Crabbing out at FEI FEI CRAB RESTAURANT, Damansara Jaya

As its name suggests, this is a restaurant for serious crab lovers. Specialising in seafood generally, with crabs as their highlight, Fei Fei Crabs offers a good variety of dishes cooked in ways that most Malaysians love. It’s located in a middle shoplot and looks like any other local neighbourhood eatery.


The red plastic chairs contrast vividly with their bright yellow tablecloths – you can’t miss the place, trust me. It’s no-frills kopitiam-style set-up paves the way for some really good comforting food.



If you can’t decide which particular seafood to order, go for their Thai-style Sour Steamed Seafood Platter. Their signature sour spicy sauce was perfectly balanced in all the taste factors and was excellent with all the fresh seafood mixed in it.



For our dinner, the huge platter was groaning with the freshest catch: red snapper, mud crabs, prawns, scallops, Japanese clams, squids and mussels! This magnificent treasure trove of seafood delights had us digging in endlessly and drenching our rice with the divine piquant sauce.




For the serious crab lovers, check out Fei Fei’s Steamed French Brown Crab with Eggwhite and Chinese Wine, one of their premium crab items. The French Brown Crabs were all brought in live so rest assured, your crabs can’t get any fresher than that!


These brown babies were full of the most sinful roe ever, so watch out! The Chinese wine enhanced the natural sweetness of these crabs in the most aromatic way and I couldn’t help spooning up all the winey eggwhite from the dish.






Fei Fei’s list of crab dishes would have you salivating over every one of them. One of the their more unique styles was the Oreo Cheese Crabs with Mantou. Live crab muds were cooked in a thick creamy cheesy sauce dotted with Oreo cookie crumbs for that unique chocolatey touch. Fried Chinese buns (mantou) did a good job mopping up every drop of that rich sauce.





*Prices of most live seafood are seasonal, at market rates


Besides the crabs, we checked out several other dishes too. Two seafood-based dishes we had were the Mantis Prawns with Spiced Garlic Sauce and Japanese Snails done in 2 ways: in butter sauce and kam heong (spicy) sauce. These dishes were good with rice as the sauces were robust and bursting with flavours.


Mantis Prawns with Spiced Garlic Sauce



Japanese Snails in Butter Sauce & Kam Heong Sauce (RM35)


For something a bit milder, the Sharksfin Tofu (RM28) was a good choice. Don’t be alarmed – those were faux sharksfin. Those transparent strands were actually made from beanflour, similar to glass noodles. The smooth tofu and boiled broccoli were delicious, bathed in a thick umami sauce richly enhanced with crabmeat.


Sharksfin (faux) Tofu (RM28)


For a porky treat, have the BBQ Pork Rib with fork-tender meat falling off the bone. Coated in a thick glistening marinade, the pork rib had been firstly deep-fried before being steamed for hours for that delectable texture.


BBQ Pork Rib (RM30)


Did I say this was an incredibly sinful meal? Even our vegetable dish of French Beans with Salted Eggyolk (RM12-small) was hardly healthy but who cares – it was darn tasty!



So, crab lovers and even the non-crab lovers, when you are in the mood for a delightfully sinful seafood meal, Fei Fei is the place to head to.


19 Jalan SS  22/11
Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 013-207 9978 / 010-270 9978

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