Indulge in HANA DINING’s WEEKEND BUFFET @ Sunway Pyramid!

I’m not a fan of buffets, unless they are of the Japanese cuisine type.  I’m sure many of you share the same sentiments – a Japanese buffet can be rather hard to resist!  Now there’s another reason to stuff our faces because Hana Dining lays out a sumptuous spread come Saturday and Sunday.

Yes, the weekend is just the perfect time to round up some Japanese food lovers in your circle and head out to Hana Dining in Sunway Pyramid.  The buffet is available for both lunch and dinner at:

Lunch:  11.30am-3.00pm @ RM69 per person
Dinner:  6.30pm -10.30pm @ RM79 per person

Senior citizens get a discount of 20% (age 60 and above, show ID)
Kids, based on their height:
Below 90cm         Free
91-130cm               Half Price
Above 130cm        Full Price


There are more than 80 items on the buffet menu and for the price paid, you even get a once-only serving of fresh Pacific Oysters (2 pieces per person) and one serving of their House Special Dish for the day.


Are drinks included?  Oh yes!  Take your pick from green tea, iced Lemon tea, Americano coffee, latte, cappuccino and hot/cold chocolate!

Now, just to give you an idea of what’s on the eat-all-you-can menu, check these out…

Sashimi – good selections of salmon, tuna, butterfish, amberjack (kampachi) & octopus

Sushi – Salmon Aburi

Maki – Cheese Maki


The “appetisers” selection is wide and varied.  Honestly, to me every dish seemed to be an appetiser – maybe because they are served in manageable dainty portions.  I tried to try almost every dish in the various categories but failed, simply because there was so many items to choose from!  So we just zoomed in to our favourites…

Makimono – Appetisers

Seafood Skewers with Shisho Sauce

Roasted Miso Cod Fish

Olic Tuna – so good that we had repeated servings!

Softshell Crab Tapas

Temaki – Handrolls

Flounder Fin (Engawa), California, Prawn Tempura (Ebiten)



Salmon Head

Chicken & Leek Skewer

Shishamo – perfectly grilled!

Mussels Mentai Mayo



Ikura Chawan Mushi



Prawns and Scallops

Tofu Omelette – don’t miss this!



Beef Sukiyaki



Scallop Karaage


Noodles, Rice Bowls

Australian Beef Soba

Egg Mentaiko Rice Bowl



Besides the usual Ice Cream with matcha and goma flavours and tofu cheesecake, my favourite is the Raindrop Jelly.  I must have eaten 4 pieces of this wobbly clear jelly showered with green bean powder,  It’s just so so good – coming from a jelly lover, of course!

Ice Cream – matcha? goma?

Raindrop Jelly


So, get on the phone and dial:  03-5624-0888 to make your reservation for the coming weekends!


OB2.G.U1 Oasis Boulevard
Ground Floor
Sunway Pyramid
3 Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway
47500 Selangor

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When Chef Thomas Lim puts on his creativity cap, you can be sure wondrous things are going to happen. Read about my earlier write-up on the Sake Pairing in Hana Dining & Sake Bar – something which is held quite often there. Helming the kitchen of Hana since it opened a year ago, the good chef felt it’s about time to revamp the menu. The popular favourites are retained, naturally and the new creations hold pride of place in the brand new stylish menu. The hardcover-bound menu with shiney side clasps is a treasure trove of gorgeous-looking dishes created by Chef Lim.

New tapas items that caught our attention were…

tenshi ebi1

tenshi ebi

Tenshi Ebi (RM30) – fresh angel prawns (amaebi) were rolled with celery marinated with sushi rice vinegar, mushrooms and perilla leaves. At first glance, the beautiful almost-transparent amaebi looked like diaphanous dragaonflies perched on the plate! Loved the taste and loved the presentation.

daikon fg

daikon foie gras

Daikon Foie Gras (RM39) – cuts of seared foie gras sitting on marinated winter radish made a delightful entrance. The sultry sweetish daikon were a result of careful simmering and subsequent steaming with soya sauce, sweet vinegar and sake. No wonder the velvety textures partnered perfectly with the decadent foie!


Hotate Uni Toryufu (RM36) – It’s a magnificent package of Hokkaido scallops topped with sea urchin, salmon roe and truffle, bordering on evil. Evil – because, how can so many topnotch ingredients be bundled into one mouthful?? Our dilemma was: should we swallow the whole bundle in one go? And if we did, how could our palate differentiate between the wonderful flavours of the hotate, uni, ikura and truffle?? It would be sacrilegious!


We felt each item should have its moment and place of pride in our mouths and so this was what we did: we popped each item separately into our mouths! We think that’s not how it’s meant to be handled but we just had to do justice to each of the ingredients. Sorry, Chef Lim – we’re not complaining but maybe you shouldn’t place too many diamonds in one setting?


We had to have a sashimi dish and so Chef Lim served us these glossy succulent slivers of Tai Sashimi (sea bream). Note: must order this again!

gyu tataki


Gyu Tataki (RM30) – seared Australian beef with citrus-based soy sauce with elements of garlic, black pepper and sweet vinegar. Personally, we prefer our beef to shine on its own natural merit and as such, we felt the sauce was a bit overwhelming.


Tori Yasai Mushiyaki (RM15) steamed & grilled chicken rolled with vegetables into a roulade & served with tartare dressing. Not exactly our favourite but it’s good if you are partial to lighter, healthier flavours and it has a definite western slant to it.


Sashimi Salad (RM28) – with kani (crabmeat). Can’t go wrong with fresh sashimi and crisp vegetables and this is something we’d enjoy in every meal.

chawan m

Now, the Hokkaido Chawan Mushi smothered with snowcrab meat, salmon roe, prawn and scallop was da bomb! It’s the mother of all chawan mushis, I tell you. Please go and whack this secukup-cukup before they raised the price of this dish because, honestly, at RM15, it’s a real steal! I mean, just look at those premium stuff crowding the bowl!!

chawan mushi

The Aburi Anago Maki (RM60) is one of Hana’s bestseller. It’s a huge maki rolled with salmon belly and crabmeat topped with generous slivers of sweet sea conger eel. If you have to order one maki roll in Hana, this better be it.

anago roll

anago maki

We tried 2 tofu items from the new menu…

nameko tofu

Nameko Agedashi Tofu (RM9) – with mushrooms and fried prawn

pumpkin tofu

Age Kabocha Tofu (RM8) – deep-fried pumpkin tofu with gingko

Of the two, we prefer the lighter clear flavours of the Nameko Agedashi Tofu. There wasn’t any real need for the fried prawn though, the umami flavours of the mushrooms, seaweed and miso broth would have been more than sufficient.

Kushiyaki is immensely popular at the bar and of course it’s also served in the dining section. We tried the Kushiyaki Moriawase (RM35) – a platted of 6 assorted skewers:


Tsukune – grilled minced chicken & cartilage with Okra in the background

Negima – grilled chicken & leek

Sasami Ume-shiso – grilled chicken breast fillet with pickled plum & shiso with Shitake next to it

Wagyu Karubi – grilled Wagyu shortrib


This udon with prawn & squid in thick creamy sesame sauce was not in the menu yet

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to make too many decisions, there are also bento sets in Hana. Generally, we felt the prices are very reasonable, good value-for-money and portions are generous. Take this Soba & Tendon Set, for example… look, all these for RM35!

bento set



For Desserts, there’s a good selection of artisanal ice-cream (we loved the XO Cranberry with real XO, ok!) and Chef Lim’s Tofu Cheesecake (RM10) which was a dreamy smooth concoction of cheese, tofu and yoghurt.

tofu cheesecake

Chef Lim’s homemade Tofu Cheesecake

durian icecream

Goma Ice Cream (RM7)

matcha icecream
Matcha Ice Cream (RM7)

We definitely know what we are going to order again at Hana!



OB2.G.U1 Oasis Boulevard
Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid
3 Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway
47500 Selangor
Tel: 03-5624-0888

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Sake Pairing at HANA DINING SAKE BAR, Sunway Pyramid

Sake is the national beverage of Japan and historically, it was commonly served during traditional occasions or ceremonies. Nowadays, sake drinking has taken on a more social twist where it is widely served in Japanese restaurants and bars. Sake is a Japanese rice wine brewed from polished rice through a process called multiple parallel fermentation.


Just like it is common to pair wine with different food, the diverse flavours of different sakes work well with different food. We found this out in a recent Sake & Food Pairing at Hana Dining Sake Bar. Hana is a relatively new eatery in Sunway Pyramid, having just opened about five months ago.

bar seats

bar direct

With two outlets already in Taiwan, Hana expanded their Japanese fusion cuisine enterprise to Sunway recently. Their a la carte menu is extensive, serving a mixture of traditional and fusionistic Japanese favourites.


We had 4 sakes up for food pairing that day. For each sake, several suitable dishes were prepared for the pairing.

EDDIE Collage

Eddie Beh, the passionate CEO of Hana Dining Sake Bar gave us valuable insights in the appreciation of sake


While waiting for the main event, we snacked on Hana’s signature Fried Burdock Salad with Honey Mustard dressing. The thin burdock crisps were really addictive.


Fried Burdock Salad

1st sake

First on the list was the premium Josen HuaJiuZhang Junmai Daiginjo (RM290/bottle) from Niigata prefecture. This sake is custom-made for Hana by Shirataki Brewery. With an alcohol content of 15.5%, its light dry full flavours were perfect with seafood. I liked how the rounded acidity of this junmai daiginjo spreaded out the rich oiliness of the maguro, tuna and fatty flounder of the pairing dishes.


Maguro Tataki

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChef’s Olic (a mixture of olive and garlic) Tuna Marinade


Engawa Nigiri – roasted flounder

Drunk chilled, this sake tasted well-balanced, especially when its flavours were rinsed on the palate before and after the fish pieces.

In fact, all the sakes were drunk chilled, at about 10 degrees. Good sake should always be drunk chilled, not cold or warm. Only sakes which are not high on quality are usually drunk warm.


Next we had the unpasteurised Shirokawago Junmai Ginjo Sasa Nigori (RM160/bottle) from Gifu prefecture. With slightly higher alcohol content of 1516%, this sake was first shaken to loosen up the rice sediments before drinking. Milky in appearance, this junmai ginjo’s distinct light sweet, medium flavour with edgy acidity was a good pairing with fried dishes – chicken and seafood.


Crispy Chicken layered with Sweet Potato

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACrispy codfish layered with sweet potato


Crispy soft shell crabs wrapped with lettuce

I found the Hokkan Ichimonji Junmai Ginjo (RM120/bottle) to be milder than the rest. Its light sweet flavours were soft and gentle on the seafood dishes paired with it. Brewed in Tochigi prefecture, eastern Japan, this sake has 14% alcohol. The full package of its flavours and slightly fruity aroma coaxed the delicate sweetness of the fresh seafood dishes we had.



Squids stuffed with crabmeat and pickled cucumbers



Seared seafood skewers in green shiso sauce

Finally, we tasted the Inanbu Bijin Honjozo (RM140/bottle) from the north-eastern prefecture of Iwate. It’s drier than the other 3 sakes and has a more robust character in the fullness of its flavours. Considered “medium dry”, the 15-16% alcohol content was a good buffer for the roasted beef ribs paired with it. However, I found it didn’t work quite well with the grilled pumpkin ham roll possibly because of the milder flavours of the ham roll – the goose liver was hardly discernible.



Roasted Beef Ribs in Tomato Sauce



Grilled Pumpkin Ham Roll topped with Goose Liver

Our sake pairing meal ended on a delightful note with Hana’s Homemade Tofu Cheesecake with White Sesame Ice Cream. It was a very refreshing and light cheesecake and the white sesame ice cream was flavoured just nicely without too much of the sesame.


Homemade Tofu Cheese Cake


Chef Thomas Lim – the man behind the culinary creations in Hana Dining Sake Bar


If you have never been to Hana Dining Sake Bar, do note that the entrance to it can be rather diminutive. Just look out for the signage to a rather narrow walkway which would bring you to Hana. There are two doorways: the sake bar is to the left while the right doorway leads you to the dining area. The bar is well-stocked with barrels of sake and an extensive selection of Japanese whiskey. Their sake and shochu cocktails are pretty legendary.


With help from their experienced sake sommeliers, diners can enjoy sake pairing with food at the comfortable casual dining space.

sake barrels


OB2.G.U1 Oasis Boulevard, Ground Floor
Sunway Pyramid
3 Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway
47500 Selangor
Tel: 03-5624-0888

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