ROAST DUCKKING @ Lot 10 Hutong

What caught my attention at Duckking was the glistening red skin of the roast ducks hanging in the glass case. Jimmy Liew, the owner was quick to point out that the bright scarlet hues on his ducks were actually from marinating them with a mixture of red vinegar and rose wine (“mui gwai lo”).

“Oh don’t worry, we don’t use synthetic colouring on our ducks, ever!” “I learned this from my grandmother, who used to apprentice under several great chefs in Zhongshan, Guangdong”, explained Jimmy. Needless to say, as a young boy, Jimmy loved hanging out in his grandmother’s kitchen where he picked up her recipes and culinary skills as his love for food grew.

Pretty ducks in a row

For many years, Jimmy’s love of good food remained just that – an indulgence of the senses. He developed his construction and renovation business and expanded to Brunei. Feeling that he needed a little diversion, an opportunity to divest into the F&B field rose when he partnered up with some friends in this venture. With restaurants in Selayang and Brunei, Jimmy’s homage to his grandmother’s roast duck legacy took form when Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, upon the recommendation from Hong Kong’s celebrity food critic, Choi Lan, urged Jimmy to set up stall in Lot 10 Hutong. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Jimmy’s Duckking Roast Duck counter in Lot 10 Hutong is indeed eye-catching and it’s true, the visual feast is just the beginning. When our plate of half a roast duck was placed on our table, it didn’t take us long to dig in and savour the succulent and tender well-roasted meat. Oozing delicate herbal juiciness, we had to order plain rice to mop up every bit of the jus and flavoursome duck.

We tried the Char Siu and Siu Yook (roast pork) and those were excellent too. Beautifully layered with fats and lean meat, they did not disappoint. If I have to file a grouse, then it has to be the chilli sauce – which I felt was too watery and a bit bland.

Besides duck and pork, we also tried the poached chicken and Jimmy’s signature Braised Duck Wings. The poached chicken was just average but the ginger dip was good. The duck wings, braised Teochew-style were well-flavoured with spices and dark soya sauce – I enjoyed them and it’s something I would order again, besides the roast duck.

Poached Chicken

Jimmy Liew



Lot 10 Hutong
Lower Ground Floor
Lot 10 Shopping Centre
Jalan Bukit Bintang
50250 Kuala Lumpur

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The stage is set. Set for some scrumptious steaks and I’m talking about Gobo Upstairs in Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The new Chef there – Chef Mun has just recently taken over the stoves and pans at Gobo Upstairs to welcome and entice diners with his signature Grilled Tomahawk and other fine cuisines.

Chef Fun Keng Mun is the hotel’s Junior Sous Chef and he has lots of experience with a wide range of grilling methods as that’s his favourite kitchen play. Complemented by his passion for food and hospitality, the incredibly young-looking chef is sizzling with hot enthusiasm and talent in his culinary offerings.

At a recent media tasting, we got a preview of what this young chef is capable of. From the delicate piece of roasted beetroot in the amuse bouche to the carefully crafted morsels of appetizers, Chef Mun’s creations were honest, non-fussy and paired cleverly with some rather unusual ingredients. The durian mayo coating crispy prawns may seem rather incongruous at first but once having bitten into that bouncy sweet prawn, the unexpected burst of durian was startlingly pleasurable – but this applies only to durian lovers. If you are not a fan of the King of Fruits, well, I’d suggest you skip that appetizer then.

Amuse Bouche – Honey Roasted Beetroot with toasted walnuts & feta cheese

And using vodka to cure salmon? Well, that worked for me too – the idea behind it was commendable as that faint hint of alcohol did a good job to enhance the marine flavour of the velvety-smooth salmon.

Starters: GUP Cold Platter – Mackerel Tartare, Wedges Salad 6, Vodka Cured Salmon

GUP Hot Platter – Salmon Crab Cake, Crispy Prawn with Durian Mayo, Balsamic Tuna

Paired with Vina Maipo Vitral Chardonnay

Soup: Lobster Bisque – lobster ragout, tarragon cream, dash of brandy
Paired with Vina Maipo Vitral Merlot

The star dish of the meal was of course Chef Mun’s impressive Wagyu Tomahawk. It was grilled to a perfect “medium” bordering on “rare” which is the optimum done-ness for any wagyu. Being a premium cut, the wagyu tomahawk was tender, juicy and full of sublime fatty goodness.

Wagyu Tomahawk with pomme puree & buttered vegetables

Chef Mun’s Baked Cod with Miso Honey was executed well too. The chunk of tender flaky cod, baked to a perfect done-ness, was sweet in its freshness. Served with healthy sides of beancurd and lettuce, it’s just nice for the light eater.

Baked Cod with Miso Honey , wasabi, beancurd and wilted romaine
Paired with Vina Maipo Vitral Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay

We had a taste of the Grilled Lamb Loin as well and I must say it wasn’t exactly my favourite. The loin being a lean cut, was a tad overcooked and dry and therefore I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as the cod or tomahawk.

Grilled Lamb Loin with arancini, broccolini & porcini sauce
Paired with Vina Maipo Vitral Cabernet Sauvignon Pampas Del Sur Estilo Malbec

Dessert: The delightful Cherry Bommm


There are still quite a number of promising dishes on Chef Mun’s menu which we’d like to go back for as this young chef is one to look out for. As the new head honcho at Gobo Upstairs, grilled meats are Chef Mun’s forte and he’s all geared up to retain Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill’s respected reputation in this.


Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2332-9888



NAUGHTY NURI’S, Atria Shopping Gallery, Damansara Jaya

Originating from Bali, Naughty Nuri’s famed pork ribs have made its name far and wide in SE Asia and Australia. We Malaysians have been savouring the tender finger-licking good ribs for more than 2 years now. You step into a Naughty Nuri’s, you won’t have any doubt over what its core dish is – as what their Atria outlet proved to be. Piggies in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours adorn every available decorating space in the restaurant! Opened in 2016, this eatery is a firm favourite with fans of porky Balinese fares, particularly BBQ pork ribs.


Looking at the menu, it’s hard to decide quickly what to order. There seemed to be so many choices, ranging from pork to chicken to more Balinese favourites. Of course, pork ribs is a must here so we decided to have their Signature BBQ Smokey Spareribs which is their latest addition. Pork ribs are not new, it’s the “smokey” version which has just been recently introduced.

I’m told these are double the flavours of the original ribs. Slathered with a layer of sticky sweetish smokey BBQ sauce, the rack was grilled to perfection. While some may find the sauce a bit sweet, I liked it and even dipped the ribs into the accompanying sauce to relish them totally!

Signature BBQ Smoky Spareribs (RM55)

Ice-cold Lemongrass Ginger Fizz – perfect with all the grilled and spicy dishes here!


More porkiness arrived in the form of their Wah Tusuk Babi which were skewers of grilled pork belly. These were really good as the meat had been marinated with a special Ubud-style sauce for 12 hours prior to grilling.

Wah Tusuk Babi (RM22)


The Boom Boom Pow Pigtail Soup is a blander version of a regular Sup Ekor. The reduced spices in the soup has rendered it rather character-less so it didn’t quite hit the spot with me.

Boom Boom Pow Pigtail Soup (RM25)


On the other hand, the Balinese Ayam Bertutu made a good impression. Served with 4 types of sambal, a huge portion of chicken braised with special rending sauce, this was a satisfying one-plate meal by itself. We just couldn’t stop eating the rice, perfumed with caramelized onions and was so addictive with the sambals and acar.

Balinese Ayam Bertutu (RM35) served with sambal hijau, sambal dadakan, sambal lalapan & sambal terasi pedas


Another new item on the menu is their Nasi Goreng with Sambal Kambing. It’s the first time we’ve had fried rice with lamb and this turned out to be pretty good too. To help tone down the strong aroma of lamb, the rice was fried with home-made sambal hijau, onions, chillies and with a good dose of Balinese black sauce as well.

Indonesian Style Nasi Goreng with Sambal Kambing (RM28)


I’m not a cheesecake fan but I do kinda like their new dessert – Volcano Flambe Oreo Bacon Cheesecake. That’s probably because it’s such a sinfully rich dessert – it’s flambe’d with Bacardi Rum, drizzled with a tangy orange chilli sauce with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and served on a sizzling lava plate. The crunchy bits of bacon embedded in the cake blend well with all the other components and one would hardly notice much of any cheesy flavor, which for me, is a good thing!

Volcano Flambe Oreo Bacon Cheesecake (RM26)

Similarly served on a sizzling lava plate, we enjoyed the Ubud-inspired Fire glazed Bananas with Ice Cream, especially since it’s flambe’d with Bacardi Rum too and drizzled with a rich salted caramel sauce!

Ubud-inspired Fire Glazed Bananas with Ice Cream (RM25)

If you love martinis, you definitely must order some here as Naughty Nuri’s martinis are very popular. More so because every time a martini is ordered, the restaurant crew will perform a martini shake dance for the customer. This talented bunch has been well trained, so do enjoy the show!


Besides the Atria, Naughty Nuri’s is also at Desa Sri Hartamas, Life Centre Kuala Lumpur and Subang SS15 Courtyard.

Oh, in conjunction with Naughty Nuri’s anniversary celebrations, they are offering their special vouchers booklet at RM88 only for vouchers with value worth RM648! Yes, buy the booklet for RM88 and you get 1 Signature BBQ Ribs voucher worth RM48++ and 12 x monthly RM50 cash vouchers with No Minimum Spend. Get more details from their Facebook Page.



Lot G25, Ground Floor
Atria Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS22/23
Damansara Jaya
Petaling Jaya

Tel: 012-446-6679


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BBQ MEATS Promotion in JULY at Oriental Group of Restaurants

We all know July is a scorching hot month and at the Oriental Group of Restaurants, “hot” takes on a whole different meaning. The chefs there, led by Executive Chef Justin Hor have decided to make it a month for BBQ specials. Yes, it’s all about roast meats in July – from Peking Ducks to Iberico Pork Ribs to golden Suckling Pigs, the Oriental Group of Restaurants are rolling out these delicacies non-stop.

For porky fans, the suckling pigs and BBQ Iberico Pork Ribs rank at the top of the list as what we discovered recently at Oriental Pavilion in Jaya 33, Petaling Jaya. Believe me, they were selling like hot cakes!

The Finest Macau Style Roast Suckling Pig made a grand entrance to our table. The glorious golden shiney skin was a sight to behold. As expected, the skin was super crispy to the bite with a nice layer of lean meat beneath, cushioned by bits of fat. The composition of skin, meat and fat was just perfect in this meaty little pig. The unique spiced and herbal marinade which flavoured the pig is a closely-guarded secret, known only to Executive Chef Justin and his master roaster.

This suckling pig comes with a platter of salad greens and cherry tomatoes. Shots of chilled citrus juice are served after we have wiped out the suckling pig – that’s such a nice thoughtful touch as the sourish juice does a good job as a palate cleanser as well as aiding digestion.

These shots of tangy citrus juice help cleanse the palate and pave the way for more BBQ delights!


Having tantalised our appetite, we just had to have another pig and this time we had the BBQ Suckling Pig with Glutinous Rice. For this piggy, only the crispy skin was served, lined neatly atop the serving of delicious steamed glutinous rice. It’s a great combo: crunchy piggy skin eaten with fragrant slightly-chewy glutinous rice and if you like, there’s also raw spring onions and plum sauce served on the side.

There’s another option: BBQ Suckling Pig with Foie Gras Sauce, which we will leave for another day. Each of the suckling pig is now priced at RM238++ (usual price RM350++) for July only.


Next, we just couldn’t resist the Charcoal-grilled Iberico Pork Ribs done Spanish-style. Marinated with a rich mixture of aromatic spices and herbs, the ribs were really flavoursome with a tender juicy texture. It’s not falling-off-the-bone kind of tenderness (I really don’t like that!) but yielded more of a delightful succulent texture that’s hard to beat. Similar to the Macau-style Suckling Pig, the ribs are served with a platter of salad and citrus juice.

Now at only RM138++ per rack (usual price RM198++), that’s a price that’s hard to beat too!


For the latest updates and more information, do check out The Oriental Group of Restaurants’ Facebook Page and their website. While it’s not necessary to book the roast meats, I’d encourage you to book your table at your preferred restaurant first before going for this delicious value-for-money promotion.

Hurry – this promotion is until 31 July 2017 only!


P1-04 Level 1 Podium, Jaya 33
3 Jalan Semangat
Section 13
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7956-9288

Mondays-Saturdays 11.00am-3.00pm; 6.00pm-11.00pm
Sundays & Public Holidays: 10.00am-3.00pm; 6.00pm-11.00pm

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The past week had been a crazy busy time at Lexis Hibiscus. Droves of holiday-makers thronged the walkways, clambering all over the leaves, petals and stigmas of the hibiscus – it was the Malaysian school break. Thank goodness there’s now some peace and sanity back at the resort! It isn’t surprising that Lexis Hibiscus is now one of the top resorts for families to head to. Do check out my earlier post here to understand why Lexis Hibiscus is so popular with everyone in the family!

Malaysians love their food and they love it even more when they are on vacation. Now this is something Lexis Hibiscus appreciates – the resort’s F&B outlets do dish out delicious fares to feed its hungry guests. While we were there, we didn’t get to dine in all the outlets – it simply was a case of too much food too little tummy capacity and too little time! Our dining experiences during that visit was limited to only 3 venues but these 3 venues alone left a good variety of memorable eats for us.


At the resort’s all-day dining restaurant, it’s busy from breakfast to dinner, every day. For that reason, it’s always lively and vibrant. Buffets are available during breakfast and dinner while lunch is usually served a la carte. During our stay there, we actually ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at Roselle (on different days, of course!)

Food selection at the breakfast buffet ranges from local staples to regular western items. The banana-leaf-wrapped packets of nasi lemak were really good – be prepared to devour more than 1 packet as they were rather petite in size.


On Fridays there’s a BBQ Buffet Dinner and that was like music to our ears. Fresh seafood and marinated meats were all laid out to be grilled on the spot. The lamb chops got the popular vote among us – the tender juicy meaty chops kept appearing at our tables!  I must say, the Lexis Hibiscus chefs can cook up some real mean lamb!


You know how physical activities can really build up the appetite. After a whole morning of cycling, shooting arrows and going round the resort endlessly on those Segways, boy – did we work up an appetite! Our growling stomachs directed us quickly back to Roselle where we had a satisfying lunch checking-out some of their signature dishes…

Start with some complimentary crackers with condiments

Garden Salad

Beef Burger

Fish & Chips

Seared Norwegian Salmon

Grilled Lamb Chop



As fans of Japanese food, we were delighted that Lexis Hibiscus houses a Japanese restaurant! Umi (meaning “sea” in Japanese – how apt!) serves a comprehensive range of popular Japanese items like tempura, sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki and other seasonal specialties. During weekends, guests get to indulge on their buffet dinner. We checked that out as well as some of the chef’s signature a la carte dishes…

Unagi Roll

Gyoza Kawa no Kani (Crabmeat Gyoza) 

Grilled BlackCod

Desserts from the buffet counters



Guests who are booked to stay at Panorama Pool Villas and the suites can do their check-in at the Lighthouse Club, a glass-clad circular building located in the middle of the hibiscus petals. There’s plenty of colourful sofas to chill-out while waiting for the paperwork to be done.

We took the lift up to the highest floor and the Lighthouse Bar greeted us. Our table by the glass windows accorded breathtaking views of the seascape beyond. As it was late afternoon and we were feeling peckish, we tried their Afternoon Cocktails which served their house concoctions and accompanied by platters of snacks and pastries.


On the last day of our stay, we slept in a bit and decided to go for brunch at Wave Dining. This restaurant is dedicated to gastronomic western dining where guests get to indulge the chef’s degustation menu on a romantic and leisurely pace. This time round we only had time to savour their brunch.

The chic contemporary dining space was very inviting and we took our time ordering from the brunch a la carte menu.

Baskets of freshly-baked pastries and freshly-toasted sliced bread made their way to our table. These were followed by miniature bottles of jam and swirls of butter – a lethal combination, honestly. We just couldn’t stop reaching for these goodies while waiting for our hot food.

Hot dishes prepared upon order, for the brunch…


Suitably satiated and with some full happy stomachs, it was time to say adieu to Lexis Hibiscus (but we will be back!), a resort with heart, fun activities and very decent food – perfect for that short getaway from the city.

12th Mile Jalan Pantai
71250 Pasir Panjang
Negeri Sembilan
Tel: +606-660-2626

More information on their website:

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Meatology is the name of Chef Yenni Law’s celebrated cookbook and it was actually at the media launch of this book in early 2015 that I first met this dedicated and passionate chef. Read more about that encounter here. Yenni is also the owner of the former “Boathouse”, a popular restaurant in Taman Tun Dr Ismail for many years. “Former” because Boathouse has now been rebranded as “Meatology”, streamlining this identity with the success of Yenni’s cookbook. I love the classy new logo of the restaurant set against a stylish shade of grey.




The restaurant has been given a fresh coat of paint at the dining area and now while waiting for their food, diners can also check out the many framed-up articles of the chef and her restaurant. The bar at the front of house has also been spruced up with a touch of quirky elegance from the wine bottles recycled into practical hanging lamps.




Upstairs, the space has been converted into “Myth” – a spacious drinking & chilling-out haven.



In a recent visit to Meatology, we again pampered ourselves with a huge dose of Yenni’s amazing culinary creations.  One can’t help being greedy at Meatology – starting with the appetizers, it’s hard to just settle for one or two dishes. So we succumbed to our greed and had four starters!


Gizzard Frito (RM13) spicy deep-fried gizzard – these were so addictive!



Snob’s Bites (RM13) – French escargots smothered with creamy spinach



Foie Gras (RM49) – a decadent ensemble of goose liver, spiked peaches and balsamic glaze



Duck Breast Confit (RM43) served with a lovely citrus trinity sauce of passionfruit, orange and mango


As inspired by the name, it was then time to indulge in a series of beautifully-crafted meaty dishes. Between the Fiery Pork Ribs and Meatology Ribs, it’s difficult to say which was better. It’s all a matter of preference as both dishes were executed with great aplomb.





Fiery Ribs (RM45) – smothered in a thick sambal-like sauce which will leave you wanting more!




Meatology Ribs (RM45) infused with brandy, its alcoholic caramelised glaze clung to the tender meat in the most sinful way!


For a bit of culinary dramatics, the Swine Neck Steak Flambè and Steak on Fire will add some fun to your dining experience. Both dishes are flambè’ed at tableside which will surely halt conversation for some time.


Swine Neck Steak Flambé (RM59+) featuring a 220g slab of pork neck meat




Steak on Fire (RM50) – it’s a 200g Australian tenderloin flambè’ed with brandy pepper sauce and cooked to “medium-rare” perfection


DL, a lamb lover, adored the Smoked Lamb Muscle (RM43+). The deboned 200g lamb leg has been tenderly smoked in-house before it’s served with a trio of special spicy sauces featuring mint, horseradish & pommery mustard for the most perfect pairing.




Meats aside, for something lighter, there’s the Blue Fin Tuna (RM69) which was of sashimi-grade quality and served with a beautifully tangy citrus ponzu sauce, mash and vegetables.


Sashimi-grade Blue Fin Tuna


Need some carbs? The Spaghetti Marvelous Mite (RM29) was a good choice. Who can resist pasta with parma ham, rocket leaves and a creamy marmite sauce?



I’m not an earnest dessert fan but Yenni’s Sinful Soufflè (RM22) bowled me over that night. I had not one, but TWO servings of her freshly baked light fluffy soufflè which when dug in, oozed the most evil runny chocolate and boozy dark cherries. You just have to try this to understand my mad love for this divine dessert.




My Sinful Soufflè


The secret to the magic of Yenni’s desserts is the addition of alcohol, trust me…just look!


Reggae Pudding (RM17) freshly baked, fresh bread, banana, raisins, egg custard, rum



Date Pudding (RM18) with brandy butterscotch sauce


Nasty Alaska (RM23) – an interesting dessert that’s prepared at table-side. The outer meringue crust was lightly scorched before being cut open to reveal a dreamy combo of ice cream, peanut butter-laced cake and liquor-soaked dried fruits.


Nasty Alaska!


Wine lovers, take note that Meatology also serves a Wine Flight (RM119) – four glasses: one glass each of white, rosé, red and ice wines to pair with your meal. Different vintages will be offered and during our meal there, we had the Château de Cathalogne Bordeaux, Chateâu de Fesles Anjou Rosé, La Closerie des Lys Rouge and Pilliteri Vidal Ice Wine.



It’s time to place your bookings, especially for this festive season.

16 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7727-4426

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Opened in May this year, Cerdito Restaurant is a full-service restaurant right smack in the middle of Puchong Jaya. In an area that’s brimming with casual cafes, kopitiams and noisy Chinese “tai-chow” kinda restaurants, Cerdito stands out with its prominent facade in a corner lot. Stepping into the restaurant, I was pleasantly taken aback with its sleek modern interior design with its elegant and welcoming at the same time.




The clean classic lines of its contemporary design forms the perfect backdrop for full service dining and private chef table dining – two services which Cerdito is proud of. Cerdito’s menu is crafted to showcase its Spanish-inspired fusion cuisine featuring Iberico pork as its mainstay.


As many would know, Iberico pork comes from the black Iberian pig commonly raised in Spain and Portugal. Their special diet and the specific processes of rearing these pigs have resulted in the special texture and flavours of the prized pork.



While we waited for the Iberico pork dishes to be served, we kept our hunger at bay with some appetizers, soup and salad.

Chef’s Special Appetizers – deep-fried prawns, grilled eringgyi, harissa chicken skewers, baby octopus…




The Grilled King Oyster (Eringgyi) Mushrooms (RM15) are uniquely delicious with toppings of garlic, cocoa soil and a good drizzle of balsamic vinegar!



These were followed by…


Wild Mushroom Cappuccino with truffle tea foam (RM18)


Smoked Duck Salad (RM22) – smoked duck breast, orange segments, citrus vinaigrette


Then, the array of Iberico porky goodness took turns to delight us. It started with the Iberico Pork Sticks (RM30) served with pineapple salsa. Thick cuts of well-marinated pork slices were nicely charred at the sides and these practically melted in the mouth with its delicious tenderness!




Next came the Grilled Iberico Short Rack (RM70) with grilled pumpkin and baba ganoush (mashed brinjals with sesame). Unfortunately it was overcooked and when we highlighted this to the crew, it was replaced with another serving which was grilled perfectly. With a slightly pink centre, the meat was juicy and tender to the cut – bravo!




A must-order item here is their Slab of Iberico Ribs (RM110 full rack/RM40 per single serving) with Asian slaw and patatas bravas. Diners can opt to have the full or half slab. The ribs were scrumptious, having been marinated with an excellent mixture of spices, herbs and sauces before being grilled. We just had to dig in with bare fingers as that’s the ultimate way of enjoying those tasty ribs.



At this point, the crew brought out a serving of the chef’s special for that evening – Braised Iberico Ribs (RM45) in a Chinese herbal soup, a milder version of the local Bak Kut Teh. The tender cabbage leaves enhanced the sweetness of the broth and it was something which we lapped everything up.



To round off the Iberico Pork feast, we checked out Cerdito’s Black Pig Burger (RM45) with steak fries and tomato chutney. Some may be a bit intimidated by the huge slab of pork belly sandwiched between the bun. Personally I found it a bit too fatty although the tender texture and flavours were impeccable. Perhaps you can request for a leaner cut when ordering and depending on availability, that would be a better option!





The Iberico Pulled Pork Sandwich (RM45) was a lighter version.  The generous portion pulled pork laced with sweet and tangy BBQ sauce topped with some ebikko was perfect with the fluffy mantou which had also been lightly toasted for that added crisp at the sides.



Besides Iberico pork, the menu does feature chicken, fish and lamb. Their Salt Bush Lamb Shank with mashed potatoes and lamb jus was bursting with robust flavours and tender enough to fall off the bone.



Desserts were a bit limited at the moment but what’s available were pretty good, especially their Tiramisu and Belgium Dark Chocolate Semi Freddo. The tiramisu had good lashings of kahlua and that scored a lot of points in my desserts checklist.






Belgium Dark Chocolate Semi Freddo


The House-made Lemon Tart is worth a try with its 3 toppings of butter crumbs, shallot ice-cream and cocoa soil!


We love their refreshing mocktails too (RM15 each): Cucumber Lemonade and Fiery Float above…


Spicy Peach Fizz & Kiwi Mojiteh


Cerdito Restaurant is a good dining option if you are looking for a good porky feast in a bit more upscaled eatery among the foodie haunts of Puchong Jaya.



G-11 Kompleks Kenari
Jalan Kenari 19A
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong
Tel: 03-8082-7118/017-380-8989


Tuesday-Thursday: 1200-2200
Friday: 1200-2300
Saturday-Sunday: 1100-2300
Closed on Monday 

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