2ND FLOOR Kitchen & Bar, Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI)

The good folks of The Private Room Wine Bar and The Pawn Room Cocktail Bar have just extended the dining options in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) with the opening of 2ND FLOOR Kitchen & Bar. Located within the same shoplot but on a different floor, this new eatery serves a good variety of contemporary European offerings.

The deco of 2nd Floor is a bit of a quirky combo of bright tropical colors at the outer/al fresco dining space while the inner section is more sedate. A full wall mural featuring colorful flora and fauna greets diners amidst modern mix-and-match furniture.


Helmed by a young kitchen crew, headed by Chef Kelvin Wong, the team is not hesitant to work on dishes served with some creative twists and flair. Take their signature 2NDFLR Salad for example which works its charm from the delicately-charred Romaine leaves which leaves a delicious smoky trail on the tongue. Sprinkled generously with crispy bacon, crunchy croutons and a wobbly poached egg, this deceptively simple salad is a sure winner.

2NDFLR Salad (RM22)

The Crab Beignet is another appealing starter. Plump crab cakes encased in crunchy kataifi strands – what can be more irresistible? Especially when you get to dip them in some tangy citrus chilli jam!

Crab Beignet (RM28)

Being in the mood to indulge, the Goose Foie Gras certainly sets the pace. Thick cuts of foie, perfectly seared, are a joy to partake, particularly so when eaten with rosti and balsamic caramelised pineapple doused with some pineapple cream!

Goose Foie Gras (RM52)

Their star dish, something we have been looking forward to is the Grilled Iberico Pork. Perfectly grilled, with the centre still a juicy pink, every bite of the pork was tender and delicious. Don’t be misled by the size of the cut – it’s really a substantial dish with the caramelised Granny Smith apple, horseradish and potatoes.

The gorgeous Iberico!

Grilled Iberico Pork (200g)

Similarly, the Seared Duck Breast is good, paired with rosti, baby radish and nice lashings of jus spiked with cherry balsamic.

Seared Duck Breast (RM36)

For a spot of carbo, the Smoked Salmon & Erynggi Pasta (linguine) is more than satisfying. Cooked with white wine and made more delicious with lumpfish caviar and pangrattata, this is one pasta dish I’d return for!

Smoked Salmon & Eryngii Pasta (RM32)

Desserts – ahhh, so much can be said about the delightful sweets here. My favourite here is the Cherry Jubilee – a gorgeous ensemble of dark cherries soaked in gin, paired with vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with granola! Yes, I’m a huge fan of liquer-embalmed cherries and these did me in.

Cherry Jubilee (RM18)

The platter of Chocolate & Coffee comes recommended as well – a dreamy concoction of almond jaconde, chocolate cremeux and coffee ganache.

Chocolate & Coffee (RM22)

What we ate were from the dinner menu. The restaurant also serves brunch and lunch daily from 10.00am till 3.00pm based on a separate menu. So head on over to 2ND Floor – it’s one of TTDI’s latest culinary stars.


2ND FLOOR Kitchen & Bar
46A Persiaran Zaaba
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 019-914-8832


MEATOLOGY unveils New Menu!

A recent disappointing experience at a restaurant had me come to the conclusion that a restaurant where the chefs are not the owners or share-holders quite often does not perform as well as one which is helmed by a chef-owner.  It’s even worse when the employed chef is not competent, dedicated or passionate. 

Yes, passion.  And therein lies the secret of Meatology.  Chef-owner Yenni Law is one helluva passionate chef.  Author of two cookbooks and having revamped Meatology (which used to be “Boathouse”) recently, Yenni doesn’t stop.  Just when I thought she has earned a well-deserved slowdown (don’t even talk about “resting”!), she told me she was revamping and creating new dishes for her menu!

And that was how I found myself at Meatology one evening previewing the exciting new line-up to Meatology’s menu.  The whole menu isn’t entirely new as Yenni has retained some of Meatology’s signatures and best-sellers.  Some seasonal favourites, like the Yee Sang 365 which only appeared during the Chinese New Year season is now a permanent fixture on the menu.  Yes, I can have Yee Sang here any time now!

Who would complain about such a fine Yee Sang anyway? There’s fresh tuna, sliced octopus, marinated clams and crispy pork rinds tossed in fresh greens and fruits with a tantalising dressing – I can polish off the entire serving all by myself and then some!

Yee Sang 365 (RM32.80)

What got many of us excited was the cockles.  Now, tell me – how many restaurants serve cockles this way?  The specially selected and meticulously cleaned cockles are cooked just right and tossed with a secret spicy sauce and served in a bottIe.  Cockles lovers – you will adore this!

Cockles in a Bottle (RM24.80) – spicy marinated cockles

Yenni does a lovely pate, a velvety smooth concoction of minced foie and duck meat.  Spread it on pieces of toast, that’s the best way to enjoy this!

Pate de Foie (RM29.80) 

We’ve always loved the roast pork in Meatology which is roasted in-house.  Poison Pork, which is a crowd favourite, is a decadent dish of roast pork stir-fried with garlic and chillies.  I’m told this is perfect with drinks – beer, wine etc!  To make this dish even more decadent, Yenni’s latest version of Poison Pork has strips of house-made bacon and crunchy pork crackling thrown in.

Poison Pork (RM28.80) 

Wild Boar Curry is not new in Meatology.  It has always been on the menu, served with toast.  This time round, Yenni has decided to have it as a topping on a pizza and hey, the curry rocks, with cheese!  It’s a match made in porky heaven.

Wild Boar Curry Pizza (RM29.80)

As befitting its name – Meatology – of course the meat dishes rule supreme.  Not only that, most of them are served on fire – flambe’ed at tableside.  So, check out these signature meats…

Hog-Mahawk on Fire (RM67.80) – 600g Paulaner beer-marinated Spanish tomahawk-cut (with meat and bone) served with truffle blue cheese sauce.  I tell you, that cheese sauce is da bomb – scrumptious!

Lamb Loin (RM58.80) – 350g marinated lamb loin (with bones and fat) served with mash, vegetables and two sauces: mint and mushrooms.  Both sauces were good – I couldn’t decide which was better, really!

Wagyu Skirt Marble 8 (RM87.80) – 220g skirt cut with garlic pepper pebbles, mash and vegetables.  Eat it plain or have it with the signature house brown sauce, it’s irresistible.


Spanish Neck on Fire (RM58.80)

This 300g Spanish neck muscle flamed before you with rosemary red wine sauce is not a new item.  It has been in the menu for some time but what Yenni has done to improve it is to come up with a new marinade which makes it way more tender than before.

Pasta with meatballs is a common dish but when those are baked beneath a blanket of cheese in a cast-iron pan, it’s a whole different thing altogether!  This brand new dish will have pasta lovers drooling over the piping hot strands coated with gooey cheese and those meatballs – you can’t stop at one!

Baked Spaghetti Meatballs (RM43.80) 

After all that meat, if you need something lighter, go for the vegetarian Champion – it’s really very good!

Champion (RM25.80) a delightful ensemble of champignon mushrooms, mash, creamy spinach, wine & century egg!

Desserts… how can we ever leave out the sweet things in life?  My all-time favourite at Meatology is their boozy Sinful Soufflé (and I never share this!) and Yenni has now added two new sweets to the repertoire.  The all-new Raspberry Dream Pie is really a dreamy dessert, trust me.  It’s a simple assembly of buttery digestive crust holding up some heavenly house-made raspberry swirl ice-cream and I suspect there’s some creamy cheese in there as well.  It’s very light and absolutely divine.

Raspberry Dream Pie (RM16.80)

The next new dessert is something for durian lovers – Durian Custard Affogato.  If you like the idea of black coffee, musang king, liquor and vanilla ice-cream creating a fearsome foursome, go knock yourself out on this.  Personally, I think they all make rather strange bedfellows – but that’s just me.

Durian Custard Affogato (RM16.80) 

Pineapple Mojito (RM26)


So go on over and check out Meatology’s latest offerings – there’s really a lot to love there!


16 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:  03-7727-4426

Opens from 3.00pm onwards

Closed on Sundays

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Meatology is the name of Chef Yenni Law’s celebrated cookbook and it was actually at the media launch of this book in early 2015 that I first met this dedicated and passionate chef. Read more about that encounter here. Yenni is also the owner of the former “Boathouse”, a popular restaurant in Taman Tun Dr Ismail for many years. “Former” because Boathouse has now been rebranded as “Meatology”, streamlining this identity with the success of Yenni’s cookbook. I love the classy new logo of the restaurant set against a stylish shade of grey.




The restaurant has been given a fresh coat of paint at the dining area and now while waiting for their food, diners can also check out the many framed-up articles of the chef and her restaurant. The bar at the front of house has also been spruced up with a touch of quirky elegance from the wine bottles recycled into practical hanging lamps.




Upstairs, the space has been converted into “Myth” – a spacious drinking & chilling-out haven.



In a recent visit to Meatology, we again pampered ourselves with a huge dose of Yenni’s amazing culinary creations.  One can’t help being greedy at Meatology – starting with the appetizers, it’s hard to just settle for one or two dishes. So we succumbed to our greed and had four starters!


Gizzard Frito (RM13) spicy deep-fried gizzard – these were so addictive!



Snob’s Bites (RM13) – French escargots smothered with creamy spinach



Foie Gras (RM49) – a decadent ensemble of goose liver, spiked peaches and balsamic glaze



Duck Breast Confit (RM43) served with a lovely citrus trinity sauce of passionfruit, orange and mango


As inspired by the name, it was then time to indulge in a series of beautifully-crafted meaty dishes. Between the Fiery Pork Ribs and Meatology Ribs, it’s difficult to say which was better. It’s all a matter of preference as both dishes were executed with great aplomb.





Fiery Ribs (RM45) – smothered in a thick sambal-like sauce which will leave you wanting more!




Meatology Ribs (RM45) infused with brandy, its alcoholic caramelised glaze clung to the tender meat in the most sinful way!


For a bit of culinary dramatics, the Swine Neck Steak Flambè and Steak on Fire will add some fun to your dining experience. Both dishes are flambè’ed at tableside which will surely halt conversation for some time.


Swine Neck Steak Flambé (RM59+) featuring a 220g slab of pork neck meat




Steak on Fire (RM50) – it’s a 200g Australian tenderloin flambè’ed with brandy pepper sauce and cooked to “medium-rare” perfection


DL, a lamb lover, adored the Smoked Lamb Muscle (RM43+). The deboned 200g lamb leg has been tenderly smoked in-house before it’s served with a trio of special spicy sauces featuring mint, horseradish & pommery mustard for the most perfect pairing.




Meats aside, for something lighter, there’s the Blue Fin Tuna (RM69) which was of sashimi-grade quality and served with a beautifully tangy citrus ponzu sauce, mash and vegetables.


Sashimi-grade Blue Fin Tuna


Need some carbs? The Spaghetti Marvelous Mite (RM29) was a good choice. Who can resist pasta with parma ham, rocket leaves and a creamy marmite sauce?



I’m not an earnest dessert fan but Yenni’s Sinful Soufflè (RM22) bowled me over that night. I had not one, but TWO servings of her freshly baked light fluffy soufflè which when dug in, oozed the most evil runny chocolate and boozy dark cherries. You just have to try this to understand my mad love for this divine dessert.




My Sinful Soufflè


The secret to the magic of Yenni’s desserts is the addition of alcohol, trust me…just look!


Reggae Pudding (RM17) freshly baked, fresh bread, banana, raisins, egg custard, rum



Date Pudding (RM18) with brandy butterscotch sauce


Nasty Alaska (RM23) – an interesting dessert that’s prepared at table-side. The outer meringue crust was lightly scorched before being cut open to reveal a dreamy combo of ice cream, peanut butter-laced cake and liquor-soaked dried fruits.


Nasty Alaska!


Wine lovers, take note that Meatology also serves a Wine Flight (RM119) – four glasses: one glass each of white, rosé, red and ice wines to pair with your meal. Different vintages will be offered and during our meal there, we had the Château de Cathalogne Bordeaux, Chateâu de Fesles Anjou Rosé, La Closerie des Lys Rouge and Pilliteri Vidal Ice Wine.



It’s time to place your bookings, especially for this festive season.

16 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7727-4426

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Chee Cheong Fun at Kedai Kopi Kuan Lee @ TTDI Kuala Lumpur

On days when the traffic is kind and the weather is fair and we are early getting to my workplace, there’s always a good chance that DL will be in the mood to detour to Taman Tun Dr Ismail for breakfast.  Specifically, we’d head to Kedai Kopi Kuan Lee for my favourite KL-style chee cheong fun.


Coming from Ipoh where our CCF is always served plain and simple with a sweet red sauce, chilli sauce, a dash of shallot oil, a splash of soya sauce,  a sprinkle of sesame seeds and pickled green chillies by the side, it took me years to get used to the KL version.  The main difference is that the KL folks eat their CCF with yong tau fu!  And mostly those are generic commercially-produced yong tau fu which can be found in every CCF stall in town.


Now this particular CCF stall in Kuan Lee does not really serve the most spectacular food, actually.  Half of its yong tau fu offerings are those commercially-produced-types-found-everywhere.  Stuff like those flat fried beancurd skins, fried beancurd rolls, squid balls, pork balls etc – you’ll find these in every other CCF stall in KL.

commer ytf

at work

So what sets this stall apart from the others?  What draws me back here again and again is the special array of their home-made yong tau fu.  Yes, the bittergourd, brinjals, ladies fingers, green chillies and tofu puffs are stuffed with their tasty home-made fish paste and fried/boiled on-the-spot at the stall.  I go for these, every time, all the time.


The other thing I like about this stall is that the CCF is served hot, or at the very least, warm.  That’s because it’s dipped into hot water before it’s cut up and put on the plate.  The sweet brown sauce is well-balanced and the chilli sauce is pretty good too.

plate ccf

my ccf

But of course that one other factor which makes this a favourite spot for me is also the pleasant and friendly vendor who’s always cheerful and ever-smiling – someone who genuinely loves his customers.   Now that is a sure-fire way to a good start to anyone’s day.


And this is why I loathe going to so-called famous food places where the food may stand out but the operator is arrogant like hell.



18 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur

*Opens for breakfast & lunch only

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Chequers Restaurant in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur is pretty well-known as a casual eatery serving American-style meals. The affordable meals work well with its clientele who troop in for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some of their unique dishes like the Moo Moo, Double-Deck Croque Monsieur & Melting Moment are big hits in the KL waffle scene.


Recently, Chequers expanded by taking up another floor upstairs to serve as a bakery cafe. Breads, pastries, cakes and donuts (both sweet and savoury) form the core of their bakery menu. However, for their donuts, they use a denser cake dough and not the traditional spongy yeast dough. I guess the more compact texture of the donuts hold up the toppings better.

DECO Collage


We checked out some of the Savoury Donuts


BBQ Beef Ribs – an all-American favourite with slow-roasted BBQ beef ribs with homemade BBQ sauce and garlic aioli over chia seed donut

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChipotle – corn tortilla and cheese donut with grilled chicken, crusted corn tortilla, mozzarella cheese, chipotle sauce and garlic aioli

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShroom Doughnut – vegetarian. Raised spinach donut with Portobello, oyster and button mushrooms, mozzarella and honey grain mustard

What looks like a donut (albeit a fancy one) but is not really a donut? Well, take a look at these… it’s all kinds of everything shaped and moulded into donuts! Not every one of them appealed to me but hey, life is all about trying new things, right?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChicken Tikka – a popular Southern Indian dish. Chequers used chicken breast, russet potatoes, jalapeño and scallions and a fiery mayo to finish the ensemble.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrittata – light and crumbly double frittata stacked with sautéed spinach, capsicum, mushrooms, cheddar and parmesan cheese shaped into a donut.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMac N Cheese – classic American Mac N Cheese moulded into a donut – only for the serious fans yo!

Points must be given for the use of fresh local premium seasonal ingredients. Newer donuts will make their appearances soon, depending on the food season or the whims of the bakers.

And here are the sweet donuts… their textures are definitely firmer and denser due to the cake dough concept…






This was my favourite – the Pandan Coconut Donut!

Diners should make a point of trying out their Savoury Pastries. Essentially they are layers of light puff pastry holding up all sorts of delicious stuff.

Take the Shogun (RM17) for example. It’s a Japanese-inspired crispy puff pastry with mozzarella cheese, egg sunny side up, shiitake mushroom, bulgogi beef, seaweed, pickles, spicy teriyaki sauce. All these contrasting textures and flavours actually worked very well together on that puffy piece of square pastry.


For a quick meal, their sandwiches are best-sellers.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASake Ga Daisuki (RM24) – smoked salmon over a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, capers, alfalfa sprouts, tobiko, wasabi mayo and garlic aioli on freshly-baked ciabatta

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABacon Turkey Bravo (RM24) – rustic and wholesome sandwich with turkey ham, beef bacon, spread with garlic aoili, tomatoes, lettuce, kyuri and tangy yellow mustard sauce on croissant

Their sandwiches come with accompanying crunchy sweet potato chips.

I do like their sweet tarts and again, theirs are rather different. The “pastry” is actually made of crushed cookies and cereals bound together with butter (similar to the non-baked cheesecake base) and into this sweet case, all kinds of delicious fillings are filled in. The varieties we tried were key lime cheese, mocha, matcha and double chocolate, all priced at RM8 each.



If you are looking for a quick meal of freshly baked goodies, including heavier robust donuts, both sweet and savoury types, head on to Chequers Bakery.


153 & 153A Jalan Aminuddin Baki
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-77333068
Website : chequers.com.my 

Opening Hours:
Restaurant opens from 8am – 11pm 
Bakery opens from 8am – 8pm
Closed on Wednesdays 

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LIVELLO UNO @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Taman Tun Dr Ismail, fondly known as “TTDI” has seen quite a number of family restaurants sprouting in this past year. By “family restaurants”, I mean those eateries run by family members and their set-up being very family-friendly, too.

One of the latest such eateries is Livello Uno, located on an upper floor of a shoplift along Jalan Aminuddin Baki. Barely 6 months old, this restaurant has been quietly satiating many an Italian food lover in this neighbourhood. As it’s housed in an upper floor, you may not even notice it if you don’t look up when cruising along this road. Tilt your head upwards and you will see its signage against the green, white and red of the Italian flag.

DECO Collage

The Italian theme is further displayed (loud and clear) when you step into the restaurant. Besides the flag colours being reflected in the furniture, there are crazy bright Italian pop art murals on the walls and we love that cosy corner with cheerful sofas if you just want to chill-out with some coffee or while waiting for fellow diners. Oh, there’s even a smoking room sectioned off if you need to take a puff.


Don’t you just love the bright cheerful colours?

Owner-cum-Chef Mashad Pino, together with his sister, Mutiara run the place. Of Italian-Malaysian parentage, Chef Mashad decided to return to his homeland after 8 years of culinary experience in Europe.


Absolutely delectable Bruschetta!

We started off with some Bruschetta con Burro Acciughe (RM10) – slices of baked-till-crispy baguette covered with homemade anchovy butter and garlic spread. They looked rather plain and mediocre but trust me, they were so good I had to replicate them at home that weekend! Yes, I actually went to hunt for Italian anchovies and grabbed the last baguette on the bakery shelf just so that I could have this again, as the memory of this bruschetta lingered on my mind!


Plump juicy Venus clams

We love clams and just couldn’t resist the Vongole ala Tarantina (RM14) when we spotted this on the menu and it turned out to be an excellent choice. Since they were in season, we got these really tasty and sweet Venus clams which had been saute’ed with garlic, chilli, chopped parsley and extra virgin olive oil. The sauce was incredibly delicious, nicely pungent with the sharp briney flavours of fresh shellfish.

Spaghetti Marinara

Spaghetti Marinara

Spaghetti Marinara is of course a common dish in any Italian eatery. Chef Mashad executed this very well: al dente pasta tossed with prawns, NZ mussels, squids, crabmeat in a thick house-made tomato sauce. Those 2 prawns were huge and at RM28, with all the rest of the seafood thrown in, I thought this was one of the best value-for-money marinara dish I’ve had in quite a while.


Gnocchi Pomodoro Con Manzo

Let’s talk about Chef Mashad’s favourite and signature dish: Gnocchi Pomodoro Con Manzo. The freshly-made potato dumplings with a delightfully light airy texture were braised in house-made tomato sauce with beef strips, topped with fresh mozzarella, black olives and arugula. Although I was never a gnocchi fan, I have to admit that I found myself thoroughly enjoying these gnocchi! I could taste the unmistakable potato flavour in those dumplings which set them apart from the usual chewy floury gnocchi found in many places. Priced at RM28 for a substantial portion, this is comfort food at its best.


We totally fell in love with these gnocchi!

Feeling satiated with the 3 dishes we have tasted, I didn’t mind so much that the Filletto di Salmone (RM32) was just average. The salmon fillet was a tad overcooked and the spinach in cream didn’t quite have that smooth velvety texture that I prefer but the perfectly-cooked cous cous was excellent – fluffy yet retained a good chewy texture.


Filletto di Salmone


We had their Tiramisu and while we’ve had better versions, the generous portion of soft sponge fingers, dipped in their house blend coffee and layered with mascarpone cheese was a steal at RM16. That huge piece is more than enough for two people to share!


Tiramisu – two can share this generous portion


Other desserts listed on the menu include Pannacotta, Chocolate Mousse Pie, Belgian Ganache Chocolate Tart and gluten-free Chocolate Cake, so go indulge.

What we really like about the food at Livello Uno is the distinctive unpretentious “home-cooked” flavours of their dishes, affordable pricing and the bright energetic vibes of the place.  And yes, we’ll definitely go back for those amazing gnocchi!


165A Jalan Aminuddin Baki
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2856-0345
Operating hours: 10.30am-10.30pm
Closed on Tuesdays

*Alcohol & Pork-free

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