Meatology is the name of Chef Yenni Law’s celebrated cookbook and it was actually at the media launch of this book in early 2015 that I first met this dedicated and passionate chef. Read more about that encounter here. Yenni is also the owner of the former “Boathouse”, a popular restaurant in Taman Tun Dr Ismail for many years. “Former” because Boathouse has now been rebranded as “Meatology”, streamlining this identity with the success of Yenni’s cookbook. I love the classy new logo of the restaurant set against a stylish shade of grey.




The restaurant has been given a fresh coat of paint at the dining area and now while waiting for their food, diners can also check out the many framed-up articles of the chef and her restaurant. The bar at the front of house has also been spruced up with a touch of quirky elegance from the wine bottles recycled into practical hanging lamps.




Upstairs, the space has been converted into “Myth” – a spacious drinking & chilling-out haven.



In a recent visit to Meatology, we again pampered ourselves with a huge dose of Yenni’s amazing culinary creations.  One can’t help being greedy at Meatology – starting with the appetizers, it’s hard to just settle for one or two dishes. So we succumbed to our greed and had four starters!


Gizzard Frito (RM13) spicy deep-fried gizzard – these were so addictive!



Snob’s Bites (RM13) – French escargots smothered with creamy spinach



Foie Gras (RM49) – a decadent ensemble of goose liver, spiked peaches and balsamic glaze



Duck Breast Confit (RM43) served with a lovely citrus trinity sauce of passionfruit, orange and mango


As inspired by the name, it was then time to indulge in a series of beautifully-crafted meaty dishes. Between the Fiery Pork Ribs and Meatology Ribs, it’s difficult to say which was better. It’s all a matter of preference as both dishes were executed with great aplomb.





Fiery Ribs (RM45) – smothered in a thick sambal-like sauce which will leave you wanting more!




Meatology Ribs (RM45) infused with brandy, its alcoholic caramelised glaze clung to the tender meat in the most sinful way!


For a bit of culinary dramatics, the Swine Neck Steak Flambè and Steak on Fire will add some fun to your dining experience. Both dishes are flambè’ed at tableside which will surely halt conversation for some time.


Swine Neck Steak Flambé (RM59+) featuring a 220g slab of pork neck meat




Steak on Fire (RM50) – it’s a 200g Australian tenderloin flambè’ed with brandy pepper sauce and cooked to “medium-rare” perfection


DL, a lamb lover, adored the Smoked Lamb Muscle (RM43+). The deboned 200g lamb leg has been tenderly smoked in-house before it’s served with a trio of special spicy sauces featuring mint, horseradish & pommery mustard for the most perfect pairing.




Meats aside, for something lighter, there’s the Blue Fin Tuna (RM69) which was of sashimi-grade quality and served with a beautifully tangy citrus ponzu sauce, mash and vegetables.


Sashimi-grade Blue Fin Tuna


Need some carbs? The Spaghetti Marvelous Mite (RM29) was a good choice. Who can resist pasta with parma ham, rocket leaves and a creamy marmite sauce?



I’m not an earnest dessert fan but Yenni’s Sinful Soufflè (RM22) bowled me over that night. I had not one, but TWO servings of her freshly baked light fluffy soufflè which when dug in, oozed the most evil runny chocolate and boozy dark cherries. You just have to try this to understand my mad love for this divine dessert.




My Sinful Soufflè


The secret to the magic of Yenni’s desserts is the addition of alcohol, trust me…just look!


Reggae Pudding (RM17) freshly baked, fresh bread, banana, raisins, egg custard, rum



Date Pudding (RM18) with brandy butterscotch sauce


Nasty Alaska (RM23) – an interesting dessert that’s prepared at table-side. The outer meringue crust was lightly scorched before being cut open to reveal a dreamy combo of ice cream, peanut butter-laced cake and liquor-soaked dried fruits.


Nasty Alaska!


Wine lovers, take note that Meatology also serves a Wine Flight (RM119) – four glasses: one glass each of white, rosé, red and ice wines to pair with your meal. Different vintages will be offered and during our meal there, we had the Château de Cathalogne Bordeaux, Chateâu de Fesles Anjou Rosé, La Closerie des Lys Rouge and Pilliteri Vidal Ice Wine.



It’s time to place your bookings, especially for this festive season.

16 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7727-4426

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