (RM5)

Kenny’s Fried Chicken (RM4.50 per piece)

As you can see, the prices of food at Kenny’s Food Cart are really wallet-friendly. From the signature porridge, noodles and even rice dishes to the tasty snacks, every item is prepared meticulously with fresh ingredients. The food here has that “home-cooked” taste, food that one can eat over and over again.


K-G-11 Jalan PJU 1/43
Aman Suria Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel: Kenny (016-375-5304)/Ivan (012-329-8227)

11.30am till 2.30pm
6.00pm till 10.00pm
Closed on Sunday


Rising high against the skyline, the New World Petaling Jaya Hotel is one of the tallest hotels in this part of town. Located adjacent to Paradigm Mall, this deluxe hotel exudes simple elegance and class right from the moment you step inside. Designed along contemporary classical lines with subdued greys and earth colours throughout its interior, I felt a sense of cosiness and relaxing welcome when I checked in for a weekend stay recently.

Lobby Lounge & Reception – so cosy & inviting!

Lobby Lounge bathed in romantic hues after sunset

Our suite was spacious and ever so comfortable. Complete with a sitting lounge accommodating a full sofa and armchair, the roominess was very welcome. With a separate tv in the sitting room and another one in the bedroom, DL and I could choose to watch our own stations without disturbing the other. I love the huge wardrobe space in the bedroom which has moveable walls – open them up for that walk-in effect!

The dual-sink marble-clad bathroom has a free-standing bathtub for that touch of luxury.

As suite guests, we got access to the New World Hotel’s signature Residence Club Living Room with exclusive benefits. There’s complimentary breakfast, all-day refreshments and dedicated concierge service provided. We just had to check out the breathtaking views from that floor when we dropped by for some drinks and canapés before dinner. We didn’t take breakfast here as we had ours at Pasar Baru during our stay.

Entrance to the Residence Club Living Room

Check out the view from here!

Pasar Baru
Even before this stay, we had been here for some meals and were impressed by the food here. We couldn’t resist having our breakfasts and dinners here during our weekend stay.

From the Buka Pausa meal we had here not too long ago, we already knew their buffet meals were good. The spread is not lavish nor too extensive but what they serve are focused and tasty dishes. As the name suggests, Pasar Baru serves a selection of multi-cultural local cuisines – Malay, Indian and Chinese favourites in a lively market-style setting. We love the vadai, roti and curries at the Indian counter. The grilled seafood, satay and fried chicken at the Malay stall. From the noodles station, our all-time curry laksa is a must-have every time we’re here! Don’t miss the Hainanese chicken rice – it’s really good. Although local food features quite a bit here, Pasar Baru also serves some Western favourites.

Fresh seafood

Glorious Indian fares!

My never-miss Curry Laksa

Deep-fried Durians!

We love the local selections for breakfast at Pasar Baru. There’s thosai and capati freshly made at the Indian counter – nothing beats the aroma of fresh rotis on the griddle! Nasi lemak is of course served. Then there’s also Chee Cheong Fun and Chicken Soup Noodles as well as dim sum from the Chinese corner. Oh there’s even Chinese tea eggs served – a first for me, at a hotel restaurant!

Irresistible with coffee!

Chinese Tea Eggs!

Curry Chee Cheong Fun & Vadai

PJ’s Bar & Grill is the largest rooftop bar in Petaling Jaya, set on the 30th floor. The panoramic view from this location is truly amazing, especially during sunset, so be sure to catch that before dinner at the al fresco dining space or inside the restaurant. Check out my earlier review of PJ’s Bar & Grill here.

Level 30 is also where the hotel’s infinity-edge swimming pool is located. It definitely feels like you’re swimming at the top of the world, backdropped against the city panorama below. A fully-equipped state-of-the-art fitness centre illuminated by natural light is located on Level 29 of the hotel.

So inviting! There’s a reason why this is called an infinity pool!

If you’re thinking of throwing a big party, this hotel can very well accommodate that with a 1,700 sq meter pillarless grand ballroom being able to host 1,000 guests.


No.1 Jalan SS7/26A
Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-7682-0111


KOUZU @ Bangsar

With Kouzu recently opened in Bangsar, the stretch along Jalan Telawi seems to have perked up considerably. This is actually the 2nd outlet, the first one being in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. As you step into this hip-looking Japanese fusion restaurant and bar, you’ll be greeted with a piece of vibrant painted pop-art on one of the main walls. The colourful wall-art depicts a mish-mash kaleidoscope of Mt Fuji, dragons, carps, sakura and even a Japanese maiden (geisha perhaps?) by local artist Katun. This long mural certainly sets the tone of contemporary vibes and we can’t wait for the gastronomic offerings.

Proudly marketing itself as a restaurant and bar, the menu features a good range of Hot & Cold Japas – contemporary Japanese appetizers using both Japanese and western ingredients. But before the japas comes, we happily line our stomachs with some refreshing salads. Attention-grabbing with beautiful crisp vegetables, fresh raw fish and al dente udon, we totally enjoy the Salmon Trout Salad and Sanuki Udon Pasta.

Salmon Trout Salad (RM25)

Sanuki Udon Pasta (RM19)

We can’t help ordering a sushi roll, – the Umami Roll with fried soft-shell crabs is prettily presented – light & easy on the palate.

Umami Roll (RM20)

Next comes the japas – small plates, small bites but oh-so-big in flavours.

The Kouzu Sliders look like cute mini-burgers; the only difference being that they are scones sandwiching juicy homemade wagyu patty, spinach, caramelized shallot and gyusugi.

Kouzu Sliders (RM25 for 2 pieces)

The Gyoza Kaisen, stuffed with chopped shrimps and scallops are just average to me.

Gyoza Kaisen (3 pieces) – RM22.00 

On the other hand, I simply love the Blue Fin Tuna and Foie Gras, reasonably priced at RM29. The tuna has been seared to perfection, and it pairs beautifully with the foie gras, unagi sauce and apple chutney.

Blue Fin Tuna & Foie Gras

For something light and fun, try their Agedashi Tofu, sprinkled with bonito flakes and paired with a smooth slithery onsen egg.

Bonito Agedashi Tofu (RM10) 

The hot tapas list features some substantial meaty items. The Stone Grilled Beef and Spicy Miso Lamb Rack are our favourites. Marinated well, the meat is tender and juicy, delicious to the last bite.

Stone Grilled Beef (RM29)

Spicy Miso Lamb Rack (RM36 for 2 pieces)

Besides tapas and roll sushis, Kouzu’s selection of yakitori is also quite popular. Ranging from RM5-RM15 per skewer, they have been meticulously grilled over charcoal.

Skewered delights to go with the sake, wine or beer!

We also recommend Kouzu’s interesting version of pizza. Instead of the usual flour dough, the pizzas here are made with a crispy rice base and topped with exotic ingredients like wasabi, yuzo, miso and escargot! The Escargot Pizza is a one that I can eat over and over again.

Japanese Escargot Pizza (RM19.00)

If you are someone who must have rice, then don’t miss their signature Kouzu Don. It’s a bowl of beautifully presented Japanese rice topped with tender sliced sirloin (lightly seared), scallions, garlic, drizzled with aromatic truffle teriyaki sauce and a lush onsen egg! Perfection in a bowl.

Kouzu Don (RM29)

I love how the food is prettily presented in Kouzu, enhancing the visual feasting even before it’s eaten. Flavours are well balanced with traditional and fusionistic touches, most of them light and refreshing – just perfect when chilling out with drinks.


19 Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2201-1592 /011-6050-0995

Opening Hours:
12noon to 2.30pm
5.00pm to 1.00am

MO-MO-PARADISE at J’s Gate Dining, Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur

If you are a fan of Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki, then you’d be very happy to know that Mo-Mo-Paradise is now open in Kuala Lumpur. I am a definite fan of both and I can’t be more ecstatic now that I can have the best of both, in Mo-Mo-Paradise located in J’s Gate Dining at Lot 10 Shopping Centre. For those who are not aware, J’s Gate Dining is a curated space offering the best of Japanese cuisine and Mo-Mo-Paradise has joined the line-up of sterling outlets.

Cosy and comfortable seating in Mo-Mo-Paradise

The local founders of Mo-Mo-Paradise Malaysia are 3 young entrepreneurs: Ee Soon Wei, Yap Chor Wen and KC Loh. Being serious foodies, these 3 friends started bonding while studying in Australia and a chance meeting with Mo-Mo-Paradise Japan had them opening this first outlet in Malaysia. Mo-Mo-Paradise first opened in Shinjuku Kabukicho, Tokyo way back in 1993 with the objective to provide the ultimate Shabu-Shau and Sukiyaki experience. Their success hinges very much on their focus in using a good variety of fresh, high-quality ingredients accompanied by warm hospitality and all at affordable dining prices. These are the exact principles employed in Mo-Mo-Paradise Kuala Lumpur.

Waiting for the broth to boil

Just look at these fresh premium cuts of meat! Eat as much as you can!

Sakura pork sourced locally and air-flown beef from Australia are the staple meats served in Mo-Mo-Paradise. From the vegetables bar, there’s a good variety of greens, mushrooms, fungus and beancurd rolls.

Those beancurd rolls are superb – can’t remember how many I took!

Mo-Mo-Paradise offers an “All You Can Eat” concept within a time limit of 100 minutes (believe me, this is more than enough time for a satisfying all-you-can-eat meal!) and diners can choose either or both Shabu-Shabu or/and Sukiyaki. Shabu-Shabu is the lighter broth, enjoyed with “ponzu” or “gomadare” (sesame) sauces. On the other hand, Sukiyaki is the richer, sweet-salty broth and of a darker hue.

The All-You-Can-Eat meal is priced at RM68++/person for a single pot and RM76++/person for a mixed pot.


All meats and vegetables are refillable within the 100 minutes time limit. Non-alcoholic beverages such as sodas and coffee are also refillable at RM4.50 while water and tea are complimentary.

For reservations/more information, please call +603-2110-3588.

I’ll definitely be going back to Mo-Mo-Paradise for my “best of both worlds” meal soon. It’s so easy to get there too – I took the MRT, got out at the Pavilion Bukit Bintang station and upon exiting Gate D, take the lift beside Zara @ Lot 10 up to the 4th level and you are at J’s Gate Dining!

Pssttt…if you are on the Keto Diet or No Carb Diet, this is just perfect for you!


J’s Gate Dining
Level 4, Lot 10 Shopping Mall
Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

GOA by Hubba, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur

Goa by Hubba has just recently relocated to its present location at Tujo after being in Lorong Ceylon for a short while. Now Goa by Hubba is snugly tucked on the Mezzanine Floor of the elegant gastrobar Tujo, right on the bustling Jalan Pinang.

Goa by Hubba’s menu is crafted by none other than celebrity chef Sapna Anand. If you think that name sounds familiar, well, she’s the author of popular cookbook “Modern Indian Kitchen” and host of Asian Food Channel’s “Fast Indian Cooking with Sapna”. I first met Chef Sapna in 2015 in a cooking class at Le Cordon Bleu in Bandar Sunway. This soft-spoken Goa-born chef is the perfect collaborator as she’s also fondly known as the Queen of Spices. An alumni of Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Sapna’s love and passion for all things spicy is quite legendary. This passion is reflected in the lineup of dishes she curated in Goa by Hubba, as can be seen below…

Like any good Indian meal, papadum is served to start the ball rolling. Over at Goa by Hubba, the papadum takes on an elegantly smooth appearance – perfectly round crackers studded with nuts and beans, served with a tongue-tingling tangy salsa!

Papadum with Peanuts & Mung Dhal and Salsa (RM10)

Chowpatty Fire Roasted Corn is a popular street food item in India, usually sold along beaches. The version served in Goa by Hubba has a herbed cheese dip accompanying the golden corn – eat these hot and savour the tantalising salty cheesy flavours!

Chowpatty Fire Roasted Grilled Corn (RM16) – fire roasted corn served with chilli lime salt and herbed cheese dip

Soft pillowy steamed mantous are not exactly Indian but I like how these are used to showcase the tender spicy mutton floss, sandwiched inside the buns. Fried shallots and coriander leaves complete the taste tapestry of these addictive mantous. The vegetarian version is nice too, being more gentle on the palate.

Mutton Floss Mantou (RM26) Chinese steamed buns stuffed with slow cooked spiced mutton, fried shallots and coriander

Vegetarian Mantou (RM20) Chinese steamed buns served with spiced cauliflower, pepper, caramelised onions and coriander

The Goan Stuffed Squids are really good. These fresh springy squids are stuffed with an exquisite filling of minced prawns and house-made spice paste – perfect with white rice or just on their own. Other signature dishes like Butter Chicken and Beef Vindhaloo are must-order dishes here. Do order some Cranberry Rice to go with these – you won’t regret it.

Have the Stir-fried Bindhi as well. It’s a rather unique take – the okra are lightly battered, fried till crispy and cooked with chickpeas, dried chillies and spices. Great to eat as a vegetarian dish on its own too!

Served with a mild smoked fennel tomato sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan, the Grilled Cauliflower is quite a treat. Another appetising vegetarian item, it certainly appeals to vegans and even non-vegans.

Goan Stuffed Squids (RM28)

Butter Chicken (RM25) – grilled chicken thigh in mild curry sauce

Beef Vindhaloo (RM26) beef cooked in traditional Vindalho spices

The Kashmiri Lamb Chop is simply awesome, for lack of a better adjective. Marinated with a variety of spices, the lamb is perfectly grilled – tender and juicy and so flavoursome!

Glorious Lamb Chops!

Kashmiri Lamb Chop (RM95) – lamb rack grilled with spices served with mint chutney

Stir-fried Bindhi (RM20) Stir fry crispy fried okra with chickpeas, shallots, dried chillies with spices

Grilled Cauliflower with Smoked Sauce (RM28)

Cranberry Rice (RM8)

For desserts, we just zoomed in to their house-made Kulfi. We tried the Rose Kulfi, Coconut Kulfi and Candied Peanuts and can’t really decide which one’s the most favoured – they are unique in their own way.

Rose Kulfi

Kulfi with Fresh Coconut Shavings

Kulfi with Candied Peanuts

Kerala Moon – an epic concoction of tequila, blackcurrant liqueur, blueberry puree, lemon juice, basil leaves, nutmeg

Goa by Hubba – a lovely place to chill-out (they have a good selection of creative cocktails) and to indulge in a sensory-filled modern Indian meal.


GOA by Hubba
9 Jalan Pinang
(Mezzanine Floor @ Tujo)
Kuala Lumpur
For reservations, call 017-786-7611