This year the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 4 October and weeks before now, restaurants and hotels have displayed their mooncakes for the coming celebration. I know how the current economic situation is affecting most people – our ringgit has weakened so much and things have become so much more expensive these days. So, do people still celebrate such festivals?

I’d say most Chinese would still celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival come 4 October, albeit on a smaller scale for the prudent. This festival, fondly also known as the “Mooncake Festival” has always been something I looked forward to when I was a kid. Traditional lanterns made of cellophane paper and bamboo sticks were the order of the day back then. And the food, of course – mooncakes, peanuts, baby yams, pomelos… the lot. So, suffice to say, most people still upkeep the tradition every year – the Mid-Autumn Festival is still held dear… it’s a time for family and food 🙂


Recently I had my first taste of mooncakes for this year. Toh Yuen unveiled some new flavours of house-made snow skin mooncakes while retaining the popular evergreen baked ones. The new flavours of their 2017 signature snow skins are the Golden Mango and the Chocolate Pistachio Indulgence. I must say the Golden Mango is really good as the tangy mango centre with dried mangoes isn’t too sweet and leaves a refreshing trail in the mouth.

Golden Mango

Inspiration for the Chocolate Pistachio Indulgence came from the hotel’s renowned American Chocolate Cake. Chocolate fans would love the rich velvety chocolate ganache, bits of dark chocolate cake and fresh nutty pistachios in this mooncake. It’s pretty decadent, for sure. The snow skin mooncakes are priced from RM19nett each and RM98 per box of 4 pieces.

Chocolate Pistachio Indulgence

Besides these 2 new flavours, there are 3 other flavours to indulge: Lotus Paste with Sunflower Seeds, Black Sesame Paste and the Yam Paste.

Black Sesame Paste Snow Skin Mooncake

Lotus Paste with Sunflower Seeds Snow Skin Mooncake

Yam Paste Snow Skin Mooncake


At Toh Yuen, there are 6 traditionally baked mooncakes available. My favourites are the white lotus with and without salted egg yolk, the mixed nuts and the green tea with pistachios. Each golden-baked mooncake is priced at RM25 nett and RM108 nett for a box of 4. Certain banks are offering discounts for credit card purchases and for bulk purchases, the hotel does offer some volume discounts as well.


To celebrate the festival, Chef Ric Teoh of Toh Yuen has curated a 6-course special “Mid Autumn Reunion Set” priced at RM1,388 nett for a table of 10 persons. Here’s what the meal is going to be like…

Special 5 Deluxe Platter of Mixed Barbecue Combination

Double-boiled Soup with Mushrooms, Fish Maw & Dried Scallops

Duo Platter of Wok-fried Prawns with Red Wine Sauce and Wok-fried Fish Fillets with XO Sauce

Stuffed Sea Cucumbers with Brown Sauce & Seasonal Vegetables

Fried Vermicelli with Eggs, Seafood & Mushrooms

Crystal Osmanthus Jelly


Chef Ric Teoh


For bookings and enquiries, please call 03-7955-9122 ext.4073/4.
For the latest F&B promotions, do visit Hilton PJ’s F&B blog, www.ZestPJ.com



TOH YUEN Chinese Restaurant
Hilton Petaling Jaya
No.2 Jalan Barat
Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-7955-9122

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When I visited Beijing a few years back, I tasted a wide range of different cuisines in that great city. In Beijing, one can have food from all the different provinces in China and each region’s cuisine is unique in its own way. Sichuan, Henan, Shanxi, Fujian, Shandong – and of course Guangdong – these are just some of the bigger provinces in China. Among all, Cantonese cuisine (from Guangdong) was my favourite so when I heard that a Beijing chef would be in Hilton Petaling Jaya to cook up some fine Cantonese fares, I couldn’t wait to head there.

From 21-30 April 2017 (yes, only a few days left!), Chef Vincent Zhang will be delighting diners with some traditional yet modern Cantonese dishes with some Beijing flair at Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant. Hailing from Hilton Beijing, Chef Zhang, with more than 15 years’ culinary experience, is all set to introduce his signature fine Cantonese dishes. Using only the freshest ingredients and prepared with great enthusiasm, the repertoire of traditional and contemporary dishes were uniquely delicious.

As in any meal in China, there are the cold and warm dishes to be served. The cold dishes were refreshing and pleasing on the palate and I liked every one of them!

Despite its name, the Bitter Melon Salad served on crushed ice was not bitter at all as the thin slices of bitter melon had been infused with fresh guava juice. They were sweet and crisp to the bite.

I loved the piquant plump jellyfish tossed in aged vinegar and ginger dressing – truly my favourite appetizer for the meal. The cold poached chicken was also good although a tad oily from the spicy sauce. Fancy dining on a 300-year-old recipe in the form of Marinated Chinese Cabbage with mustard? The rolled cabbage leaves were interesting (in a tasty way) and the mustard was mellow, blending well with the cabbage.

Juice Infused Bitter Melon Salad

Jellyfish Flowers in Aged Vinegar & Ginger Dressing

Poached Chicken with Spicy Sauce

Marinated Chinese Cabbage with Mustard


To warm up the stomach before the mains arrived, I had two delicious nourishing soups…

Double-boiled Black Chicken Soup with American Ginseng, Goji Berries & Red Dates

“Surfing” Slices of Whole Live Abalone with Konbu in Superior Broth

Well, what can I say? The Cantonese people are really good with soups!

Chef Zhang’s skills and talent were put to the test in showcasing his signature main dishes. Lots of prep work went into getting the ingredients marinated properly to ensure the dishes turn out right. Before pan-frying his Beijing Famous Cod Fish, the fillet was marinated overnight with onions, celery and carrots. The mustard mayo complemented the fried fish beautifully.

Beijing Famous Pan-fried Cod Fish with Mustard Mayo

The next dish, Wok-fried Beef Fillet with Golden Garlic is a signature dish in Hilton Beijing and I could understand why. The bite-sized beef were crispy on the outside and deliciously tender inside – perfect when eaten with the garlic crisps.

Wok-fried Beef Fillet with Golden Garlic

The golden Roast Chicken with Salt & Pepper was a delight to the eyes and stomach! Well marinated with a concoction of the chef’s special spices, I didn’t need any chilli sauce to enjoy the tasty chicken.

Crispy Roast Chicken with Salt & Pepper

Chef Zhang makes his own tofu and the serving we had was a nicely executed block of smooth eggy beancurd. It’s topped with blended spinach, crowned with pan-fried foie grass mixed with scallops and doused with a fragrant mushroom sauce. I could eat this every day!

Home-made Beancurd with Pan-fried Foie Gras, Scallops & Mushroom Sauce

Wok-fried Prawns with Asparagus, Pumpkin & Lily Bulbs

Cantonese Stir-fried Chicken with Special Trio Sauce


Desserts were smooth blended Hot Green Beans & Mandarin Skin Broth and Snow Pear with Red Dates & Sweet White Fungus.


This promotion is until 30 April 2017 so do check it out soon if you are a fan of Cantonese cuisine cooked with some Beijing flair.

Guest Chef Vincent Zhang from Hilton Beijing

For reservations, please call +603-7955-9122 ext. 4073/74.


TOH YUEN Chinese Restaurant
Hilton Petaling Jaya
2 Jalan Barat
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-7955-9122

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Sakura Spring Blossoms Food Festival at GENJI, Hilton Petaling Jaya

It’s springtime in Japan now and it’s the season of sakura and hanami in the Land of the Rising Sun. If you are in Japan during this season, you’d be blown away by the glorious sights of sakura blooms in parks and gardens. But if you can’t be there, no worries. If you can’t get to the sakura, let the sakura come to you! That is exactly what is happening at Genji now.

Sakura blossoms air-flown all the way from Japan!

Spring is when new life sprouts from Mother Nature and some of the special items specially flown in during this period are seasonal fresh ingredients like sea bream, shellfish and the unique rape blossoms. The delicate little yellow blooms of the rape blossoms have a light spongey texture and leave a hint of bitter after-taste, which I find very interesting and inimitably tasty.

Fresh crisp Rape Blossoms

Chef Richard Teoh used the rape blossoms in 3 of his sakura dishes. Blanched stems of the blossoms were used in the Maguro Nano Hana Nutta Ae pairing them with chunks of succulent red tuna with miso sauce.

Maguro Nano Hana Nutta Ae (RM39)

Rape blossoms were also used creatively in Chef Richard’s teppanyaki and tempura dishes. In the Wagyu Beef Nano Hana Maki, thinly-sliced beef were rolled with the stems of the rape flowers. The sweet juiciness of the premium beef paired well and masked the light bitter tang of the rape blossoms.

Wagyu Beef Nano Hana Maki (RM120)

The lightness of the tempura batter helped to retain the freshness of the flower buds and I loved how fresh they tasted. The Nano Hana Tempura is a must-order for all tempura lovers!

Nano Hana Tempura (RM45)


Sea breams and clams are at their best during spring and these are freshly flown in from Japan. Leveraging on the fresh harvest, Chef Richard showcased them in the Tai Usuzukuri where thin slices of sea bream fillets are arranged prettily on a plate and a dash of ponzu sauce is all that’s needed to savour the sweet marine flavour of the fish.

Tai Usuzukuri (RM130)


I absolutely adored the simple preparation of Hamaguri Jiru with plump clams bobbing in the heart-warming miso soup. The fresh clams imparted their distinctive sweet flavour to the piping-hot broth and every spoonful was a delight to the palate.

Hamaguri Jiru (RM28)

Spring is also the time to sprout new ideas and Chef Richard has created several new dishes to the menu. You may say sashimi is still just sashimi – fresh raw fish. However, with spring in the air, seasonal species are readily available, like kanpachi, tai, hokkigai and these made up a spectacular platter. Sashimi platters are served according to desired portion size, so pricing is flexible.

Sashimi Moriawase Tokujyo (RM380) – the premium set has everything that will make sashimi lovers salivate!


How about some Unagi Chawan Mushi? Thick fat slabs of roasted unagi sitting on top of wobbly smooth egg custard – that’s something really worth digging in and savoured slowly!

Unagi Chawan Mushi (RM28)


Did you say you love unagi? Well, check out Chef Richard’s creative Unagi Avocado Ura Maki, a reversed roll with thick pieces of grilled eel topped with avocado and shaped beautifully into a dragon!

Unagi Avocado Ura Maki (RM72)


Besides meaty teppanyaki, do try the Kue To Enoki Teppanyaki which is grilled garouper with enoki mushrooms topped with yakiniku sauce. It’s a hearty portion and if so desired, have some plain rice to go with this – it’s bound to satisfy.

Kue To ENoki Teppanyaki (RM85)


The Sakura Spring Blossoms Food Fest is available till end March 2017 while the new dishes are already on the menu. Go celebrate!

Hilton Petaling Jaya
2 Jalan Barat
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7955-9122

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In preparation for the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities, Master Chef Rick Teoh and his team have curated 3 special festive menus for the celebrations.  The specially crafted pork-free Cantonese dishes form the 3 celebratory menus which are priced from RM1,888 nett for the Everlasting Happiness set,  RM2,188 nett (Luck & Joyfulness)  and RM2,688 Nett for the Sea of Prosperity set. Each set serves 10 persons.


In line with tradition, the auspicious festive menus begin with Yee Sang, the Chinese New Year must-have prosperity salad. Toh Yuen’s Prosperity signature dishes include the Salmon Yee Sang. Besides this, a variety of options are available, including Jelly Fish, Abalone & Snow Pear Yee Sang. Take away Yee Sang is also available.


Recently, we had a preview of some of Toh Yuen’s signature dishes picked from the 3 festive menus.  Quality of ingredients was top-notch and flavours well balanced.  Our favourites were the sweet flavoursome Canadian codfish steamed perfectly and the delicious thick broth full of premium seafood.  Not to be outdone were the combo of prawns we had… the fresh and bouncy textures met with approval all round.



Prosperity Yee Sang with Fresh Salmon, Hokkigai & Top Shell Abalone


Superior Broth with Bamboo Pith, Sea Cucumber, Fish Lips, Egg White and Crabmeat


Braised Dried Oysters with Sea Moss & Hong Kong Bok Choy


Steamed Canadian Codfish with Orange Peel & Julienned Ginger




Wok-fried Tiger Prawns with Oriental Sauce & White Prawns with Mango & Mayonnaise Sauce


Hong Kong-style Glutinous Rice with Dried Oysters Wrapped in Lotus Leaf


Crispy-fried Nian Gao & Chilled Creamy Yam Puree with Vanilla Ice-cream


Other highlights of the menus include Steamed Salted Chicken with Celery and Ginger, Crispy Aromatic Duck with Chinese Crullers, Braised Shell Abalone, Mushrooms, Dried Oysters with Sea Moss and more. Vegetarian options are available upon special request.

The festive dinner and lunch sets are available from 9 January -17 February 2017. Toh Yuen Restaurant remains open on the Eve of Chinese New Year and throughout the 15-day celebration.  It is open for lunch from  12pm -2.30pm and for dinner from 7pm-10.30pm.

For reservations, please call +60 3 7955 9122 extension 4073 or visit www.zestpj.com


Hilton Petaling Jaya
Jalan Barat
Petaling Jaya
Tel:  03-7955-9122

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From now until 11 September 2016, seafood lovers will get to taste the freshest seafood prepared and cooked to a special menu by guest Chef Tetsuya Yanagida in Genji Japanese Restaurant at the Petaling Jaya Hilton.  The “Seafood Showcase with Chef Yanagida” promotion runs is available for lunch & dinner and you can dine on exquisite seafood dishes available from RM50 nett.


Chef Yanagida is also a consultant for the IKEJIME fish project, in collaboration with GST Fine Foods Sdn Bhd, an advocate and promoter of sustainable seafood.  IKEJIMA is a special method of preparing and cleaning live fish to sustain their freshness longer. Chef Yanagida explains the Ikejime process of bleeding out the fish and removing the nerves to deplete bacteria thus rendering the fish safe to be consumed as sashimi-grade. The platter of Assorted Sashimi we had consisted of fine pieces of the freshest and sweetest Ikejime Grouper and Red Snapper.


Assorted Sashimi – Ikejime Grouper and Red Snapper


Chef Yanagida stressed that only authentic and specific seafood will result in flavourful dishes and for this reason, the produce are supplied daily to Genji.  As a sustainable seafood supplier, GST Fine Foods is responsible in supplying products with the utmost quality.  The next few dishes from Chef Yanagida showcased the freshness and premium quality of the seafood items.


The Seafood Mushini Hot Pot features grouper, red snapper, abalone, mussels, scallops and mushrooms in a flavourful sweet broth.

abalone scallops

Seafood Mushini Hot Pot – Ikejime Grouper, Red Snapper, Abalone, Scallops, Mussels and Mushrooms

fish roll spr onion

Prime Ikejime Fish Roll with Spring Onions & Chinese Coriander

Other favorites include the Prime fish roll with spring onion and Chinese coriander, Deep-fried Grouper with ginger flavoured Tabasco Nazu, Grouper tempura and the seafood medley of red snapper, abalone, scallops and mussels teppanyaki

deepfried ikejime grouper

Deep-fried Ikejime Grouper with Ginger flavoured Tabasco Nazu

teppanyaki seafood

Ikejime Red Snapper, Abalones, Scallops & Mussels Teppanyaki

Chef Yanagida uses minimal ingredients in his dishes to ensure the protein on the plate, the seafood, remains the main star of the dish.  Chef Yanagida’s seafood galore menu features a premium set of seafood delights including an appetizer, Chawan Mushi, Seafood Mushini Hot Pot, Ikejime fish head miso soup and dessert which is priced at RM 168 nett.

battered shishamo

Tempura Shishamo

Chef Yanagida was born in 1973 and has always been a passionate cook. With more than 24 years experience in the culinary scene and having worked across Japan and now Malaysia, his creativity and innovation in Japanese cuisine is unparalleled. He was the recipient of the Japanese Prime Minister Award for Japanese Cuisine Chefs and Occupational Certification as well as the honor of being a licensed Fugu handler (blowfish) who is certified to prepare and sell the poisonous fish.

CHEF Collage

Prior to being the IKEJIME fish project consultant, Chef Yanagida has worked as Head Chef in many renowned Japanese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and has been responsible for these restaurants openings as well.

Partnering with Genji’s Head Chef Richard Teoh, Chef Yanagida is all set to cook up a delicious storm to satisfy the most discerning taste buds.  You can be assured that there will be some masterful twists in their presentation in showcasing the best seafood around! So, hurry on over to Genji before the promotion ends after 11 September 2016.

For reservations, please call +60 3 7955 9122 ext. 4071/72 or visit www.zestpj.com.


Hilton Petaling Jaya
2 Jalan Barat
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-7955-9122



When I was a kid growing up in a village in Ipoh, the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese lunar calendar was always an exciting day.  That’s when everyone in the village celebrated the “Mooncakes Festival” and “pai yuet kong” (“praying to the moon” in Cantonese) was the finale of the night.  But of course, the prayers thing was something done by the adults and we kids were just interested in the lantern activities for the day.  Yes, those traditional lanterns in all shapes and sizes of animals (mainly) or boats or aeroplanes (but my favourite was the starfruit-shaped one!) made from multi-coloured cellophane sheets glued to bamboo sticks.  Puny (because they broke all the time) real candles were lit inside those lanterns (none of the battery-operated ones during those days) and then everyone would move in a line for the “lantern parade” through the dusty narrow roads in the village.  There would always be some wailing when someone’s lantern caught fire and after that exhilarating parade, we’d head back to wolf down the mooncakes and other goodies on the moon-prayers table.


baked mooncake


Mooncakes – the must-have item for the Mid-Autumn Celebration (aka Mooncakes Festival).  These days, most people buy these as gifts for relatives & friends, more than for personal consumption really.  Every year, restaurants and bakeries try to outdo each other by coming up with new and unique flavours and fillings.  Personally, I tend to stick to the traditional ones with lotus paste, red bean paste or mixed nuts.


The pastry chefs at Toh Yuen, Hilton Petaling Jaya seem to share my preference and that’s why the range of traditional baked mooncakes this year comprises mainly those with white lotus paste, red bean paste and pandan paste with or without salted egg yolks.  My favourite “Mixed Five Nuts” is also in the line-up.


The Snow Skin range offers lotus paste with sunflower seeds, yam paste, green tea paste with red bean, black sesame paste and their “special” this year is the Chocolate Pistachio Indulgence.

blk sesame

Snow Skin Black Sesame Paste

green tea

Snow Skin Green Tea


Snow Skin Yam Paste

lotus paste

Snow Skin Lotus Paste


The Traditional Baked Mooncakes are priced at RM23-RM25 each while the Snow Skin ones are at RM18 each except for the Chocolate Pistachio Indulgence which is at RM22 per piece.

lotus yolk

Lotus Paste with Single Egg Yolk

pandan lotus

Green Tea with Pistachios

lotus plain

White Lotus Paste

red bean

Red Bean Paste with Almond Flakes

pandan lotus yolk

Pandan Paste with Single Yolk

mixed nuts

My favourite Mixed Five Nuts!

The mooncakes are on sale in the restaurant until 15 September 2016 – the actual date for this year’s Mid Autumn Festival.  If you are thinking of buying in bulk, then you can get the following discounts:

  • 10% discount for 50 boxes & above
  • 15% discount for 100 boxes & above



Toh Yuen Restaurant is also offering 2 special Mid Autumn Reunion Sets at RM1,188 net per table for 10 pax.  After all, a festival is always a time of celebration and in our Malaysian context, that calls for a good feast with loved ones.

We sampled some dishes from the special meal sets, so you can expect dishes like these to grace your festive table at Toh Yuen…


Special Four Season Deluxe Barbeque Combination





Double-boiled Fresh Ginseng with Black Chicken & Glutinous Rice


Teochew-style Steamed Garoupa Fillets with Hong Kong beancurd skin

panfried chicken

Pan-fried Chicken topped with Salted Egg & Barbeque Sauce

stuffed sea cucumber

Stuffed Sea Cucumber with Shrimp Paste & Mushrooms

lotus roots

Lotus Roots & Fresh Lily Bulbs with Prawns



Braised Misua with Shredded Chicken & Mushrooms

chilled almond

Chilled Almond with White Fungus & Lotus Seeds


For reservations, please call +603-7955-9122 ext.4073/74 or visit www.ZestPJ.com


Hilton Petaling Jaya
Jalan Barat
Petaling Jaya
Tel:  +603-7955-9122

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TOP 10 PICKS IN GENJI @ Hilton Petaling Jaya

Genji Japanese Restaurant at the Hilton Petaling Jaya has been around for a long time and is a firm favourite with many PJ residents.  Over the years, it has gone through several changes or facelifts, to move with the times.  Its latest makeover has resulted in a deco theme that’s classically contemporary with extra privacy for diners by creating separate sections in the restaurant.  The sections include the sushi bar, main restaurant, two spacious teppanyaki counters and five private dining rooms and one ‘tatami’ style dining room.


Chef Richard Teoh

From feedback given by its regular customers, there’s a list of favourites drawn up and some of these also happen to be the top picks of Genji’s Executive Japanese Chef, Chef Richard Teoh.  Chef Richard’s “traditional modern” offerings continue to titillate lovers of Japanese food in this short-listed variety of crowd pleasers.

I’m sure you have your favourites too but let’s see whether you agree with these TOP 10 PICKS of Genji…


California Salad

Salads and soups are always good starters and in Genji, their refreshing and delicious California Salad (RM 41) always gets top marks. You could say that this salad is the deconstructed version of the famed California Roll – with garden greens, salmon, tuna, avocado, deep fried crab sticks as garnish and flying fish roe topped with a tangy-spicy wasabi mayo dressing.


Buri Miso

The Buri Miso (RM33) is yellowtail fish head in Miso soup. Full of umami goodness, this nutritious soup is not only delicious, it’s good for the body thanks to the beneficial bacteria from the fermented miso.


Sashimi Moriwase Hane

For me, a Japanese meal is never complete without sashimi and sushi.  My favourite is always a platter of assorted air-flown freshly-prepared Sushi and Sashimi items – the Sashimi Moriwase Hane (RM233) is just perfect. The salmon, tuna ,kampachi and seabream are a delightful mix of tastes and textures.


Jumbo Ebi Ura Maki

The Jumbo Ebi Ura Maki ( RM 76) is a generous-sized reversed hand roll with tiger prawn tempura, caviar, salad and cucumber. I can have this on its own and be perfectly satiated!


I can’t say enough about Chef Richard’s Kaki Chili Mayo (RM17.00 per piece). It’s a huge fresh oyster baked with spicy mayo and given a localized kick with Chef Richard’s special ingredient –  green cili padi (bird’s eye chili).


Kaki Chilli Mayo


There’s a prawn version as well – the Ebi Chili Mayo (RM70) using jumbo tiger prawn baked with the spicy mayo sauce. I love both.


Ebi Chilli Mayo


If you are not in the mood to make too many decisions, just go for the Trio Combo (RM140). It will have you covered nicely by the combination of rolled salmon, tuna & sea bass sashimi avocado, grilled cod with salt on potato salad & baked tiger prawn with spicy mayo on garlic fried rice.


Trio Combo


Rolled salmon, tuna & seabass sashimi in avocado


Grilled Cod with salt on potato salad


Garlic fried rice with baked tiger prawn in spicy mayo

The Gindara (RM82) – grilled black cod served with salt or teriyaki sauce which is both light and healthy is another popular item in Genji.



In Genji, the best selling Teppanyaki dish is the Beef Tenderloin (RM84). Although a tad over-cooked with creamy garlic-butter sauce, the juicy smoky taste was enticing.  Just be sure to remind the staff on your preferred done-ness of the beef.


Teppanyaki Beef Tenderloin

Most Japanese desserts aren’t terribly exciting – invariably matcha/goma ice-cream and mochi would be the staples.  In Genji, there’s a wee bit of variation, in the sense that you get a hot and cold combo in one plate: Banana Spring Roll (RM33) served with a mochi, matcha ice-cream topped with some azuki bean paste.


Banana Spring Roll

Besides the above a la carte dishes, Genji’s scrumptious Weekend Japanese Buffet is a great hit.  The prices are:

Saturday Buffet Dinner
RM127 nett per adult (6.00pm to 7.45pm)
RM139 nett per adult (8.00pm to 10.30pm)

Sunday Buffet Lunch (11.30am to 2.30pm)
RM139 nett per adult
Half-price for kids (5-11 years old)

For reservations or inquiries, please contact Genji Japanese Restaurant at 03-7955 9122 extn. 4071/4072 or visit Hilton Petaling Jaya’s F&B blog, www.ZestPJ.com for the latest F&B and entertainment promotions.


Hilton Petaling Jaya
No.2 Jalan Barat
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7955-9122

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