TUJO – refreshed & rejuvenated, come “Eat, Drink & Play!”

“Eat, Drink & Play” – that’s the tagline of Tujo, a bar-sserie and grill restaurant located on the ground floor of Ascott Residences.  And now when you step into their rejuvenated premises, you would be more than enticed to practise just exactly what their tagline preaches. 

Looking very much like a tropical glasshouse with tropical foliage covering its nooks and corners, there’s a sense of green calm about the place.  Despite being surrounded by skyscrapers all around, Tujo feels like a playful oasis filled with the elements of food, drinks and just generally chilling out.


With its recent facelift, Tujo now showcases a new repertoire in its kitchen and bar.  I’m told that there’s a new selection of premium cuts from the grill – the Tomahawk, a glorious Sanchoku Wagyu from Australia weighing in at a resounding 1.3kg!  It’s incomparable especially when topped with Burnt Raclette, another new item on their menu.

Roasted 120-day Pure Black Angus Striploin

Raclette counter

Roast Beef & Raclette!

There are new dishes like the Lemon Pepper Halibut, Black Miso Haddock, Kuro Squid Ink Pasta, Teriyaki Chicken Pizza, Basil Walnut Chicken Pasta and the ever-popular Short Rib Nasi Lemak.

Kuro Squid Ink Pasta – tossed squid ink spaghetti with crab meat, sliced geoduck and salmon roe

Teriyaki Chicken Pizza – a thin-crust pizza topped with grilled chicken, white radish, bonito flakes with teriyaki sauce and wasabi mayo

Basil Walnut Chicken Pasta – another popular pasta dish using fettucine tossed in a creamy nutty sauce with grilled chicken

Short Rib Nasi Lemak – a deluxe take on nasi lemak, served with grilled spicy short ribs

Chicken Wings done spicy Korean-style

There’s also fresh succulent oysters from the Oyster Bar serving fine Irish, Dutch or French oysters.


The Bar at Tujo has crafted a range of new cocktails named “Hometown Hooch” showcasing 16 new “Malaysiana” drinks with alcoholic twists.  Don’t miss out their boozy interpretations of Malaysian favourites like the “Hang Li Mau” (rum, calamansi, lime juice and gula melaka) or “Mat Kool” – my favourite concoction of tequila, orange liqueur, elderflower syrup, lemon juice, sea coconut, longan and orange liqueur jelly!  Check out also their devilish ice lollies like the Mystic Manggis and the Naughty Nangka – it’s love at first lick!

Dragon Barley


Ascott Kuala Lumpur
No.9 Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2161-7789/012-210-3055
Open: Mondays-Sundays: 7am till closing

email: ask@tujo.my

MEATOLOGY unveils New Menu!

A recent disappointing experience at a restaurant had me come to the conclusion that a restaurant where the chefs are not the owners or share-holders quite often does not perform as well as one which is helmed by a chef-owner.  It’s even worse when the employed chef is not competent, dedicated or passionate. 

Yes, passion.  And therein lies the secret of Meatology.  Chef-owner Yenni Law is one helluva passionate chef.  Author of two cookbooks and having revamped Meatology (which used to be “Boathouse”) recently, Yenni doesn’t stop.  Just when I thought she has earned a well-deserved slowdown (don’t even talk about “resting”!), she told me she was revamping and creating new dishes for her menu!

And that was how I found myself at Meatology one evening previewing the exciting new line-up to Meatology’s menu.  The whole menu isn’t entirely new as Yenni has retained some of Meatology’s signatures and best-sellers.  Some seasonal favourites, like the Yee Sang 365 which only appeared during the Chinese New Year season is now a permanent fixture on the menu.  Yes, I can have Yee Sang here any time now!

Who would complain about such a fine Yee Sang anyway? There’s fresh tuna, sliced octopus, marinated clams and crispy pork rinds tossed in fresh greens and fruits with a tantalising dressing – I can polish off the entire serving all by myself and then some!

Yee Sang 365 (RM32.80)

What got many of us excited was the cockles.  Now, tell me – how many restaurants serve cockles this way?  The specially selected and meticulously cleaned cockles are cooked just right and tossed with a secret spicy sauce and served in a bottIe.  Cockles lovers – you will adore this!

Cockles in a Bottle (RM24.80) – spicy marinated cockles

Yenni does a lovely pate, a velvety smooth concoction of minced foie and duck meat.  Spread it on pieces of toast, that’s the best way to enjoy this!

Pate de Foie (RM29.80) 

We’ve always loved the roast pork in Meatology which is roasted in-house.  Poison Pork, which is a crowd favourite, is a decadent dish of roast pork stir-fried with garlic and chillies.  I’m told this is perfect with drinks – beer, wine etc!  To make this dish even more decadent, Yenni’s latest version of Poison Pork has strips of house-made bacon and crunchy pork crackling thrown in.

Poison Pork (RM28.80) 

Wild Boar Curry is not new in Meatology.  It has always been on the menu, served with toast.  This time round, Yenni has decided to have it as a topping on a pizza and hey, the curry rocks, with cheese!  It’s a match made in porky heaven.

Wild Boar Curry Pizza (RM29.80)

As befitting its name – Meatology – of course the meat dishes rule supreme.  Not only that, most of them are served on fire – flambe’ed at tableside.  So, check out these signature meats…

Hog-Mahawk on Fire (RM67.80) – 600g Paulaner beer-marinated Spanish tomahawk-cut (with meat and bone) served with truffle blue cheese sauce.  I tell you, that cheese sauce is da bomb – scrumptious!

Lamb Loin (RM58.80) – 350g marinated lamb loin (with bones and fat) served with mash, vegetables and two sauces: mint and mushrooms.  Both sauces were good – I couldn’t decide which was better, really!

Wagyu Skirt Marble 8 (RM87.80) – 220g skirt cut with garlic pepper pebbles, mash and vegetables.  Eat it plain or have it with the signature house brown sauce, it’s irresistible.


Spanish Neck on Fire (RM58.80)

This 300g Spanish neck muscle flamed before you with rosemary red wine sauce is not a new item.  It has been in the menu for some time but what Yenni has done to improve it is to come up with a new marinade which makes it way more tender than before.

Pasta with meatballs is a common dish but when those are baked beneath a blanket of cheese in a cast-iron pan, it’s a whole different thing altogether!  This brand new dish will have pasta lovers drooling over the piping hot strands coated with gooey cheese and those meatballs – you can’t stop at one!

Baked Spaghetti Meatballs (RM43.80) 

After all that meat, if you need something lighter, go for the vegetarian Champion – it’s really very good!

Champion (RM25.80) a delightful ensemble of champignon mushrooms, mash, creamy spinach, wine & century egg!

Desserts… how can we ever leave out the sweet things in life?  My all-time favourite at Meatology is their boozy Sinful Soufflé (and I never share this!) and Yenni has now added two new sweets to the repertoire.  The all-new Raspberry Dream Pie is really a dreamy dessert, trust me.  It’s a simple assembly of buttery digestive crust holding up some heavenly house-made raspberry swirl ice-cream and I suspect there’s some creamy cheese in there as well.  It’s very light and absolutely divine.

Raspberry Dream Pie (RM16.80)

The next new dessert is something for durian lovers – Durian Custard Affogato.  If you like the idea of black coffee, musang king, liquor and vanilla ice-cream creating a fearsome foursome, go knock yourself out on this.  Personally, I think they all make rather strange bedfellows – but that’s just me.

Durian Custard Affogato (RM16.80) 

Pineapple Mojito (RM26)


So go on over and check out Meatology’s latest offerings – there’s really a lot to love there!


16 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:  03-7727-4426

Opens from 3.00pm onwards

Closed on Sundays

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Dining at The Royal Selangor Yacht Club (RSYC) – it’s OPEN to the PUBLIC!

The Royal Selangor Yacht Club (RSYC) is no stranger to me. My in-laws were the first food operator of this grand dame, way back many years ago. At that time and until a few years ago, the RSYC was strictly for members only. It’s the oldest and largest yacht club in Malaysia, having been established in 1963. The club is graced by the royal patronage of HRH Sultan of Selangor.

Some of you may be familiar with the prestigious Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta, which is organised by the club and it’s the most challenging offshore sailing event in South East Asia. Over the years, the RSYC has gone through many milestones, including a fire which razed the club house in 1992. A new club house was built and completed in 1996.

The good news is that the RSYC Club House is open to the public for dining. The traditional style club house and terrace offer gorgeous river and port views and where boats and yachts are moored at the pontoon area. This lovely ambience is the perfect backdrop for some casual dining at The View Seafood Terrace on a lazy Saturday afternoon as we discovered recently.

Bright airy open spaciousness for your dining pleasure

Chill-out at the bar

How about some al fresco chill-out on a cool evening?


Browsing through the menu, we were tempted by so many of the dishes listed under various categories. Entrées, salads, soups, mains (both local & western items – I heard their burgers are awesome!), pizzas, pasta and desserts clamoured for attention. As we were in Port Klang, seafood won our hearts.


First to arrive was a bowl of piping hot Seafood Tom Yum brimming with prawns, squids, fish fillets and lots of mushrooms, tomatoes and onions. Flavours were well balanced as how a good tom yum should be and we slurped up every drop of it in no time.

We loved this Seafood Tom Yum (RM25)!


Next came Steamed Squids in Lime, Butter Prawns, Sweet Sour Fish and Kam Heong Crabs in quick succession. The squids were really fiery with the generous portion of chilli padi in it and we struggled a bit with the burn. The Butter Prawns were spot-on, easily our favourite for the day. The creamy buttery sauce scented with curry leaves and chilli, clinging to the succulent prawns was very addictive. The crabs were sweet and fresh and I would have preferred to savour them plainly grilled or just lightly steamed but the guys loved the fragrant “kam heong” sauce.

Steamed Squids in Lime (RM20)

Butter Prawns (RM40)

Kam Heong Crabs (seasonal price)

Sweet Sour Fish (RM65 for a Siakap/RM90 for a Red Snapper)


Taking a break from the seafood onslaught, we tried the Mutton Varuval, a signature dish by one of their veteran kitchen crew. The dry-style spicy mutton was tender and had totally absorbed all the aromatic goodness of the spices cooked with it.

Mutton Varuval (RM32)


Our choice of vegetables was their Pucuk Paku Belacan, a dish that’s great with white rice.

Pucuk Paku Belacan (RM18)


We couldn’t resist having a pizza as it seemed to be the right kind of food to have when dining with a sea view! Besides, we also knew the kitchen here can dish out some really mean pizzas. The Beef Bolognese Pizza we had proved the point – thin crust, gooey cheese and well-flavoured beef topping.

Beef Bolognese Pizza (RM30)


If you are pressed for time and just want a one-dish meal, there’s a good selection of fried rice and noodles. We had the Fried Beef Noodles and Singapore Hokkien Mee and these were well-executed. The latter was a creation and favourite of Eu-Gene, the man handling the F&B repertoire at the RSYC. Eaten with a squeeze of lime and dollops of sambal belacan, the Singapore Hokkien Mee was polished off quickly.

Fried Beef Noodles Thai-style (RM15)

Fried Singapore Hokkien Mee


Desserts were simple… the usual ice-cream, fruits, waffles etc. We tried the Goreng Pisang with Ice Cream and Chocolate Lava and both gave a comforting sweet end to our sumptuous lunch at the RSYC.

Goreng Pisang with Ice Cream (RM8)

Chocolate Lava (RM16)

The spacious club house provides an ideal venue for weddings, parties and corporate functions, either on the terrace area or in the Kenaga Room. The RSYC catering serves breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and can provide a wide variety of cuisine customised for group bookings and events.

So the next time you are hankering for a seafood meal in Port Klang and wish to avoid the crowds, the The View Seafood Terrace at the RSYC is just perfect for a spot of cosy dining in a laid-back club environment and with that lovely view, it’s hard to beat! Not only just seafood – like I’ve mentioned, the menu is really very comprehensive! Be it lounging and chilling with some beer and pizza or a full-blown sumptuous meal, this is a venue that’s worth checking out.


THE VIEW Seafood Terrace
The Royal Selangor Yacht Club
Jalan Shahbandar
42000 Port Klang
Tel: 03-3168-6964
Open from 11.00am till midnight daily


Website: www.rsyc.com.my

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Retro Tapas Bar Cafe is one of the latest additions to the long list of F&B outlets in TREC. Located at the Alcove section of TREC, this bar cafe occupies a quiet corner facing the main road. With its bright yellow and red furniture, you can’t miss it. I couldn’t help but be amused by the cute red swing hanging right in front of the cheerful-looking bar counter! I think that certainly comes in handy to give their guests some rigorous swings when things are slowing down.

With the kitchen helmed by the charming Chef Raziq, the menu lists a variety of bites, ranging from snacks, appetizers, Japanese-style yakitori (all kinds of stuff on skewers) to pasta, rice and desserts. With more than 7 years’ experience from hotels (including Shangri-la Kuala Lumpur), Chef Raziq does have quite a lot of delicious items up his sleeve.


First to land on our table was a plate of mountain-high Seaweed Nachos (RM18.80) – made up of mixed salsa, guacamole, bell pepper, mesclun, melted cheese, topped with a bunch of shredded crisp seaweed and sprinkled with brandy. This concoction was just perfect to munch with drinks and more drinks!

Seaweed Nachos


Then it was time to check-out the skewered delights. Minced chicken marinated with delicate spices wrapped round lemongrass sticks were irresistible, to say the least. But what I fancied more were the delicious succulence of grilled calamari and chicken gizzards on skewers, perfumed with all kinds of mouth-watering spices. They go really well with some ice-cold beer!

Lemongrass Chicken (RM13.80)

Thai Calamari Skewers (RM11.80)

Gizzard Skewers (RM6.80) – salt and black pepper

I tried some grilled Shishamo (RM15.80) but they were underwhelmed beneath nondescript tomato sauce and some salsa which did nothing to the little fishes.

Grilled Shishamo

On the other hand, the Cheesy Chicken Wings were very flavourful and I enjoyed every bite of the finger-licking meat, skin and bones. The Grilled Lamb cutlets were also spot-on: tender, juicy and tasty.

Cheesy Chicken Wings (RM9.80) – with cheese and herbs

Lamb Grill (RM14.80) with mushroom sauce


I love grilled fish and the two thick pieces of butterfish were done perfectly, glazed with a miso sauce and adorned with crispy ginger strips. Eaten hot, the tender flaky fish practically melted in the mouth.

Glazing Fish on Charcoal (RM17.80) butterfish with miso glaze and crispy ginger strips

If you need something substantial to fill the tummy, go for the Green Curry Linguine. Made from scratch according to Chef Raziq’s personal recipe, the green curry packed a lovely fiery punch and guaranteed to leave some heat on your tongue!

Green Curry Linguine (RM19.80) green curry spices with sliced chicken and tomatoes

Two fluffy mini charcoal brioches sandwiching thick slices of crispily-fried chicken thigh also made a substantial dish from the menu. Slices of sweet onions and a secret dressing completed the satisfying ensemble.

Crispy Chicken with Brioche (RM18.80)

Chef Raziq’s house-made brownies were given a flaming presentation with hot chocolate sauce, served with mixed fruit compote, walnut sand and ice cream. I love how the slightly-burnt chocolate sauce on the hotplate gave the brownies a delightful smokey and slightly bitter finish. Yes, I’d definitely go back for this.

Brownies (RM18.80) homemade brownies


The Green Tea Pancake (RM18.80) didn’t impress me as much. I felt there was a bit too much going on there – with choco sauce, fresh cream, strawberries compote, mixed berries, chocolate chips and ice cream.

Green Tea Pancake with all the trimmings

All in all, Retro Tapas Bar Cafe is a casual and cosy joint to chill out and indulge on some small bites and drinks. And if you’re really hungry, there’s also pasta and rice to fill bigger appetites.

A-02 & 03 Alcove, TREC
436-438 Jalan Tun Razak
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 019-2207111/019-2907835

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I had just returned from New York the week before I stepped into The Bowery Kitchen & Bar at the Main Square of Publika Solaris.  So it was a pleasant surprise for me to discover that the restaurant has an American-centric menu.  It was like stepping into a New York cafe all over again, albeit The Bowery being more spacious and “newer” than most eateries I’ve visited in my short stint at the Big Apple.



Opened just in October this year, all 3,500sq ft of the restaurant breathed of fresh creativity and fun vitality, thanks to the vision of the incredibly good-looking husband-and-wife team of Aneesha Veriah and Fariz Zain Zahedi.  Well, they are also incredibly young and with so much enterprising spirit in them, it’s hard not to be buoyed by their passion and drive to be credible players in the cut-throat F&B scene these days.  Tapping on both their experiences while living in New York, both Aneesha and Fariz offer their interpretation of American dining with a gourmet and fine casual twist.




Love those tiles and the retro-looking turquoise sofa!

The Bowery Kitchen & Bar’s menu focuses mainly on quintessential American fares like burgers, sandwiches, salads, pizzas, pastas and night nibbles.  However, there are also several Asian-inspired items like Kimchi Fried Rice, Mantou Chinois and Bonito Somen Noodles for those who are not so into American fares but would definitely enjoy the cool elegantly chic atmosphere here.



As we relaxed on the turquoise (with a hint of mint undertones) sofa seats, we were treated to two of The Bowery’s signature cocktails.  These handcrafted drinks were really creative concoctions, using the likes of gula Melaka and rojak sauce in the blend.  Yes, you read it right – rojak sauce!  The Margarita Malaya was a cheeky play of tequila, orange curacao, fresh lime juice and the mentioned rojak sauce.  The sweet, tart and slight spiciness of the cocktail was a burst of fun on the tongue.


Margarita Malaya (in the foreground)

And then there’s the richer, creamier Sago Melaka which had gula Melaka and sago blending with white rum in a wicked way.




Sago Melaka (no, it’s not a dessert!)

So we got down to some good old American fares with flair.  The Chicken Popcorn, a typical American chicken snack in the genre of chicken nuggets took on a fusionistic twist with a coating of sandy salted eggyolk.  Malaysians seem to have a fascinating obsession with salted eggyolks, from croissant fillings to mudcrabs, so why not Chicken Popcorn too?  DL loved it well enough to pick up every crumb from the plate, with a bit of help from Aneesha.


Salted Eggyolk Chicken Popcorn (RM23)

Mac & cheese, pastrami – both these were so typically New York – I saw them all the time on menus in most diners.  While the pastrami was mostly crammed between rye bread in New York, The Bowery’s version – Reuben Bagel – combined it with another typical American item – the bagel and done Reuben style with all the requisite ingredients thrown in: Swiss cheese and sauerkraut besides the layers of beef pastrami.  This begel was a meal in itself because it was served with a huge portion of fries and the most colourful mountain of salad.  The pastrami was an excellent rendition, much better than the drier meat I had in New York.



Reuben Begel (RM29)


Mac & cheese at The Bowery was a luxe version – with lobster tail meat, baby peas, 4-cheese sauce and a huge lobster claw.  I’m not a huge fan of Mac & Cheese but I could see this was a popular item on their menu as quite a number of tables had this.

mac-n-cheese-lobsterLobster Mac & Cheese (RM59)

If you are tired of the regular pizza toppings on your pizza, how about building your own pizza choosing from a variety of ingredients given?  For RM33, The Bowery’s Artisan Pizza offered diners a variety of toppings and dressing:

  • Sauce base (either tomato or white garlic sauce)
  • 4 types of greens
  • 1 meat
  • 2 dressings


So then I had a great pizza assembled from white garlic sauce, aubergine, jalapenos, mushrooms, roma tomatoes, spicy lamb sausage topped with aragula and sun-dried tomatoes!


My Artisan Pizza (RM33)


If you must have a meat dish at The Bowery, check out their Harissa Lamb Rack (RM69) – perfectly cooked lamb cutlets with juicy pink centres served on a bed of maple & pecan sweet potato casserole and French beans on the side.



Harissa Lamb Rack (RM69)


By this time, we were completely full and could barely manage any dessert.  But on Aneesha’s insistence, we gave the Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta (RM26) a try and were glad we did.  The smooth silky panna cotta was served prettily with fresh figs, sea salt tuile and Tahitian vanilla frozen custard… a perfect end to a hearty American meal.



This festive period, The Bowery team has come up with some special set menus and it’s worthwhile checking the place out as it’s a great venue to just relax and eat away some hearty meals.  And if you see a guy walking around with some awesome cool shoes, it’s quite likely that’s Fariz because he believes that “Good shoes take you to good places”! and obviously one of those good places is The Bowery Kitchen & Bar!



The Bowery Kitchen & Bar
D4-1-16 Solaris Dutamas
No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 (3) 6411-4989

Sundays-Wednesdays 8.00am-12.00am
Thursdays-Saturdays 8.00am-2.00am

email: pr@thebowerygroup.co
FB: www.facebook.com/bowerykl

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Meatology is the name of Chef Yenni Law’s celebrated cookbook and it was actually at the media launch of this book in early 2015 that I first met this dedicated and passionate chef. Read more about that encounter here. Yenni is also the owner of the former “Boathouse”, a popular restaurant in Taman Tun Dr Ismail for many years. “Former” because Boathouse has now been rebranded as “Meatology”, streamlining this identity with the success of Yenni’s cookbook. I love the classy new logo of the restaurant set against a stylish shade of grey.




The restaurant has been given a fresh coat of paint at the dining area and now while waiting for their food, diners can also check out the many framed-up articles of the chef and her restaurant. The bar at the front of house has also been spruced up with a touch of quirky elegance from the wine bottles recycled into practical hanging lamps.




Upstairs, the space has been converted into “Myth” – a spacious drinking & chilling-out haven.



In a recent visit to Meatology, we again pampered ourselves with a huge dose of Yenni’s amazing culinary creations.  One can’t help being greedy at Meatology – starting with the appetizers, it’s hard to just settle for one or two dishes. So we succumbed to our greed and had four starters!


Gizzard Frito (RM13) spicy deep-fried gizzard – these were so addictive!



Snob’s Bites (RM13) – French escargots smothered with creamy spinach



Foie Gras (RM49) – a decadent ensemble of goose liver, spiked peaches and balsamic glaze



Duck Breast Confit (RM43) served with a lovely citrus trinity sauce of passionfruit, orange and mango


As inspired by the name, it was then time to indulge in a series of beautifully-crafted meaty dishes. Between the Fiery Pork Ribs and Meatology Ribs, it’s difficult to say which was better. It’s all a matter of preference as both dishes were executed with great aplomb.





Fiery Ribs (RM45) – smothered in a thick sambal-like sauce which will leave you wanting more!




Meatology Ribs (RM45) infused with brandy, its alcoholic caramelised glaze clung to the tender meat in the most sinful way!


For a bit of culinary dramatics, the Swine Neck Steak Flambè and Steak on Fire will add some fun to your dining experience. Both dishes are flambè’ed at tableside which will surely halt conversation for some time.


Swine Neck Steak Flambé (RM59+) featuring a 220g slab of pork neck meat




Steak on Fire (RM50) – it’s a 200g Australian tenderloin flambè’ed with brandy pepper sauce and cooked to “medium-rare” perfection


DL, a lamb lover, adored the Smoked Lamb Muscle (RM43+). The deboned 200g lamb leg has been tenderly smoked in-house before it’s served with a trio of special spicy sauces featuring mint, horseradish & pommery mustard for the most perfect pairing.




Meats aside, for something lighter, there’s the Blue Fin Tuna (RM69) which was of sashimi-grade quality and served with a beautifully tangy citrus ponzu sauce, mash and vegetables.


Sashimi-grade Blue Fin Tuna


Need some carbs? The Spaghetti Marvelous Mite (RM29) was a good choice. Who can resist pasta with parma ham, rocket leaves and a creamy marmite sauce?



I’m not an earnest dessert fan but Yenni’s Sinful Soufflè (RM22) bowled me over that night. I had not one, but TWO servings of her freshly baked light fluffy soufflè which when dug in, oozed the most evil runny chocolate and boozy dark cherries. You just have to try this to understand my mad love for this divine dessert.




My Sinful Soufflè


The secret to the magic of Yenni’s desserts is the addition of alcohol, trust me…just look!


Reggae Pudding (RM17) freshly baked, fresh bread, banana, raisins, egg custard, rum



Date Pudding (RM18) with brandy butterscotch sauce


Nasty Alaska (RM23) – an interesting dessert that’s prepared at table-side. The outer meringue crust was lightly scorched before being cut open to reveal a dreamy combo of ice cream, peanut butter-laced cake and liquor-soaked dried fruits.


Nasty Alaska!


Wine lovers, take note that Meatology also serves a Wine Flight (RM119) – four glasses: one glass each of white, rosé, red and ice wines to pair with your meal. Different vintages will be offered and during our meal there, we had the Château de Cathalogne Bordeaux, Chateâu de Fesles Anjou Rosé, La Closerie des Lys Rouge and Pilliteri Vidal Ice Wine.



It’s time to place your bookings, especially for this festive season.

16 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7727-4426

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It’s quite refreshing that Paramount Garden, predominantly a residential area, now houses a well set-up Italian restaurant. In the few rows of shophouses in this location, most of the eateries are casual types, more of the kopitiam-style than anything. Hence, a’Roma Dinings, with its chic restaurant, wine lounge and coffee bar is a class above the rest.




The name a’Roma stems from the city of Roma and the team here strives to showcase authentic Italian cuisine using the freshest ingredients. The menu focuses on Italian imported ham and cheese boards, house-made fresh pastas, grilled meats and seasonal seafood. At the bar, there’s a good selection of single malt whiskeys, fine Italian and French wines and Degayo coffee for lovers of the brew.


Stepping into the restaurant, one can’t help but be impressed by the arresting hand-painted wall mural of the Colosseum at one end of the restaurant. Together with the elegant Italian-themed tiles, the dining atmosphere here tries to evoke an authentic Roman feel.



We adored this delicious tomato dip – perfect with the thin crunchy pastries!

After nibbling on some deliciously crunchy house-baked pizza pastries with their special house-made spicy tomato dip, we kicked off dinner with a big Charcuterie Board of assorted smoked meats like Mortadella Bologna, Milano Salami, Prosciutto and Cotechino served with toasted garlic bread, black olives, pickles, balsamic oil and extra virgin olive oil. It was a great start to our meal.




Charcuterie Board – Tagliere di Salumi (RM60)


Their Garlic Bread was so good we had to order more!


As I mentioned earlier, the chefs make their own fresh pasta in the restaurant. I was shown their special pasta-making machine. For our pasta dish, we had casarecce – short rolled and twisted pasta with a rustic al dente texture. Our casarecce was cooked with slow-braised pork cheek, mushrooms, bacon and generously coated with puttanesca sauce. The pasta was sublime.



Casarecce alla Puttanesca (RM38)


Although I’m not a risotto fan, I enjoyed their risotto with seafood, saffron, green peas and roasted capsicum. Using De Cecco Arborio Rice, the risotto maintained a nice chewy bite and was tasty due to the sweet flavours from the scallops and tiger prawn.


Risotto allo Zafferano con Fruitti di Mare (RM48)


We tried a meaty mains – a wooden board filled with slabs of Spanish pork rib and pork belly grilled and charred nicely at the sides. The pork slabs were shiney with the Chipotle Mesquite Glaze and honey and the dollop of dark cherry compote lent a tangy touch to the meats. As a added treat, pieces of crunchy crackling and tender baby potatoes accompanied the pork.



Puntine di Maiale e Pancetta (RM79)


Desserts here were definitely decadent. The Tiramisu was nicely drenched with DeGayo espresso, the mascarpone cream layer was light and fluffy and the trail of melted dark cocoa fudge was a nice touch.


Tiramisu (RM23)


For chocolate lovers, please go for the Semi Freddo – it’s a sinful ensemble of 75% dark chocolate, butterscotch, hazelnut ganache decorated with orange segments and strawberries!


Semi Freddo di Cioccolato (RM23)


The Paramount Garden neighbourhood is definitely buzzing now as residents don’t really have to travel far for some good Italian love. When there’s an urge for a good Italian meal in cosy comfortable surroundings, check out a’Roma Dinings.



1 Jalan 20/14
Paramount Garden
46300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7865-9829
Open 11.30am-11.30pm Tuesday-Sunday
Closed on Monday

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