Celebrate Mid Autumn Festival with colourful Mooncakes from YONG SHENG CONFECTIONERY

They come in pretty boxes and in pretty colours, they do.

I’m talking about the mooncakes from Yong Sheng Confectionery this year.  Elements of cultural heritage, and in this case, the nyonya heritage form the theme in the designs of the metal tins.  Etched against rich startling backgrounds are various designs of the beautiful kebaya amidst hanging paper lanterns, depicting the Mid Autumn Festival.


Besides the regular traditional baked mooncakes with lotus paste and redden paste, I tried a few “modern” creations from Yong Sheng.  I just couldn’t resist the colourful crusts they came in!  Take a look…

Peach Blossom & Sunrise Horizon

Nyonya Delight (RM20.80/piece)- sambal paste, nyonya spices and lotus paste

Cherry Blossom (RM19.80/piece) – lotus paste + plum paste + red bean paste encrusted with melon seeds, almonds and crystal cranberries

Sunrise Horizon (RM22.80/piece) – chestnut lotus paste + black sesame paste with pine nuts & isomalt (sugar-free)

Peach Blossom (RM20.80/piece) – pandan paste + coconut paste & collagen


Then there’s the lovely set called “Nuna in Wonderland” consisting of 8 mini mooncakes in various shades and fillings.  Priced at RM78.80 per box, as a gift, it’s just perfect because the receiver of your gift will definitely love those dainty flower-like crystalline mooncakes.  With flavours like Black Gold Sesame, Strawberry Kisses, Meet with Yam, Acacia Red Bean, Amazing Chocolate, Uji Matcha, Enthusiasm Mango and even the Fragrance Durian, who is to complain?

Aren’t they the prettiest?


Yong Sheng mooncakes are available at all their outlets and as their base is in Johor, they have also set up kiosks in City Square Mall in Johor Bahru and Sutera Mall in Skudai during this Mid Autumn Festival.  Oh, in 1Utama, they not only have a Yong Sheng Confectionery outlet, they have also put up a kiosk at the Concourse in the New Wing during this mooncake Festival promotion.

For the list of their outlets, do check out their website here.

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