MEAT THE PORKERS: Soft Shell Tacos and more!

Have you met them yet? The Porkers, I mean.  If you haven’t, then it’s high time you do, especially if you are a porky fan.  Go on, Meat the Porkers!  These porkers, led by Herukh, have single-handedly revolutionised the regular Indian food here to make it more unique – in the porky sense.  Yes, expect to indulge in all your favourite Indian dishes in this restaurant, in porky versions!

Recently, to jive up the menu and also to offer some light bites to diners, soft shell tacos with all kinds of delicious spicy fillings were introduced.  So now, if you just want a quick light meal or you are hanging out there in between main meal times, why not sink your teeth into some delectable rolls?  Top of the list is the Tandoori Pork Ribs – basically it’s boneless as meat from the ribs had been pulled or scraped off from the bones.  The meaty fillings are actually the restaurant’s best-sellers like Pork or Chicken 65 Masala, Butter Chicken (or Pork) and the vegetarian Paneer Varuval.

Tandoori Pork Ribs Tacos (RM38)

Pork 65 Masala Tacos  (RM35)

Butter Chicken Tacos  (RM30)

Paneer Varuval Tacos (RM30)

These taco rolls are perfect as a snack or even as a main for the light eaters.  Definitely healthier as well and easy to eat!

I know there are many who go to Meat The Porkers for that full porky meal, starting with their signature Siu Yoke Biryani.   For a more in-depth understanding & appreciation of this delightful signature item, read this.

Tandoori Pork Ribs rank next and fans of these should check out Herukh’s latest version – it’s the luscious pale-looking Tandoori Malai Pork Ribs.  The “paleness” of the ribs is from cheese, cream, spices and blended cashew nuts rubbed into the slab of meat.  Slightly charred at the edges, the aroma from this slab of succulent ribs was just insane!

Siew Yoke Biryani (RM28)

Tandoori Malai Pork Ribs (RM48) with cheese, cream, cashew nuts and spices


Whenever I’m at Meat The Porkers, I can never resist having their Bacon & Cheese Naan which is so good I can eat it on its own!

Bacon & Cheese Naan – RM15: flaky fluffy naans with gooey cheese and studded with smokey bacon

Other favourites are Chicken 65, Pork Rogan Josh and the evergreen Palak Paneer.

Chicken 65 Masala (RM25) Fried boneless chicken cooked in yoghurt-based masala with green chillies and fragranced with curry leaves

Pork Rogan Josh (RM28) – boneless pork cooked in gravy of fried onions, yoghurt, ginger, garlic and spices

Palak Paneer (RM22) cubes of cottage cheese cooked in creamy spinach

Thick rich Dhall Curry to go with all your breads

If you have not made their acquaintance, it’s about time to Meat The Porkers!


D1-G3-5 Jalan Solaris Dutamas 1
Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6211-4040/019-987-1945

Open: Wed-Mon, 11.00am-2.45pm; 6.00-10.30pm

PJ’s BAR & GRILL @ New World Hotel, Petaling Jaya

Have you heard? About the latest coolest rooftop place to hang out in Petaling Jaya? It’s at PJ’s Bar & Grill and if you are wondering where on earth this generic-sounding name is, well, it’s the stunning rooftop venue of the New World Hotel in Petaling Jaya. This is where the swimming pool is also located and if you are a hotel guest, there’s the added bonus of lounging on top of the world with nothing between you and the big blue sky!

Go when the sun is about to set and on a clear day, you will be greeted with a glorious splash of colours in the sky. It’s like Mother Nature has accidentally knocked down barrels of colourful paints across the heavens. While toasting to the wonders of nature and taking in the panoramic 360-degree views, check out some of Executive Chef Alexander Chong’s tapas-like appetisers – mainly Western and Asian grilled favourites.

Executive Chef Alexander Chong

The crunchy Deep-fried Fish Skin was a great hit with us. Made more aromatic with the addition of spices, chillies and curry leaves, we just could not stop munching on them.

Scrumptious Deep-fried Fish Skin

Next came the Beef Tartaré served with garlic toasts enhanced with mustard aioli and a refreshing salad of Marinated Salmon. In both dishes, the natural flavours of the beef and salmon shone through nicely.

Beef Tartaré (RM28)

Marinated Salmon (RM28)

I love chowders but unfortunately the Seafood Chowder served next was just average. It had also left out quite a bit as the soup was just mildly warm. It definitely would have gone down better if the chowder had been creamier and served piping hot.

Seafood Chowder (RM16)

Similar to buffalo wings, the Chicken Wings were coated with a sweetish, spicy and sticky sauce similar to BBQ sauce.

BBQ Chicken Wings (RM26)

The highlight of the evening was the jumbo plate of breaded crabcakes, deep-fried soft-shell crabs, hot fries and crispy wonton chips served with Asian dips. These were just perfect with cocktails and wine. Adequately marinated with spices, the fried items were good for sharing as the portion was quite generous.

PJ’s Party Platter 

If the Party Platter’s insufficient, check-out their Skewers, where Jumbo Chicken Satay & Beef (RM38 each portion) and King Prawns (RM88) are bound to satisfy any more pangs you may still have. The beef satay was tender, juicy and well marinated with gorgeous spiced flavours bursting from the meat.

Skewers, anyone?

More meat? Then have the Mixed Grill (RM108) as well, comprising Beef Tenderloin, Lamb Rump and Chicken Sausage.

After all that protein, we just had to have some sweets to end the meal. Nothing beats the comfort zones better than the Classic Vanilla Crème Brûlée. I much preferred Chef Alexander’s lighter Citrus Baba as it’s a refreshing concoction of calamansi jelly with vanilla ice cream!

Citrus Baba (RM28)

Classic Vanilla Crème Brûlée (RM38)

So, if you are looking for a cool high spot to wind down after a long day, this rooftop venue is worth checking out. Nothing feels better than being on top of the world!


Level 30
New World Petaling Jaya Hotel
Paradigm, 1 Jalan SS7/26A
Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya

Why would I buy the latest MAZDA CX-5?

I used to drive a SUV (sports utility vehicle) many years ago – about two decades ago when SUVs were rare, few and far between.  Unlike its popularity now when almost every other vehicle on the road is a SUV, owning and driving one back in the early 90’s was rather uncommon.  It was a popular Japanese brand and I remember feeling very lofty as the high seats gave me an elevated sense of command while driving it.

Long story short, that ownership of a SUV didn’t last very long as I eventually traded it in for a premium sedan.  And I have been driving sedans ever since. 

Mazda CX-5 in the stunning Soul Red Crystal shade!

Recently I had the chance to drive and experience Mazda’s latest SUV – the new CX-5 which was launched in 2017.  What struck me – visually, about this 2nd generation model when I first set eyes on it was its sleek sexy headlights.  Women are such visual creatures and I really like those “mata sepet” (slit eyes) headlights.  They somehow frame the honeycomb front grill very well and together, they sure turn heads.

I had quite forgotten how comfortable it is to climb up and down a higher vehicle like the CX-5.  Unlike a sedan with its lower seat profile, I just have to swing my legs out and very easily prop myself out of the vehicle!  Unlike a low-profile sedan, there’s not much effort needed to slide in and out of the vehicle.

It’s my first time checking out a Mazda and I must say i’m impressed with the stylish interior.  The 2.0GL comes with comfortable firm fabric seats.  I like the nifty leather-wrapped steering wheel which is so easy to manoeuvre and turning even the tightest corner broke no sweat.  The overall interior layout is very pleasing to the eyes – Mazda has certainly taken the aesthetic factor very seriously here.  Using premium quality materials, the clean elegant lines of the interior exude class and style, quite comparable to some European mach.  The infotainment screen, albeit a bit small, is very user-friendly.  Yes, there is a certain “luxurious” feel to the interior.

With this CX-5, tall and bigger-sized passengers would be most happy with the spaciousness of the back seats.  The legroom is really good. During our driving trips to Ipoh and Melaka, LL was comfortably sprawled on the back seats with more space than usual.  The comfort level went notches up with the rear air-cond vents and more importantly, the USB chargers at the back seats!  No more need for longer cables to plug into USB chargers located at the front seats!  The back seats are also reclinable, customising the comfort level even more.  It’s small useful features like these which makes a big difference and I’m glad Mazda recognises this.

While the CX-5 may not have the biggest boot space among SUVs of its class, I would say the storage space is pretty decent.  It becomes completely functional when the rear seats are folded down, leaving a totally flat load floor.  DL can haul in and store his bicycles effortlessly now for his biking trips.  It’s such a relief for him now not having to fix up a bike carrier whenever he joins his pals for their biking sessions!

The merits of Mazda’s SkyActiv system can be elaborated in many other sites so I won’t even go into the technicalities of how this new technology increases fuel efficiency and engine output.  It’s good to know that the good people at Mazda are constantly on the go about fuel efficiency and of course this plays a major role in any decision-making when buying any vehicle.  I like the “punchy” and responsive engine, making the CX-5 incredibly zippy to get around.  It performs well on busy roads for city driving and for long-distance trips, the ride is smooth and so comfortable.

Oh, did I mention the reverse camera of the CX-5 is really useful and cool?  But honestly, this Mazda CX-5 is one of the best-looking SUV in its class.  It’s got that irresistible sculptured look with the “mata sepet” headlights – in fact, the overall sleek styling, especially in that signature Soul Red Crystal undoubtedly makes this model the vehicle to watch out for!

See, there are so many reasons why I would go for the CX-5.  The Mazda CX-5 comes in several variances to suit different budgets and preferences and I just have to decide on which one!

*More information can be obtained from

Get enchanted with SHIRAKAWA-GO in Japan

From the very first time I saw pictures of Gassho-zukuri-style houses in Shirakawa-go, I was smitten and promptly put that into my bucket list. The village scene of these picturesque houses with triangular thatched roofs, especially in winter, has always been mesmerising. It’s only on my 3rd trip to Japan that my family and I made it to this Unesco Heritage site. Even though we didn’t make it in winter, I was still mighty happy that we visited in autumn.

UNESCO added the historic village of Shirakawa-go, including Ogimachi and Gokayama to the World Heritage List in December 1995 due to the architectural value of the Gassho-zukuri-style houses as “minka” or folk houses. The fact that there were quite a number of these Gassho houses remaining in a group within the original village landscape is another compelling reason for the World Heritage listing.

Love, love, love the autumn colours everywhere!

In 1924 there were 300 Gassho houses in the village but by 1961, only 190 were left. Some were sold outside the village while some were burned. I’m glad that in 1971, the residents set up an association to protect the natural environment of the site focusing on 3 principles” “do not sell”, “do not rent” and “do not destroy”.

Gassho-zukuri means “like hands in prayer” and this refers to the construction of the steep thatched roofs which resemble the hands of Buddhist monks in prayer.  The practical aspect of this architectural design is actually to help the roof withstand the thick and heavy snowfall during winter.  The roofs are constructed without nails and the large attic space has a purpose: silkworms cultivation.

Shirakawa-go was actually our 3rd stop after Tokyo and Hakone (will blog about those later!).  We drove almost 400km from Hakone to. Shirakawa-go, a journey lasting about 5 hours and more than a hundred tunnels, to Shirakawa-go. Of course we did many stops along the beautiful route for rest and refreshments.  Driving up to Gifu Prefecture where Shirakawa-go is located was pretty easy and the scenery along the way was simply stunning.  We drank in glimpses of snow-capped mountains in the distance flanked by gorgeous fall foliage everywhere and pristine lakes sparkling in glorious sunshine – it was autumn at its best!

Just look at these scarecrows – looked like so much fun!

Shinto Shrine in the village

We reached Shirakawa-go in the late afternoon, with the sun’s tired rays lighting up the scene in a very magical way.  The entire village of Shirakawa-go is off limits to vehicles. Cars and buses have designated locations to park. The village is strictly for walking only – we didn’t complain! In fact, we enjoyed walking around so much, peering into windows, doors and generally just absorbing the vibes that we didn’t really want to leave even when it grew dark.  We went back there again the next day, starting off in the morning.  Some of the houses are actually inhabited and people go about their daily routines despite the hordes of strangers thronging the place! Some have been set up as shops selling souvenirs and snacks.

We couldn’t resist some hot “paus” at the snacks shop!

Dinner at a local restaurant just outside the village

You can actually stay at some of the Gassho houses as they have been turned into guest houses. Rates are not exactly cheap but if you want to experience what it’s like, living in an ancient traditional house, it surely is a unique experience. Most of the houses have their washrooms outside the main building, I’m told. It would be quite an inconvenience if you need to use the loo in the middle of the (cold) night though!

Shirakawago Terrace

We didn’t stay in a Gassho house – instead we stayed at a lovely modern guest house, renovated from an old Japanese bungalow. Called “Shirakawago Terrace“, it’s located pretty near the Unesco heritage site, about 10 minutes’ walk away. It’s a cosy place with just about 10 rooms. We took the only Family Room they had (for 4 pax) and it cost us JPY28,000 for a night (inclusive breakfast). We slept on comfortable thick mattresses on the floor tatami-style and our room opened up to a beautiful lotus pond outside and beyond that, a river filled with rapids.

This great thing about this guesthouse (besides the super friendly and warm host) is that it has all the modern conveniences, like an en suite bathroom! There’s a common kitchen/dining area where guests can DIY their own breakfasts – we had a hearty breakfast of fresh bread, eggs, instant noodles and coffee & tea – the whole works!


Our recommended stay in Shirakawa-go:

Hatogaya 331-1
Shirakawa 501-5629
Tel: +81-5769-6-1223
*You can book them on

Shirakawa-go made a very lasting impression on me.  I absolutely love the place and would love to see it again, in a different season as the village takes on a different character in different seasons.  Winter would be magical but it’s also the super-peak season there.


I love Japan in all her seasons and every season there is very different, in terms of weather, activities and food.  Where food is concerned, it’s all about ingredients which are available at different times of the year.  Spring brings with it new greens and fresh seafood which contribute to clean and lighter flavours.

At the Hilton Kuala Lumpur, guests get to experience some magical tastes of Japanese spring this month and next.  From now until 30 April 2018, Iketeru at Hilton Kuala Lumpur will be promoting their special “Tastes of Hanami”.

Assorted Tempura from the a la carte menu

Softshell Crab Maki

Using the freshest ingredients flown in from Japan, the “Tastes of Hanami” menu features special dishes like Sakura Masu Saikyo Yaki (grilled ocean trout preserved with savoury miso sauce) and Shake Kamadaki Gohan (soft rice cooked with grilled creamy salmon).  Spring brings with it fresh ingredients like soramame and fresh wakame seaweed which only needs bonito to make it into a perfect soup.

Hanami Bento

What really caught our eye (and tummy) in the Sakura Spring Festival special menu is the Hanami Bento which has the biggest portion of food and it’s worth every sen of the RM260 price tag.  It’s a whole complete meal by itself.

Here, take a look at every delicious component of the Hanami Bento…

Velvety white sesame Tofu

Chawan Mushi Ikura

Just look at those golden globules!

Super fresh Sashimi

Assorted sushi & nigiri

Grilled Salmon

Desserts – fresh fruits & an interesting pancake with red bean paste


The Sakura Spring Festival is on until 30 April 2018.  At Iketeru, Chef Johnny Au Yong is outdoing himself by cooking everything from scratch in his efforts to deliver the finest authentic Japanese favourites.  Overseen by Japanese Executive Chef Ricky Kamiishi, no effort is spared in bringing the best dining experience to every guest.

For reservations, please call 03-2264-2264 or visit



Hilton Kuala Lumpur
3 Jalan Stesen Sentral
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2264-2264

ENOTECA Italian Restaurant, Bkt Damansara, Kuala Lumpur

Enoteca is located where Neroteca used to be, in this quiet suburb in Bukit Damansara, the little commercial area known as Plaza Damansara. It’s not related to the previous restaurant as Enoteca has a completely new team, from the Italian chef to the management and of course, its menu.

Warmly received by the affable restaurant manager, Domenico Ferroni, fondly nicknamed “Mimmo”, the warm cosy restaurant is immediately welcoming. And when Chef Stefano came out and proclaimed that he will be cooking some of his signature and new dishes for us, I knew we’re in for a swell time.

As with any good Italian meal, we started off with a platter of Tagliere Enoteca – a sumptuous selection of premium imported Italian cold cuts and cheese served with grilled vegetables and their freshly baked rosemary focaccia.

Tagliere Enoteca (RM99 full/RM50 half)

Next, Chef Stefano proudly served his new Piovra Arrosto con spuma di burrata e pesto rosso which is boiled and grilled octopus with mousse burrata cheese and red Mediterranean pesto. It’s such a well-balanced starter… the rich creamy cheese and pesto did wonders to the succulent grilled octopus! I wished that wasn’t a starter but a more robust mains – then I could have more of that delectable octopus!

Piovra Arrosto con spuma di burrata e pesto rosso

When I saw that woodfire oven at the back, I knew I just had to try some of Enoteca’s handmade pizzas. We had the Pizza Margherita, which is a true test of how good an Italian pizza should be. As deceptively simple as it looked, I’m happy to say Enoteca’s passed with flying colours! Tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese and fresh aromatic basil leaves – what more can one ask for?

Pizza Margherita (RM26)

Having quickly devoured the piping hot cheesy Margherita, we decided we needed more of that, so we had their porky Pizza Gorgonzola Salsiccia. This turned out to be one of their latest items in the menu – pizza with gorgonzola cheese and decadent home-made pork sausage!

Pizza gorgonzola e salsiccia

If you love fresh house-made pasta, then you are in for a treat in Enoteca. Chef Stefano is a wizard with pasta and he prefers to make them fresh at the restaurant. We had three of his fresh chitarra dishes, done Carbonara-style, with Italian sausages & truffle oil and another with lobster saute’ed with fresh tomatoes. They were all absolutely divine!

Chitarra Spaghetti Carbonara (RM35) an Italian original recipe with pork guanciale, eggs, black pepper and pecorino cheese

Chitarra all Aragosta – House-made chitarra spaghetti with lobster sautéed in fresh tomatoes

Chitarra alla montanara – House-made chitarra spaghetti tossed with porcini mushrooms with chunky Italian sausage in brown sauce, perfumed with truffle oil

Another signature dish of Chef Stefano is his freshly made ravioli filled with ricotta cheese and spinach served with creamy walnut paste and aromatic butter. It’s totally comforting, every bite bursting with heart-warming flavours.

Cappelletti ricotta e spinaci in salsa di noci e burro aromatico (RM32) – Chef Stefano’s house-made ravioli

When the Main Courses came, they came with a big bang! Chef Stefano’s favourite porky dishes hit our table with aplomb. First was the wickedly glistening pork shank which had been braised for hours in red wine and herb. Served with simple boiled vegetables by the side, the tender flavoursome meat was delightfully heart-warming.

Stinco di maiale brasato (RM68)- Stefano’s signature, pork shank braised in red wine served with boiled vegetable

We also liked the newly created Pork Chop marinated with apple cider, sou vide and pan-seared in pork jus to preserve the natural flavours.

Costoletta di maiale ai funghi porcini e raviolo di patate e mele al ginepro – Pork chop marinated with apple cider with porcini mushroom sauce & potato ravioli filling with apple

Our favourite porky dish for the night was the Iberico Pork Neck marinated with 3 types of pepper, grilled to perfection and served with rocket salad and marinated artichokes.

Tagliata di pluma iberico al tre pepi (RM105) – Iberico Pork Neck

La Milanese (RM32) – Italian traditional dish with your choice pork or chicken, fried in clarified butter served with mashed potato

Desserts at Enoteca could not be more enticing than these…

Tiramisu (RM24) – Famous Italian traditional dessert of coffee- flavored ladies’ fingers and mascarpone cheese

Semifreddo al pistacchio (RM24) – Chef Stefano’s dreamy home-made frozen mousse with pistachio

Chocolate Lava (RM28) – Heavenly and warm melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream

Gelato (RM15) Home-made vanilla and pistachio ice-cream served in a flowerlike wafer biscuit known as “cialde” (a fragrant buttery Italian pastry). I asked for extras of these!

Bukit Damansara is now all abuzz with the authentic Italian fares prepared passionately by the chef in this neighbourhood restaurant. More exciting stuff are in in the pipeline but meanwhile, we’ll be back for those amazing house-made pastas, pizzas and divine ice-cream!


ENOTECA Italian Restaurant
15 & 17 Jalan Medan Setia 1
Plaza Damansara
Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2011-5275

Open 12pm-3pm; 6pm-11pm daily

*Non-halal (porky!)

LOCKER & LOFT unlocks new menu items

Locker & Loft may be hard to spot among the row of nondescript shop-houses located along the quiet street of Jalan SS20/10 in Damansara Kim. It’s meant to be that way. You need to go through a locker to get into the loft! Once you’ve solved that little mystery, you’ll see why this place is popular as a cool chillout place. The raw industrial-looking interior provides a relaxing background where you can just let down your hair, down some cocktails/beers/liquor etc and just be happy! Oh, they serve some really good bar bites and even main meals here as well.

In a recent revamp, the food and drinks list has been given some fresh gusts and we checked out some of the newbies.

These are the New Players in the house…

K Rock! (RM25) – it’s a bottled version and remix of their signature Kelapa Rock with carbonated fresh coconut water. Turned out I drained this in record time (I was really thirsty!)

Babi lu Mary (RM40) – conceptualised for the Chinese New Year, it’s L&L’s twist on the Bloody Mary. The concoction is really mish-mash of every flavour you can imagine: bacon bakwa-infused tequila, tomato juice, lemon juice, brown sugar, Lea & Perrins (OMG!), tabasco, salt, pepper & olive brine – there, take that!

Tea Garden (RM34) Love the presentation! It’s a floral-perfumed mix of gin infused with lavender tea leaves, lemon juice, lavender tea, elderflower syrup and eggwhite!

The Blueberry Shakes (RM34) – this is almost like a dessert. There’s vanilla ice-cream, yoghurt, house-made blueberry syrup, blueberry cassis jam mixed with gin and sloe gin

Here’s my favourite – Kopi O Ice (RM35). 50ml vodka, Giffard White Cacao liqueur, Giffard Cafe liqueur, lychee liqueur and pandan syrup! All my favourite flavours in one glass, yo!

The King (RM38) – this, you either love it or hate it. It’s a durian cocktail where fresh XO durian-infused vodka is mixed with Bailey’s, hazelnut liqueur, orgeat almond syrup, vanilla ice-cream and cinnamon powder. OMG – the clash on the tongue, like I said – either love it or hate it!

Oh there’s now some low-calorie newbies too. Try this LC1 (RM32) – it’s refreshing, to say the least. 40ml mango-infused white rum with green Chatreuse, pineapple juice, cucumber juice, celery juice and house-made mango spicy mango syrup! It’s a spiked version of my cold-pressed fruit+veg juice at home, haha!

On to the food, I must say their offerings are flavoursome, leaning towards favourite local ingredients like chilli padi, salted eggs and coconut. Canned sardines and bacon – those are favourites too and I like how these are used liberally in their pastas and toasts.

The Hainanese Chilli Chicken Wings are kinda twisted because the chicken wings are coated with the piquant chilli sauce instead of being served as a dip! These, together with the Salted Egg Prawn Cocktail, Seabass Fish Fingers and Peanut Sauce Pork Ribs go well with cocktails and alcohol. The Malacca-style Roti – long slices of baguette topped with pan-toasted anchovies, sardines and bacon are extremely addictive. I had to force myself to stop after one long slice as there’re other dishes I wanted to try.

Hainanese Chili Chicken Wings (RM25)

Peanut Sauce Pork Ribs (RM26)

Seabass Fish Fingers (RM21)

Salted Egg Prawn Cocktail (RM23)

Malacca-style Roti (RM16)

I’m not exactly a pasta fan but I found myself liking the Chili Padi Sardine Bacon Pasta very much. It’s got enough kick and fire, thanks to the chilli padi and the marriage of sardines and bacon is ridiculously delicious! I also love it that the chef cooked the pasta the way I like it – al dente!

Chili Padi Sardine Bacon Pasta (RM27)

Now the other one, the Pasta Masak Lemak with Bacon Bits was a bit too rich for me. The first two mouthfuls were fine but after that, the coconut “lemak” got a bit too overwhelming for me. If you like your pasta rich and creamy, then this one is right up your alley!

Pasta Masak Lemak with Bacon Bits (RM26)

I’m glad they kept the Mutton Varuval Quesadilla firmly on the menu. It’s a winner, for who can resist that wicked varuval sandwiched between gooey melting cheese and crispy quesadillas?

Mutton Varuval Quesadilla (RM25)

If you must have some mini hamburgers, check out their cute Sliders that come with various patties…

Lamb croquet with mint yoghurt

Seabass Pate drizzled with mustard tartar sauce


I tried one of their desserts – Cempedak Goreng with Vanilla Ice Cream (RM16) and wasn’t crazy about it because the cempedak was seedless and I like my fried cempedak to be complete with crunchy seeds!

OK, seedless cempedak aside, Locker & Loft is a cool place to chill-out … reasonably-priced drinks and good grub to go.


40A Jalan SS20/10
Damansara Kim
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7496-7222