DIM SUM (pork-free) at Pullman Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar

If you are in the Bangsar neighbourhood and looking for a quiet spot to enjoy some pork-free dim sum, the Oriental Chinese Cuisine Restaurant is a good venue. Located on Level 1 of the Pullman Hotel Kuala Lumpur in Bangsar, this spacious restaurant spots some classic oriental furniture in the form of intricately-carved wooden chairs and ornately-patterned carpet. With plenty of natural light flooding in from the floor-to-ceiling glass windows all around, the dining environment is pleasant and comfortable.

Pork-free dim sum is served daily from 12.00pm to 3.00pm. The special dim sum menu lists a good variety, from steamed, deep-fried, oven-baked items to noodles, rice and desserts.

We tried several items from most of the categories, starting with the steamed dumplings. Besides the regular “siew mai”, the restaurant offers a few fancy variations like…

Caviar Lobster Dumplings

Foie Gras Siew Mai

Black Truffles Shrimp Dumplings

Tobikko Lobster Siew Mai

Don’t miss out their Shanghai Dumplings – “Xiao Loong Bau”… the wobbly plump dumplings pack a good amount of piping hot tasty broth within the thin skin!

Xiao Loong Bau


Steamed Beef Tenderloin in Oriental Sauce – this didn’t hit the spot with us.  Steamed chicken would have fared better.

Crispily-fried dim sum are always tempting and we couldn’t resist these…

Crispy Taro Puffs

Crispy Beancurd Prawn Rolls

Crispy Seafood Rolls with Cheese

Crispy Lobster Dumplings

The Wok-fried Radish Cake with Seafood could have been better, taste-wise as it was rather bland.

We loved the Preserved Vegetables with Roasted Duck Buns. Within these petite buns were some delightful filling of minced roast duck and “mui choy” – something we don’t find in other dim sum places.

Preserved Vegetables & Roast Duck Buns

Honey BBQ Chicken Buns

Green Tea Buns with Salted Eggyolk Custard Cream

Steamed rice rolls are always a must for us and we enjoyed the Cheong Fun with crispy “yu zha gui” rolled inside.

Cheong Fun with Yu Zha Gui

Cheong Fun with Fresh Prawns

There’s a pretty long list of desserts in the menu. Their signature Durian Pancake is a must-try for durian lovers. For me, I enjoyed all their chilled jellies – so refreshing!

Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Osmanthus

Deep-fried Pancake with Vanilla Ice Cream & Peanuts

Chilled Durian Pancakes

Service is attentive and the dim sum items are only cooked upon order so you get your food piping hot.


Pullman Hotel Kuala Lumpur Bangsar
No. 1 Jalan Pantai Jaya, Tower 3
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 (03) 2298-1888

MR & MRS CHICKEN: Savour delightful free-range Chicken Meals

David Chen is one person who knows all about chicken and chicken rice.  After all, he and his family have been in the chicken rice business for many years and have recently opened MR & MRS CHICKEN in Pudu to extend the tradition.  The family’s passion has also resulted in having their own poultry farm in Rawang.  Concerned with providing the best quality chicken to his customers, David ensures that they are bred for at least 120 days in a free-range environment and fed with premium grains mixed with passionfruit enzyme and seaweed.  He also emphasizes that his chickens are not injected with growth hormones or antibiotics.  Furthermore, with passionfruit trees grown around the farm, quite often the chickens get to peck on those fruits as well – so how much more healthier can they get?

With such a catchy name as Mr & Mrs Chicken, this recently-opened restaurant in Pudu is hard to miss and serves the prized fowls from David’s own farm.  With chicken being the star, the menu offers various sets as well as a la carte orders. 

Simple & comfortable seating in the restaurant

A typical chicken rice set includes a single portion of chicken (poached Hainanese-style, roasted or braised in soya sauce), 4 pieces of chicken rice balls, fried crispy fuchuk (beancurd skin), vegetables of the day, soup, Chinese tea and dessert.  Fresh chillies and ginger dips are of course served, too.  At RM16.90 for this complete meal, I’d say it’s good value-for-money.

Perfectly poached chicken

Roast Chicken Set

My personal favourite is the simple poached chicken.  Poached to the right done-ness, the natural sweetness and lovely texture of the chicken shine through nicely.  The yellow-toned skin has just a thin layer of fat which emits the most divine flavour and aroma.

Golden-skinned goodness!

The perfectly-rounded rice balls are fragrant and firmly shaped, thanks to the addition of chicken oil, chicken broth and some glutinous rice for the “sticky” factor.  Regular chicken rice is also available if you are not partial towards balls.

There’s also Hor Fun on the menu, for something light!

To add some variety to the menu, there are several side dishes available.  Check out their fried starters like Crispy Wantan (RM6.90), Fried Fishcake (RM6.90), Spring Rolls (RM7.90), Fu Chuk (fried beancurd roll) (RM4.90) and Fook Chow Fish Balls (RM6.90). Braised Eggs, Braised Tofu and Hainanese Curry Chicken are also on the menu.  The sweetish curry cooked with chunks of free-range chicken and potatoes goes well with rice.

Crispy Wantan

Fried Fishcake

Fried Springrolls

Hainanese Curry


If you wish to add on any vegetables, I’d recommend the Steamed Okra (RM7.90/RM9.90).  The okra are grown in David’s farm and they are very tender and not fibrous at all – perfect with the chilli dip served together.

Steamed Okra

All in all, Mr & Mrs Chicken serves good-value free-range chicken rice meals in a very pleasant environment.  The interior of the restaurant is kept simple and comfortable to enjoy a good meal at affordable prices.

Mr & Mrs Chicken can do private dining and private events at their premise too.  Menus can be customised to your preference.  They do bulk-order delivery as well – minimum order quantity applies – do call them for further details.


No.11 Jalan Kancil
Off Jalan Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Open: 11.00am-8.00pm
Closed on Thursdays


You know how in many residential neighbourhoods there are always hidden food gems that are known and patronised mainly by the residents only?  These are those “tai chow” eateries and restaurants that have been the go-to choices for family meals and the local residents keep them close to their hearts.

Bei Hai Restaurant is one of those.  Located in Taman Bidara, somewhere in Selayang, this restaurant caters mainly to the people living around there and I felt we were really the odd ones out when we visited Bei Hai recently.  However, we were quickly seated and attended to – we were there for an early dinner before the crowd came in.

Sweet Sour Pork is such a regular dish in any Chinese restaurant.  Bei Hai’s version was a little unique.  The chunks of deep-fried pork were buried under a trench of chopped ice to preserve the crunchiness.  A novelty, for sure but then it actually worked out nicely – tender flavourful meat beneath a super-crunchy layer.

Icy Sweet Sour Pork (RM38)


The next dish was a direct translation from Cantonese “Prawn Soldier Crab General”.  The chef has gone to great lengths to plate the dish.  It’s essentially a 2-item platter of prawn paste balls and spicy stuffed crabs. Both this dish and the next one, Double Dragon Prawns would make excellent dishes to be served in a celebratory multi-course meal here.  The presentation was lovely; the matching of colours and flavours spoke well of the chef and team’s efforts.  White and red dragonfruit served with lightly saute’ed prawns and some crunchy vegetables stacked with baby lettuce certainly made a pretty picture.  It’s also light and refreshing!

Prawn Soldier Crab General (RM80)

Double Dragon Prawns (RM160)

Slices of crispy-skinned roast duck sandwiched in flat fluffy “paus” together with crunchy fried beancurd skin made up “Foh Foong Ngap”, the next dish.  We enjoyed this dish as the contrasting textures (soft pillowy pau and crispy duck & fuchuk) were really good.

Foh Foong Ngap (RM98)


Another light and nutritious dish was the braised house-made charcoal tofu with beancurd puffs, mushrooms, gingko nuts and lotus seeds.  What’s more, those silky smooth tofu had fillings of chopped mushrooms and prawns in them!

Charcoal Tofu with Gingko & Lotus Seeds (RM80)


To round off our dinner, we tried Bei Hai’s signature Boiled Rice with Fresh River Prawns.  Fried puffed rice cooked in a premium broth with freshwater prawns with lots of roe which resulted in a bowl of heartwarming goodness.  It’s something to be savoured slowly and lingeringly.

Boiled Rice with River Prawns – minimum order of 2 prawns (RM46/prawn)


Bei Hai Restaurant is also well known for their simpler comforting food like curry fish head, steamed fish and dishes that go well with rice.  What we’ve tried here were more like banquet dishes and they are good if you are thinking of holding a celebration meal here.  For the special plating and food presentation seen here in these dishes, do call them in advance to order as they need notice to prepare.


Bei Hai Restaurant 北海饭店
No. 10, Jalan Bidara 2/4
Taman Bidara
68100 Selayang
Tel:  03-6138-3688

Opens daily:
11:00am to 2:30pm
5:30pm to 10:30pm

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Mid-Autumn Mooncakes at DYNASTY RESTAURANT, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

The Mid-Autumn Festival is less than a month away and mooncakes are on sale everywhere now!  So where do you get your mooncakes?  I mean, there are just so many to choose from.  At the malls, there are so many kiosks set up to sell these delicacies – so which is your favourite?  Recently I tried some of the mooncakes at Dynasty Restaurant at the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel and they do have a pretty good selection.

The pork-free Dynasty Restaurant has started selling its mooncakes since 29 August 2017 and will be available till 4 October 2017.  The good old traditional favourites made with lotus paste and salted egg yolks are listed, together with redbean paste and the popular assorted nuts.  For the lotus paste option, you can also have the low-sugar white lotus paste or the pandan-infused variety.  New flavours for the baked mooncakes are the Red Pitaya Lotus Paste with Mango (very light & refreshing!).

Red Pitaya Lotus Paste with Mango

Bamboo Charcoal Green Tea with Black Sesame

For the snowskins, this year’s new flavours include the Honey Lotus Paste with Chocolate, Yam Paste with single egg yolk, Alisan Tea Paste with green tea as well as the Chinese Chestnut Paste with egg yolk.

Snowskin Alisan Tea Paste with Green Tea

Snowskin Honey Lotus Paste with Chocolate

Snowskin Yam Paste with Single Egg Yolk

Snowskin Durian Paste

If you are thinking of getting some of these for your loved ones, the mooncakes are packaged in Dynasty’s signature boxes of any choice of pieces of traditional mooncakes, 6 pieces baked mini mooncakes or 6 pieces mini snowskin.  Prices start from RM18 per piece.

Dynasty’s mooncakes are on sale at the hotel as well as at Mid Valley Megamall until 4 October 2017.

Discounts & Specials:

  • Free delivery to one (1) location (within 5km radius of Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel) for purchase of 20 boxes and above.  Additional charges apply for locations outside 5km radius.
  • All pre-paid orders of minimum 10 boxes before 16 September 2017 for pick-up between 14 September to 4 October will receive a 25% discount.
  • Selected credit card discounts apply.


Besides checking out their mooncakes, we also couldn’t resist Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin’s Signature Peking Duck which is currently priced at RM60.60 nett per bird.  This promotion ends by 30 September 2017 and it’s a fowl worth going for.  The golden crispy skin was glossy and tasty thanks to the meticulous roasting process which took almost an hour to slowly infuse the smoky aroma into the meat.

The Signature Peking Duck is carved at table side.  The sliced skin is served with house-made pancake together with scallions, cucumber, carrots  plum sauce.  The meat is then cooked according to the diner’s choice.  We had ours stir-fried with ginger and spring onions.

Meat from the Peking Duck, stir-fried with ginger and spring onions – really good!

Monggolian Lamb Chops – deep-fried tasty chops with a creamy tangy sauce bursting with bold flavours – a definite best-seller at the restaurant

Dynasty’s Special Fried Rice – fragrant eggy fried rice served on a pool of gravy with dried scallops and mixed vegetables… something different from the usual fried rice!


For reservation, please call 03-2771-6692 or email:



Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel
Corner of Japan Sultan Ismail
& Jalan Ampang
40450 Kuala Lumpur

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RESTAURANT NEW VILLAGE – Traditional Malaysian-Chinese Fares @ Plaza OUG, KL

If you are not familiar with Plaza OUG or has never stepped into this oldish shopping mall in the Old Klang Road neighbourhood, then you’d probably not pay much attention to Restaurant New Village tucked away in an obscure spot on the Ground Floor. It’s about a month old, having taken over the premise which used to house a Vietnamese restaurant. The owners didn’t really renovate the place much besides sprucing it up with some new fixtures – the place remains very much a casual but rustically comfortable dining space. After all, they want the food to shine and not the furniture. Being passionate foodies themselves, the owners and chefs have come up with a menu featuring authentic traditional Chinese cuisine – dishes which are classics and favourites which they ate back home when they were growing up.

Using the freshest ingredients, regardless whether from the village or market, Restaurant New Village’s signature dishes are hearty and comforting. It was a chilly evening and when a claypot of piping hot Seafood Soup with Rice was placed on our table, it was like heaven-sent. The enticing aroma from the pot was heady – a mouth-watering trail of dried octopus, fresh shrimps, scallops, squids and the sweetest fillets of tiger garoupa made us slurp bowl after bowl of it. Every spoonful was like savouring the sweetest bounty from King Neptune’s lair. Hands-down one of the most memorable dishes for me that evening and this is something I’d return to the restaurant for.

Claypot Seafood Soup with Rice – (RM88) good for 3-4 people

The restaurant prides itself very much on its signature Beggar Chicken. There’s also a display of “Earth Oven” at one corner of the restaurant and that’s a showcase item for its super-signature Beggar Chicken. A whole village chicken marinated and infused with a variety of Chinese herbs before being wrapped up and enveloped in a layer of clay before baking it in the oven. After several hours of baking, when the chicken was tender enough, it’s ready to be served.

Signature Beggar Chicken (RM98)

Now, as much as the Beggar Chicken was a super-signature item, that wasn’t my favourite chicken dish in this restaurant. My favourites were the Claypot Yellow Wine Chicken and the simple poached Kampung Chicken. The quality of the home-brewed yellow wine was superb and when cooked with the kampung chicken in a claypot, that’s a clear winner with me. The natural sweetness of the chicken was enhanced further by the wine and I slurped up every drop of that deliciously comforting winey broth.

Claypot Yellow Wine Chicken(RM38 half chicken/RM75 whole chicken)

Likewise, the plainly poached kampung chicken was so satisfying when eaten with the dip of ginger and scallions.

New Village Kampung Chicken (RM38 half chicken/RM75 whole chicken)

We enjoyed the Curry Tiger Garoupa Fish Head as well. The fish was really fresh and when cooked in a mildly spicy curry with lots of vegetables as co-stars, what’s there not to love about it?

Curry Tiger Garoupa Fish Head (RM48)

The much-touted Signature Fried Egg was impressive looking. When the owners explained the skills behind this simple fried egg dish, I was further impressed. While I appreciated the work needed to create and execute the pile of golden crispiness, I found the taste to be quite ordinary. The fine threads of eggy strands were crispy but tasted rather bland, despite the addition of Thai basil and cincalok in it.

Signature Fried Egg – (RM15)

Another dish that didn’t quite hit it off for us was the Braised Pork Knuckle. We were told that salted fish was added but it didn’t really make its presence felt or tasted. I think more work is needed to fine-tune this dish.

Braised Pork Knuckle (RM25)

We tried two vegetable dishes – their recommended Four Heavenly Kings and Claypot Kangkong. Of the two, the kangkong made a more lasting impression. While the kangkong looked rather plain, it tasted great, thanks to the use of Hong Kong shrimp paste.

Claypot Kangkong (RM15)

Four Heavenly Kings (RM16)

Tofu with Minced Pork (RM15)

Restaurant New Village does a lovely Sang Har Meen. What set this noodles dish apart from other restaurants is that the fresh egg noodles were not deep-fried and we could taste the delicious natural eggy flavours of the bouncy strands.

Sang Har Meen – Cantonese Noodles with King Prawns (RM88)


For a hearty and affordable meal of traditional and classic Chinese dishes, Restaurant New Village is the place to head to. We would certainly head back there for our favourites and also to check out the rest of the dishes on their menu.


Lot G11 & 12, Plaza OUG
Jalan Mega Kecil
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7971-9161/7972-1781

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This year the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 4 October and weeks before now, restaurants and hotels have displayed their mooncakes for the coming celebration. I know how the current economic situation is affecting most people – our ringgit has weakened so much and things have become so much more expensive these days. So, do people still celebrate such festivals?

I’d say most Chinese would still celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival come 4 October, albeit on a smaller scale for the prudent. This festival, fondly also known as the “Mooncake Festival” has always been something I looked forward to when I was a kid. Traditional lanterns made of cellophane paper and bamboo sticks were the order of the day back then. And the food, of course – mooncakes, peanuts, baby yams, pomelos… the lot. So, suffice to say, most people still upkeep the tradition every year – the Mid-Autumn Festival is still held dear… it’s a time for family and food 🙂


Recently I had my first taste of mooncakes for this year. Toh Yuen unveiled some new flavours of house-made snow skin mooncakes while retaining the popular evergreen baked ones. The new flavours of their 2017 signature snow skins are the Golden Mango and the Chocolate Pistachio Indulgence. I must say the Golden Mango is really good as the tangy mango centre with dried mangoes isn’t too sweet and leaves a refreshing trail in the mouth.

Golden Mango

Inspiration for the Chocolate Pistachio Indulgence came from the hotel’s renowned American Chocolate Cake. Chocolate fans would love the rich velvety chocolate ganache, bits of dark chocolate cake and fresh nutty pistachios in this mooncake. It’s pretty decadent, for sure. The snow skin mooncakes are priced from RM19nett each and RM98 per box of 4 pieces.

Chocolate Pistachio Indulgence

Besides these 2 new flavours, there are 3 other flavours to indulge: Lotus Paste with Sunflower Seeds, Black Sesame Paste and the Yam Paste.

Black Sesame Paste Snow Skin Mooncake

Lotus Paste with Sunflower Seeds Snow Skin Mooncake

Yam Paste Snow Skin Mooncake


At Toh Yuen, there are 6 traditionally baked mooncakes available. My favourites are the white lotus with and without salted egg yolk, the mixed nuts and the green tea with pistachios. Each golden-baked mooncake is priced at RM25 nett and RM108 nett for a box of 4. Certain banks are offering discounts for credit card purchases and for bulk purchases, the hotel does offer some volume discounts as well.


To celebrate the festival, Chef Ric Teoh of Toh Yuen has curated a 6-course special “Mid Autumn Reunion Set” priced at RM1,388 nett for a table of 10 persons. Here’s what the meal is going to be like…

Special 5 Deluxe Platter of Mixed Barbecue Combination

Double-boiled Soup with Mushrooms, Fish Maw & Dried Scallops

Duo Platter of Wok-fried Prawns with Red Wine Sauce and Wok-fried Fish Fillets with XO Sauce

Stuffed Sea Cucumbers with Brown Sauce & Seasonal Vegetables

Fried Vermicelli with Eggs, Seafood & Mushrooms

Crystal Osmanthus Jelly


Chef Ric Teoh


For bookings and enquiries, please call 03-7955-9122 ext.4073/4.
For the latest F&B promotions, do visit Hilton PJ’s F&B blog, www.ZestPJ.com



TOH YUEN Chinese Restaurant
Hilton Petaling Jaya
No.2 Jalan Barat
Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-7955-9122

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ROAST DUCKKING @ Lot 10 Hutong

What caught my attention at Duckking was the glistening red skin of the roast ducks hanging in the glass case. Jimmy Liew, the owner was quick to point out that the bright scarlet hues on his ducks were actually from marinating them with a mixture of red vinegar and rose wine (“mui gwai lo”).

“Oh don’t worry, we don’t use synthetic colouring on our ducks, ever!” “I learned this from my grandmother, who used to apprentice under several great chefs in Zhongshan, Guangdong”, explained Jimmy. Needless to say, as a young boy, Jimmy loved hanging out in his grandmother’s kitchen where he picked up her recipes and culinary skills as his love for food grew.

Pretty ducks in a row

For many years, Jimmy’s love of good food remained just that – an indulgence of the senses. He developed his construction and renovation business and expanded to Brunei. Feeling that he needed a little diversion, an opportunity to divest into the F&B field rose when he partnered up with some friends in this venture. With restaurants in Selayang and Brunei, Jimmy’s homage to his grandmother’s roast duck legacy took form when Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, upon the recommendation from Hong Kong’s celebrity food critic, Choi Lan, urged Jimmy to set up stall in Lot 10 Hutong. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Jimmy’s Duckking Roast Duck counter in Lot 10 Hutong is indeed eye-catching and it’s true, the visual feast is just the beginning. When our plate of half a roast duck was placed on our table, it didn’t take us long to dig in and savour the succulent and tender well-roasted meat. Oozing delicate herbal juiciness, we had to order plain rice to mop up every bit of the jus and flavoursome duck.

We tried the Char Siu and Siu Yook (roast pork) and those were excellent too. Beautifully layered with fats and lean meat, they did not disappoint. If I have to file a grouse, then it has to be the chilli sauce – which I felt was too watery and a bit bland.

Besides duck and pork, we also tried the poached chicken and Jimmy’s signature Braised Duck Wings. The poached chicken was just average but the ginger dip was good. The duck wings, braised Teochew-style were well-flavoured with spices and dark soya sauce – I enjoyed them and it’s something I would order again, besides the roast duck.

Poached Chicken

Jimmy Liew



Lot 10 Hutong
Lower Ground Floor
Lot 10 Shopping Centre
Jalan Bukit Bintang
50250 Kuala Lumpur

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