LE SENSE: Dim Sum on another level

Where should I start about the best Dim Sum experience I’ve just had?
No, it wasn’t in any high-class Michelin-starred restaurant nor any 5-star hotel in the big city.

It was in this modest restaurant in a row of nondescript shophouses like most shophouses around here are and this was in a quiet enclave in Damansara Kim. If you are not looking out for it, you may just drive past the plain simple signage.

Let me tell you about Le Sense. You see, even the name sounds a bit out-of-place in the neighbourhood. When you step inside, you’ll see that it’s a really cosy space… the warm fuzzy lighting and gossamer drapes giving it that bit of private and mysterious vibe. Diners are chatting quietly among themselves amidst the soft clinking of wine glasses and they all seem to know the folks who run the place. There is a definite sense of camaraderie in the air, the owner is always seen sitting among his guests and perhaps it is this touch of amity that heightens the whole dining experience in Le Sense.

Happy conversations aside, despite its French-slanted name, Le Sense serves modern Chinese food. It’s not modern in the fusionistic sense, though. It is contemporary Chinese dining focusing on quality ingredients and fresh natural flavours. It’s about clever and skillful interpretations of classic favourites using better quality and sustainable ingredients. Tradition is not discarded; it’s just modernized and updated.

Le Sense offers champagne (or other sparkling wine) pairing with their dim sum for lunch and dinner. This is the modern aspect. However, if you are old-school (like me), there’s a good choice of teas available as well. I totally enjoyed my Monggolian Chrysanthemum and German Roses Tea here.

Every single dim sum dish at Le Sense is handmade only upon order. You will never find frozen dim sum in their kitchen. And definitely there is no mass production. The truth is, Le Sense doesn’t cater to the masses. As the owner puts it, it’s all about sharing with diners whose discerning tastes transcend the norm.

The stove is only fired when the guests have settled in and ready for the meal to start.

Take the sublime Xiao Loong Bau, for example. The delicate folds of the bigger-than-average dumplings are quickly formed before going directly into the steamer for just the right amount of time. Once it’s served, gently suck out and savour the glorious truffle-scented broth – this is the best part of a XLB experience – before eating up the whole dumpling.

Har Kow and Siu Mai are two essential items in any dim sum meal. Le Sense’s version isn’t any different from any traditional recipe as basically these are pork and shrimp dumplings. But it is the type of pork and shrimps that makes the difference and therein lies the differentiation. The Siu Mai is made from 3 different types of premium pork where taste, texture and bite are best manifested. The jewel on the crown is a piece of 36-month aged jamon for that delectable smoky bite. Similarly, the Har Kow is a delicate bouncy mesh of different premium prawns (think sashimi-grade). It’s a Har Kow that will leave you wanting more.

The delectable Siu Mai

Har Kow & Scallop Dumpling Duo

Beyond the Har Kow, there’s the Scallop Dumpling. Honestly, this was so pretty, I had to stop myself from gazing at it too long, lest it turned cold. The sweet smooth Hokkaido scallop was exquisitely and almost achingly sweet.

Isn’t this pretty?

Fishmaw Dumpling – another topnotch creation of minced fresh shrimps mixed with fish and cuttlefish wrapped in a gelatinous shroud of fishmaw and lightly braised in an umami dashi broth. Every precious drop of the broth should be slowly relished.

The Yam Puff has a delightfully light and powdery yam layer encasing a filling of rich Iberico pork, slightly sweetened with mirin. The precise execution of this cannot be faulted as there is no trace of oil in the deep-fried puff.

If there is something to nit-pick about this dim sum meal, it must be the petite size of the Radish Cake. Yes, I wish those two pieces were a bit bigger because I simply did not have enough of this amazing radish cake. I’m told that for every serving of this, it’s quite likely that a few may have to be ditched because they didn’t turn out exactly how they should be. The secret to its superb texture is a careful combination of Japanese daikon and local radish. Every cube of this cake is meticulously pan-fried on both sides for that perfect crispy skin while the inside remains velvety soft. And the flavor? Outstanding. Hence, the nit-pick.

Outstanding Radish Cake

A sweet ending to this dim sum meal is a platter of sweets: Thousand Layer Pastry, Sesame Ball with pandan and salted eggyolk filling and a piece of lotus paste with eggyolk Mooncake. The crumbly layered pastry oozing with fragrant milky custard came straight out of the oven to the table.

Sweet ending

Oh did I mention that the above is an Omakase meal? The beauty of an omakase meal is the anticipation. Without a fixed menu, it’s up to the chef to serve whatever is best available for the day and it’s always exciting because the surprises just keep coming!

Price for an 8-course Omakase Dim Sum meal starts at RM150 per person and if you want to include their Miyazaki Wagyu A5, add on another RM100.

Oh let me tell you about that amazing Miyazaki – it’s a brilliant piece of work. The beef is first roasted carefully on low heat and then pan-seared on high heat (450oC) for just about 2 seconds (I think) before it’s served, nestled in its own sweet beef jus and dashi.

Miyazaki Wagyu A5

The aftermath of this meal? I’m blown over. Thanks to the kind generous owner of Le Sense, I’m now totally spoilt for dim sum – this benchmark is not easy to surpass, not now, here in the Klang Valley. And I have to learn to eat this dim sum (or any dish in Le Sense) very slowly, to maximize the experience, that’s why.

So this is the risk: get blown over and you may not want to have other dim sum willingly, after this. If you are OK with that, go check out Le Sense.


No.8 Jalan SS20/10
Damansara Kim
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-7731-8311/+6018-268-2333

More information on their Facebook Page here.

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MEAT THE PORKERS @ their New Abode: Plaza Damansara, Bkt Damansara

After about 3 years in Solaris Publika area, Meat the Porkers, the Home of Porky Indian Cuisine has recently moved to a bigger better space in Plaza Damansara in Bukit Damansara. About time too, as the piggies need more space and this new premise is definitely a much better playground.

Located on the 1st floor (there’s a lift to go up, no worries!) of a corner shoplot, there’s plenty of sunlight flooding in from the windows all around. Diners get a nice view of the surrounding leafy neighbourhood while enjoying Meat The Porkers’ plethora of Indian dishes.

There are some tweaks to the menu – the restaurant now offers a selection of “Small Plates”… tapas-like Indian favourites. I love this concept as it allows you to order a variety of dishes to enjoy without being overwhelmed by the regular (and bigger) portions. Certain non-Indian elements have been incorporated, for example burger buns, mantou and tacos being used to accompany the very flavoursome and spiced Indian meats and seafood.

The thing is, if you are on a keto or no-carbs diet, you just cannot eat here. With Indian cuisine this good, it’s just not possible to eat it without their breads, biryani or just white rice! From the “small plates”, Pork Kebab Sliders with mini burgers and buns already started the appetite going.

Pork Kebab Sliders (RM25) – mini burgers marinated with onion, garlic, ginger, roasted cumin powder and coriander. Topped with sliced tomatoes, caramelized onions, mayonnaise and mint chutney

Similarly, with the Goan Pork Vindaloo bursting with spicy flavours, the tender chunks of meat were pretty perfect when eaten with warm pillowy mantou.

Goan Pork Vindaloo Mantou (RM25) traditional Goan pork curry with chillies, garlic and vinegar stuffed into steamed mantou

I absolutely love the Fish Amritsari Tacos – seabass marinated in ginger, garlic, carom seeds and other spices and gram flour, lightly battered and then fried till crisp. A popular street food item in India, the fried fish is served on a tortilla, topped with tomato salsa and drizzled with a special sauce. Eat this immediately when served, before the tortilla gets soggy – the fried fish is insanely good!

Fish Amritsari Tacos (RM25)

Butter Chicken Wings could well be the only small plate dish served without any carb accompaniment. Some naan sticks would be good to mop up that delicious buttery gravy.

Butter Chicken Wings (RM25) – deep-fried chicken wings tossed in a rich buttery tomato-based gravy

I’m sure you’d agree that bacon wrapping anything is always good, right? Bacon works its magic on almost anything, so imagine this marvellous scenario: spiced tender boneless chicken tikka wrapped with bacon, skewered and then roasted in the tandoor oven till the fats from the bacon seep into the chicken. Imagine how exquisite these babies are.

Bacon-wrapped Chicken Tikka (RM25)

Right – let’s now get to the mains:

The signature rice dish that rocked the restaurant to fame and which any porky fan should order is of course the Siew Yoke Biryani (Roast Pork Biryani). The folks at Meat The Porkers have been experimenting and trying to improve how best to preserve the crunchiness of the siew yoke skin for this dish. Drying, poking, deep-frying… now the crispy pieces of siew yoke crackling is served separately from the rice so that they don’t get soggy and chewy.

Siew Yoke Biryani (RM28)

Another signature dish – the Tandoori Pork Ribs have been tweaked. It’s now prepared and served differently from the Solaris Publika days. It used to be presented as a slab of ribs – check my earlier review here. Now it’s served in individual pieces of meaty ribs. This allows for better absorption of marinades, making each piece well-rounded in taste and texture. Yes, they are finger-lickin’ good.

Tandoori Pork Ribs (RM48) – pork ribs marinated in yoghurt, ginger, garlic, freshly ground spices and roasted in the tandoor oven

The new Porkers Naan is the perfect bread to eat with Mutton Mirchi Masala, Chicken 65 Masala and even their Bindhi Masala. Actually any naan would be good for these dishes but the Porkers Naan stands out due to its stuffing of bacon, garlic, chillies and shredded cheese! In fact, you can also just down this scrumptious naan on its own!

Porkers Naan (RM20) – naan stuffed with bacon, garlic, onions, chillies and shredded cheese

Chicken 65 Masala (RM25) – fried boneless chicken tossed in a yoghurt-based masala with green chillies, ginger and fragrant curry leaves

Mutton Mirchi Masala (RM35) – Dry-style boneless spicy mutton cooked in garlic, ginger and onions

Butter Chicken (RM25)

Bhindi Masala (RM20)

So, make a date to Meat The Porkers if you are into Indian food with a delectable porky twist! They are not tagged “Home of Porky Indian Cuisine” for nothing.


9M Jalan Medan Setia 1
Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 019-987-1945

Open: 12.00pm


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“A Joint Culinary Journey of 88 Years” @ ORIENTAL GROUP OF RESTAURANTS

88 years – this figure refers to the combined number of years of culinary experience of both Chef Justin Hor and Chef Jacky Lam in the food industry. That sets the premise for this year’s culinary celebration by the Oriental Group of Restaurants – an annual event that highlights the different dimensions of classic Chinese cuisine which also aims to educate the dining public on the cultural significance of the featured dishes,

Justin Hor needs no introduction really – being the Executive Chef of the Oriental Group and spear-heading many of the restaurants’ definitive menus throughout the years. Internationally renowned Chef Jacky Lam, a celebrated chef from Macao, who is also the President of Macau Cuisine Association, has joined forces with Chef Justin Hor to curate a special menu combining the best of Macanese and Cantonese elements. It took the two chefs 6 months to plan and curate the menu!

The special 8-course meal starts off with a Tapas Platter showcasing 5 appetisers:

Oriental Group’s Signature Char Siew – tender and bursting with fatty flavours topped with a glistening glaze

Macau Crabmeat Cakes – our favourite – tasty umami crabmeat filling encased in a light crispy fried puff

Ginger Sauce Jellyfish – silky crunchy jellyfish tossed in chopped Bentong ginger – this definitely woke up the taste buds!

Chilled Szechuan Farm Chicken – firm boneless chicken slices marinated in an enticing sweet & tangy sauce which left a lingering heat on the tongue, thanks to the Szechuan pepper

Vinaigrette Kyuri & Black Fungus – appetisingly sweet and sour bites which really whetted our appetites!

Done with the tapas, it’s time to warm up our bellies. The Double-boiled Superior Sharksfin Soup with Chicken & Preserved Vegetables did a good job. Three types of preserved radish were used in the soup, each lending their special flavours. The premium piece was the 30-year-old pickled black radish, followed by the 6-month-old pickled yellow radish followed by a piece of fresh radish. Every spoonful was bliss.

Double-boiled Superior Sharksfin Soup with Chicken & Preserved Vegetables

Boston Lobster Macau Taipa Style – insane aromas from the chopped garlic, chillies and shallots. There was also a combination of minced pork neck and preserved radish in the recipe which elevated the flavours to new levels.

Braised Sultan Fish Shunde Style – a concerted effort by both chefs. The wild-caught sultan fish was lightly fried with scales intact, before being braised in a rich broth (simmered for hours using pork ribs, chicken, garlic and ginger). The scales were actually edible, having been braised perfectly and they were left intact to seal in the natural sweetness of the fish.

Whole Pork Trotter with Hokkaido XL Dried Scallops, Japanese Mushrooms & Quail Eggs – an interesting authentic dish adapted from the ancient Manchu-Han imperial banquet. Back in ancient times, bear paws were used. This was such a rich and robust dish where premium ingredients and precise culinary skills reigned.


Lotus Leaf Treasures Rice – duck meat and dried cuttlefish were some of the “treasures” used for this delightfully tasty steamed rice, topped with generous chunks of fresh crabmeat.

Desserts came in a pair…

Peach Resin with Snow Fungus & Papaya in Coconut – so refreshing and soothing!

Sweet Corn Lotus Paste & Mangosteen Custard Lava – a delight to the eyes and stomach, these skilfully moulded desserts were a perfect ending to the splendid meal.

The whole 8-course meal is priced at RM2,688 nett for 10 pax. The dishes are also available on a la carte order.

This special menu is available at all the participating Oriental Group of Restaurants, except the pork-free Seafood World, Ruyi and Yu, until 22 September 2019.

No.1, P1-01, Level 1 Podium
Plaza 33
Jalan Kemajuan, Section 13
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7931 8633

Business hours: 11am to 3pm, 3pm to 11pm daily

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RM100 DINING VOUCHERS Giveaway for Chengdu-style Hotpot at XIAO LONG KAN, Fahrenheit 88 Kuala Lumpur

In the past year or so, hotpot restaurants a la China-style have been mushrooming in the Klang Valley like crazy. The locals have been taking to them like ducks to water, it seems, as these restaurants have been packing the crowds. We Malaysians label this as “steamboat” but now “hotpot” is the buzz word and aptly so because these pots are really HOT! Hot as in chilli heat from the numbing Sichuan peppercorns.

Chengdu in Sichuan is where all these hotpots are immensely popular. Here, hotpot restaurants are aplenty and hordes of customers gather at the round tables, dipping raw ingredients into pots bubbling with spicy broth topped with chilli oil. If you are hooked on such Sichuan-style hotpots, you would be pleased to know that the original Xiao Long Kan has recently opened their first restaurant in Fahrenheit 88 in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

Long hailed as one of the best hotpot restaurants from Chengdu, Xiao Long Kan opened to long queues, with customers clamouring to get a table in the multi-level restaurant. The deco of the restaurant resembles a typical traditional Chinese eating house and I’m told that the materials and decorative items were all brought in from Chengdu. Every dining pavilion features a unique wall mural, depicting ancient Chinese culture and traditions. The owners take authenticity pretty seriously, not only in the food, but the whole set-up.

Xiao Long Kan’s signature broth is of course the hot spicy malat soup using Sichuan chillies and peppercorns. There are 3 levels of spiciness you can go for, depending on your threshold. Then there’s 2 other non-spicy soups to choose from: Tomato Soup and Mushrooms Soup. Diners can opt for 1, 2 or all 3 soups in a pot (the pots come in single/double/triple compartments) and each pot of soup (refillable) is RM48.

While waiting for the broths to bubble, we prepared the dip. Unlike other hotpot places where there are lots of sauce choices, here at Xiao Long Kan, it’s kept to the basics: chopped garlic, spring onions, coriander leaves, vinegar and their own aromatic oil. Mix all these in a saucer and it’s a perfect simple complement for the meal.

Let’s start with the “tamer” items for the hotpot. There are various cuts of pork and beef eg Australian sliced beef, NZ sliced lamb, pork belly and pork neck. The must-have items are Xiao Long Kan’s signature Rose Meat Balls (RM26), the incredibly well-marinated XLK Spicy Chilli Beef (RM96) and the super tender Australian A5 Beef.

Australian A5 Beef (RM128)

What is Sichuan-style hotpot without the innards and offals, right? These should be dunked into the spicy broth for maximum enjoyment! So, we had plates of pig intestines (RM12), sliced kidney (RM16), pig blood (RM10) and the addictive crunchy Duck Intestines (RM28) served on ice. More exotic items like pig brains and pork aorta are also on the menu but which we didn’t get to try as they had run out of these that night. Good reason to go back – to try these!

For us, a hotpot meal is not complete without our favourite shrimp paste, beancurd rolls (known as Ling Long Rolls RM20 here), mushrooms and vegetables. The White Prawns (RM52)and Bluefin Leatherjacket fish (RM22) we had were very fresh and sweet. Personally, we prefer to dunk these into the milder broths (tomato and mushroom broths) to better savour the fresh sweetness of the seafood and vegetables.

As the broths took some time to boil, we had a couple of starters: Fried Crispy Meat and Brown Sugar Rice Cakes, two very popular dishes from Chengdu. The fried pork slices were well flavoured and crunchy while the tubular-shaped rice cakes were nicely chewy with a light crisp on the outside, sweetened with some brown sugar drizzle.

Fried Crispy Meat (RM16)

Brown Sugar Cake (RM13)

We heard the queue is getting quite crazy at Xiao Long Kan these days. Can’t blame them as Chengdu-style hotpot is all the craze now. Service here is quick and friendly too.

Check out the spread!

We love this “refresher machine” which spray a nice refreshing mist on you, after the meal, to dispel any lingering food smells on you!


I’m giving away RM100 Xiao Long Kan Dining Vouchers to 6 lucky readers. All you have to do is:

  1.  Like my Facebook Page here
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That’s all – easy, right? Do the above before 30 September 2019 and you may be just one of the lucky ones!


Block D Lot D3, G Floor
Fahrenheit 88
179 Jalan Bukit Bindung
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2110-1028

Open: 11.00am – 2.00am daily
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/XiaoLongKanMY/

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Which mooncake is the best?

With the Mid Autumn Festival just round the corner, I get asked this question more often now. I’m often non-committal about mooncakes because it’s such a personal preference and there are so many variants in the market! Being the traditionalist, I prefer the traditional baked ones, with not-too-sweet lotus paste. But then there are so many brands out there these days – it seems every Chinese restaurant, bakery, hotel and home baker is selling mooncakes. And if that’s not enough, there are also imports from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

I think, nowadays the deciding factor, to a large extent, lies not so much in the mooncakes, but in the packaging! People are queueing up to get that lacquer jewellery box, designer handbag, exotic deco light etc and maybe not so much for the mooncakes. Do the math – you are paying more for the packaging, actually.


So that’s why I like the mooncakes from YU by Ruyi. They are so focused. Only two types are available:

Shanghai Mooncake: White Lotus Paste with Single Eggyolk
• Teochew Mooncake: Yam Paste with Single Eggyolk

Shanghai Mooncakes: Fragrant buttery crumbly pastry with not-too-sweet white lotus paste & moist golden salted eggyolk

Teochew Mooncakes: Light crispy pastry with smooth purple yam paste  & moist golden salted eggyolk

And they stick to a simple utilitarian red festive box. The mooncakes are made daily and you should eat them within 1-2 days as there’s no preservative used.

Best eaten on the same day it’s bought. I ate them as soon as I got home, and they were still warm!

Price: RM108 per box of 4 mooncakes or if less than 4 pieces, it’s RM30 each.

Call 03-2202-2602 to pre-order.


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This year Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur is selling their mooncakes with some sparkly globes. Unlike most conventional packaging, this year’s exclusive crackle glass light globes (available in two sizes, 9″ and 5″) are indeed unique and make lovely gifts.

These pretty art glass pieces are handmade, using the glass-blowing and crackling technique. They come in 3 colours: Sparkling Gold, Sparkling Blue and Sparkling Pink. Each 9” Glass Light Globe set comes with 4 mooncakes (180g each) and there are 4 sets to choose from.  NOW is the best time to buy these as Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur has just come out with their MERDEKA SPECIAL, available from TODAY, 30 August 2019 until 15 September 2019:

Choose from any of these sets:

Set A
Japanese Red Bean
White Pure Lotus
Pure Lotus Double Yolk
Golden Pandan Pure Lotus

Set B
Japanese Red Bean
Lotus Paste with Loh Hon Ko
Pure Lotus Single Yolk
Pandan Lotus Single Yolk

Set C
Assorted Fruits & Nuts
Yam Lotus Single Yolk
Lotus Paste with Chestnut & Custard
White Lotus Black Sesame

Set D
Snowskin with Red Bean Paste
Snowskin with White Lotus
Snowskin with Pandan Lotus Single Yolk
Snowsjin with Yam Lotus with Single Yolk

You can also get their bestseller Snowskin Musang King Durian mooncakes (180g each) for a set of 4 at RM168 nett.

Snowskin Musang King Mooncakes

For the smaller 5” light globes, they are available in sets of 2 Globes + 2 Mooncakes at RM90 nett per set. Mooncake choices:

*Japanese Red Bean
*Yam Lotus Single Yolk
*Golden Pandan Pure Lotus
*White Lotus Black Sesame

Do check out the new flavours for 2019 – lotus paste with loh hon kuo, lotus paste with chestnuts and custard & white lotus black sesame. I like them as they are light and not too sweet, easy on the palate.

Concorde Kuala Lumpur’s mooncakes are on sale at the hotel lobby as well as at Mid Valley Megamall (South Court, Ground Floor) until 13 September 2019.

Now, if you are buying mooncakes from the hotel itself and have some time, why not have a meal at Xin Chinese Restaurant and try out some new dishes created by Chef Ricky Wong. His forte lies in meat as can be seen by the porky dishes here… (prices indicated are for Small/Medium/Large portions)

Baked Spare Ribs with Crispy Sliced Ginger (RM40/RM60/RM80) – those crispy slices of caramelized Bentong ginger are so addictive and complement the spare ribs well.

Braised Pork Belly with Fermented Beancurd Sauce (RM58) – These thick slices of almost-symmetrically layered pork belly have gone through some intricate processes resulting in chopsticks-tender meat. Pan-fried, boiled and steamed with star anise, mandarin peel, liquorice and the chef’s special sauce have resulted in this sublime dish.

Sweet Sour Pork in Ice Bowl (RM40/RM60/RM80) – the pork texture is finer than usual and the ice keeps the meat succulent. Unlike the regular sweet & sour pork, this version is served sans sauce – so if you are looking for some gravy, there’s not much.

Steamed Soon Hock in Nyonya Sauce (RM30/100g). The nyonya sauce is very fragrant and I think it kinda overwhelms the soon hock fish. Personally, I feel fresh soon hock doesn’t need too much embellishment that mars its natural sweetness.

For lighter bites, check out Chef Ricky’s Spinach Beancurd and Stir-fried Hong Kong Kailan in 2 styles.

Spinach Beancurd with Special Sauce (RM35/RM50/RM70)

Stir-fried HK Kailan in 2 Styles (RM35/RM50/RM70)


2 Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2144-2200
Call/WhatsApp +6012-399-5007 (office hours)
Email: fbkl@concorde.net

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LE PONT SMOKE & GRILL BAR, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur

Le Pont Smoke & Grill Bar is an extension of the immensely popular bakery cafe, Le Pont Boulangerie. “Le Pont”, its namesake in French means “the bridge” and in their case, it’s all about bridging and connecting people with great gastronomic experiences. Ever since they opened for business a few years ago, Le Pont’s pastries, cakes and breads have wow’ed their clientele with their range of quality and comforting fares. Diversity in presentation also plays an important role in their appeal with just the right touch of sophistication to reflect the French connection.

Taking their food philosophy a step higher, the culinary team introduced a selection of smoked meats, poultry and seafood. I actually tried some of these smoked dishes several months ago when they were first introduced but unfortunately they were not well executed, partially due to a malfunctioned smoker machine. I thought it’s fair to give them some time to recoup that letdown. Well, recover they did, as I visited them again recently and am happy to share that the culinary team has really done a good job in improving their smoked dishes in the A La Carte Menu.

Our drinks!

Let’s start with my favourite… the 48-hour Marinated Mackerel! This perfectly-grilled fish was bursting with flavours, thanks to the marination over 2 days. It’s then slowly and evenly grilled in smoked paprika and served with a spicy citrus sauce and pickles. The flavours and texture of the mackerel were amazing, so good that the dipping sauce wasn’t really necessary. I picked the fish clean.

48-hour Marinated Mackerel (RM38)

Similarly the whole king squid was grilled till just the right level of done-ness, rendering it tender and tasty to the bite. I felt the house mayo didn’t quite do much justice to the squid – a bit more zest and heat would have enhanced the squid’s freshness better.


Glazed Whole King Squid (RM40) with house mayo and pickles

We tried the Aromatic Chicken Wings and Sou Vide Angus Beef Tenderloin, both grilled over charcoal and between the two, the chicken wings came out suffused nicely with smokey aroma. The beef, probably due to the cut, was a bit uneven in done-ness with the sides more cooked than the centre. As we preferred our beef done “medium” to “medium-rare”, the sides of the tenderloin were a bit over-cooked.

Aromatic Chicken Wings (RM22/4 pieces) Juicy plump chicken wings served with house-made fruity BBQ sauce

Sou Vide Angus Beef Tenderloin (RM60) – Charcoal-grilled beef tenderloin served with mashed potatoes, French beans & miso demi-glace sauce

We had the Seafood Soup Du Tomate in our first visit here and loved it. It’s good to see that the same standard has been maintained as the soup tasted just as good as before! We really like how the sweetness of the fresh seafood (especially that piece of salmon!) has steeped into the soup.

Seafood Soup Du Tomate (RM26) seafood tomato soup with pan-seared Norwegian salmon, mussels, clams and white prawns

For some good old comfort food, the Lamb Shank here at Le Pont is recommended. Served with creamy mashed potatoes and greens, the fork-tender shank, braised for hours, is imbued with the rich flavours from various herbs, spices and dried apricots.

One of the bestsellers – Lamb Shank!

Lamb Shank (RM50)

The flowing lava Chocolate Font Dant here is a big hit and it’s not difficult to see why. Baked only upon order (which takes 20-25 minutes), the hot lava flows out so easily and it’s just so heavenly to eat that with a scoop of vanilla icecream! Remember to order this!

If you like the classic Italian signature dessert of mascarpone cream and light finger sponge, Le Pont’s Bailey Tiramisu is served with a shot of Bailey on the side, for that extra kick.

Chocolate Font Dant (RM22)


Bailey Tiramisu (RM26)


Dining Section – 1st Floor
No.6 Lorong 1/137C, Batu 5
Jalan Klang Lama
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-7783-0900/018-203-2585

Open daily:
11.00am – 3.00pm
6.00pm – 11.00pm

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