“A Joint Culinary Journey of 88 Years” @ ORIENTAL GROUP OF RESTAURANTS

88 years – this figure refers to the combined number of years of culinary experience of both Chef Justin Hor and Chef Jacky Lam in the food industry. That sets the premise for this year’s culinary celebration by the Oriental Group of Restaurants – an annual event that highlights the different dimensions of classic Chinese cuisine which also aims to educate the dining public on the cultural significance of the featured dishes,

Justin Hor needs no introduction really – being the Executive Chef of the Oriental Group and spear-heading many of the restaurants’ definitive menus throughout the years. Internationally renowned Chef Jacky Lam, a celebrated chef from Macao, who is also the President of Macau Cuisine Association, has joined forces with Chef Justin Hor to curate a special menu combining the best of Macanese and Cantonese elements. It took the two chefs 6 months to plan and curate the menu!

The special 8-course meal starts off with a Tapas Platter showcasing 5 appetisers:

Oriental Group’s Signature Char Siew – tender and bursting with fatty flavours topped with a glistening glaze

Macau Crabmeat Cakes – our favourite – tasty umami crabmeat filling encased in a light crispy fried puff

Ginger Sauce Jellyfish – silky crunchy jellyfish tossed in chopped Bentong ginger – this definitely woke up the taste buds!

Chilled Szechuan Farm Chicken – firm boneless chicken slices marinated in an enticing sweet & tangy sauce which left a lingering heat on the tongue, thanks to the Szechuan pepper

Vinaigrette Kyuri & Black Fungus – appetisingly sweet and sour bites which really whetted our appetites!

Done with the tapas, it’s time to warm up our bellies. The Double-boiled Superior Sharksfin Soup with Chicken & Preserved Vegetables did a good job. Three types of preserved radish were used in the soup, each lending their special flavours. The premium piece was the 30-year-old pickled black radish, followed by the 6-month-old pickled yellow radish followed by a piece of fresh radish. Every spoonful was bliss.

Double-boiled Superior Sharksfin Soup with Chicken & Preserved Vegetables

Boston Lobster Macau Taipa Style – insane aromas from the chopped garlic, chillies and shallots. There was also a combination of minced pork neck and preserved radish in the recipe which elevated the flavours to new levels.

Braised Sultan Fish Shunde Style – a concerted effort by both chefs. The wild-caught sultan fish was lightly fried with scales intact, before being braised in a rich broth (simmered for hours using pork ribs, chicken, garlic and ginger). The scales were actually edible, having been braised perfectly and they were left intact to seal in the natural sweetness of the fish.

Whole Pork Trotter with Hokkaido XL Dried Scallops, Japanese Mushrooms & Quail Eggs – an interesting authentic dish adapted from the ancient Manchu-Han imperial banquet. Back in ancient times, bear paws were used. This was such a rich and robust dish where premium ingredients and precise culinary skills reigned.


Lotus Leaf Treasures Rice – duck meat and dried cuttlefish were some of the “treasures” used for this delightfully tasty steamed rice, topped with generous chunks of fresh crabmeat.

Desserts came in a pair…

Peach Resin with Snow Fungus & Papaya in Coconut – so refreshing and soothing!

Sweet Corn Lotus Paste & Mangosteen Custard Lava – a delight to the eyes and stomach, these skilfully moulded desserts were a perfect ending to the splendid meal.

The whole 8-course meal is priced at RM2,688 nett for 10 pax. The dishes are also available on a la carte order.

This special menu is available at all the participating Oriental Group of Restaurants, except the pork-free Seafood World, Ruyi and Yu, until 22 September 2019.

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