Mid-Autumn Mooncakes at DYNASTY RESTAURANT, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

The Mid-Autumn Festival is less than a month away and mooncakes are on sale everywhere now!  So where do you get your mooncakes?  I mean, there are just so many to choose from.  At the malls, there are so many kiosks set up to sell these delicacies – so which is your favourite?  Recently I tried some of the mooncakes at Dynasty Restaurant at the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel and they do have a pretty good selection.

The pork-free Dynasty Restaurant has started selling its mooncakes since 29 August 2017 and will be available till 4 October 2017.  The good old traditional favourites made with lotus paste and salted egg yolks are listed, together with redbean paste and the popular assorted nuts.  For the lotus paste option, you can also have the low-sugar white lotus paste or the pandan-infused variety.  New flavours for the baked mooncakes are the Red Pitaya Lotus Paste with Mango (very light & refreshing!).

Red Pitaya Lotus Paste with Mango

Bamboo Charcoal Green Tea with Black Sesame

For the snowskins, this year’s new flavours include the Honey Lotus Paste with Chocolate, Yam Paste with single egg yolk, Alisan Tea Paste with green tea as well as the Chinese Chestnut Paste with egg yolk.

Snowskin Alisan Tea Paste with Green Tea

Snowskin Honey Lotus Paste with Chocolate

Snowskin Yam Paste with Single Egg Yolk

Snowskin Durian Paste

If you are thinking of getting some of these for your loved ones, the mooncakes are packaged in Dynasty’s signature boxes of any choice of pieces of traditional mooncakes, 6 pieces baked mini mooncakes or 6 pieces mini snowskin.  Prices start from RM18 per piece.

Dynasty’s mooncakes are on sale at the hotel as well as at Mid Valley Megamall until 4 October 2017.

Discounts & Specials:

  • Free delivery to one (1) location (within 5km radius of Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel) for purchase of 20 boxes and above.  Additional charges apply for locations outside 5km radius.
  • All pre-paid orders of minimum 10 boxes before 16 September 2017 for pick-up between 14 September to 4 October will receive a 25% discount.
  • Selected credit card discounts apply.


Besides checking out their mooncakes, we also couldn’t resist Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin’s Signature Peking Duck which is currently priced at RM60.60 nett per bird.  This promotion ends by 30 September 2017 and it’s a fowl worth going for.  The golden crispy skin was glossy and tasty thanks to the meticulous roasting process which took almost an hour to slowly infuse the smoky aroma into the meat.

The Signature Peking Duck is carved at table side.  The sliced skin is served with house-made pancake together with scallions, cucumber, carrots  plum sauce.  The meat is then cooked according to the diner’s choice.  We had ours stir-fried with ginger and spring onions.

Meat from the Peking Duck, stir-fried with ginger and spring onions – really good!

Monggolian Lamb Chops – deep-fried tasty chops with a creamy tangy sauce bursting with bold flavours – a definite best-seller at the restaurant

Dynasty’s Special Fried Rice – fragrant eggy fried rice served on a pool of gravy with dried scallops and mixed vegetables… something different from the usual fried rice!


For reservation, please call 03-2771-6692 or email:



Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel
Corner of Japan Sultan Ismail
& Jalan Ampang
40450 Kuala Lumpur

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When I was a kid growing up in a village in Ipoh, the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese lunar calendar was always an exciting day.  That’s when everyone in the village celebrated the “Mooncakes Festival” and “pai yuet kong” (“praying to the moon” in Cantonese) was the finale of the night.  But of course, the prayers thing was something done by the adults and we kids were just interested in the lantern activities for the day.  Yes, those traditional lanterns in all shapes and sizes of animals (mainly) or boats or aeroplanes (but my favourite was the starfruit-shaped one!) made from multi-coloured cellophane sheets glued to bamboo sticks.  Puny (because they broke all the time) real candles were lit inside those lanterns (none of the battery-operated ones during those days) and then everyone would move in a line for the “lantern parade” through the dusty narrow roads in the village.  There would always be some wailing when someone’s lantern caught fire and after that exhilarating parade, we’d head back to wolf down the mooncakes and other goodies on the moon-prayers table.


baked mooncake


Mooncakes – the must-have item for the Mid-Autumn Celebration (aka Mooncakes Festival).  These days, most people buy these as gifts for relatives & friends, more than for personal consumption really.  Every year, restaurants and bakeries try to outdo each other by coming up with new and unique flavours and fillings.  Personally, I tend to stick to the traditional ones with lotus paste, red bean paste or mixed nuts.


The pastry chefs at Toh Yuen, Hilton Petaling Jaya seem to share my preference and that’s why the range of traditional baked mooncakes this year comprises mainly those with white lotus paste, red bean paste and pandan paste with or without salted egg yolks.  My favourite “Mixed Five Nuts” is also in the line-up.


The Snow Skin range offers lotus paste with sunflower seeds, yam paste, green tea paste with red bean, black sesame paste and their “special” this year is the Chocolate Pistachio Indulgence.

blk sesame

Snow Skin Black Sesame Paste

green tea

Snow Skin Green Tea


Snow Skin Yam Paste

lotus paste

Snow Skin Lotus Paste


The Traditional Baked Mooncakes are priced at RM23-RM25 each while the Snow Skin ones are at RM18 each except for the Chocolate Pistachio Indulgence which is at RM22 per piece.

lotus yolk

Lotus Paste with Single Egg Yolk

pandan lotus

Green Tea with Pistachios

lotus plain

White Lotus Paste

red bean

Red Bean Paste with Almond Flakes

pandan lotus yolk

Pandan Paste with Single Yolk

mixed nuts

My favourite Mixed Five Nuts!

The mooncakes are on sale in the restaurant until 15 September 2016 – the actual date for this year’s Mid Autumn Festival.  If you are thinking of buying in bulk, then you can get the following discounts:

  • 10% discount for 50 boxes & above
  • 15% discount for 100 boxes & above



Toh Yuen Restaurant is also offering 2 special Mid Autumn Reunion Sets at RM1,188 net per table for 10 pax.  After all, a festival is always a time of celebration and in our Malaysian context, that calls for a good feast with loved ones.

We sampled some dishes from the special meal sets, so you can expect dishes like these to grace your festive table at Toh Yuen…


Special Four Season Deluxe Barbeque Combination





Double-boiled Fresh Ginseng with Black Chicken & Glutinous Rice


Teochew-style Steamed Garoupa Fillets with Hong Kong beancurd skin

panfried chicken

Pan-fried Chicken topped with Salted Egg & Barbeque Sauce

stuffed sea cucumber

Stuffed Sea Cucumber with Shrimp Paste & Mushrooms

lotus roots

Lotus Roots & Fresh Lily Bulbs with Prawns



Braised Misua with Shredded Chicken & Mushrooms

chilled almond

Chilled Almond with White Fungus & Lotus Seeds


For reservations, please call +603-7955-9122 ext.4073/74 or visit www.ZestPJ.com


Hilton Petaling Jaya
Jalan Barat
Petaling Jaya
Tel:  +603-7955-9122

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