FARM TO PLATE @ Damansara Kim – let the natural flavours shine!

Farm to plate, farm to table – these are the latest dining trends around town. It’s like a spin-off from the organic food craze, which is not a bad thing. People are now appreciating the value of chemical-free food and the next step is to eat food that’s freshly brought in from the source: the farm.


For the ordinary folks, it may not be viable to consume farm-fresh food on a regular basis unless they own the farms. For some restaurants, it is a worthy venture to promote healthier food and cleaner eats. Farm To Plate is one of those.


Located in Damansara Kim, Farm To Plate is a lovely cosy eatery that prides itself for serving farm-fresh ingredients in its simple repertoire of dishes. The menu lists a handful of choices for various categories, so don’t expect a wide variety. What it lacks in variety, it more than makes up with quality.


The Cosy Corner



In a recent lunch here, I had the pleasure of enjoying the company of Chef Jose Alonso, Executive Chef from famed Spanish restaurant in Singapore, Binomio as well as Chef Marc Canalis, the Head Chef from the same establishment. Both these chefs share the same food philosophy: using only fresh ingredients of the highest quality in food preparation. As lunch progressed, it was evident both Chef Alonso and Chef Canalis approved and enjoyed the impeccable dishes coming out from the kitchen of Farm To Plate!


From left to right: Chef Jose Alons0, Chef Egon, Chef Marc Canalis

When I looked at the plate of crisp lettuce leaves, crunchy cucumber and shiney cherry tomatoes in the salad served, I had no doubt that they came directly from the farm in Cameron Highlands, perhaps that very morning itself. All that’s needed was a light dash of vinaigrette mixed with mustard and the salad was perfect.


Farm to Plate Salad (RM19)


The same plump cherry tomatoes and fresh basil leaves adorned the pizza with a lashing of mozzarella and sprinkled with roasted garlic – the best way to eat a pizza, if you ask me. This simple combination of basic ingredients came together in the most delicious way. It also helped that the pizza was made from 100% Japanese flour which created that amazing texture in the dough.



Fresh Tomatoes & Basil Pizza (RM26)


Another example of great combination of flavours was the Roasted King Mushrooms with Garlic-infused Bellota Oil. The aromas were insane, coming from that plain-looking dish using a simple cooking method (roasting) that let the original flavours shone through.


Roasted King Mushrooms with garlic-infused bellota oil (RM18)


Vegetables aside, Farm To Plate’s meat showcase is the Iberico Bellota pork. “Bellota” refers to the acorn feeding process for the Iberico pigs, hence their meat yields a more superior, sweeter and richer flavour, thanks to the nutty and natural feed. Farm To Plate’s supply comes from dedicated farms in Spain, hence the quality is always assured.




Check out the bellota jamon, if it’s available. Paired with cheese and plain crackers, it’s the only way to start a meal here!

How about a locally-inspired dish for the Iberico? Well, there’s Iberico Rendang with Thin Pizza Bread on the menu and it’s an item that’s frequently ordered. I mean, people here just have to find out how the Spanish Iberico would fare when cooked in a traditional rendang. As expected, the meat was tender and flavoursome – a good mix of porky sweetness and the fragrant spiciness of rendang.



Rendang with Thin Pizza Bread (RM26)


The star dish here was their Iberico Bellota Ribs, cooked in 2 ways: either Low & Slow or High & Fast. The former yielded ribs which were falling-off-bone tender as the ribs were cooked on low heat and grilled slowly. The latter were ribs cooked on high heat and grilled quickly, yielding ribs with succulent meat with a good bite.


The Low & Slow Shoyu & Sake Ribs (RM79)




The High & Fast Salt & Pepper Ribs (RM79)

Personally, I prefer the High & Fast version. I love my ribs with some bitey meat on them. Two choices of marinades are offered for the ribs: shoyu & sake or salt & pepper. I love both as both are different and delicious in unique ways.


Iberico Pork Chop


All’s not entirely porky at Farm To Plate – ask for the roasted free-range chicken. The golden-hued crispy skin on the chicken would have you polishing off the dish in next to no time, trust me.



Roast Chicken




The restaurant receives fresh supplies all the time – so do check with the staff what’s available for the day and be surprised with what the good chef whips up for you.

4 Jalan SS20/10
Damansara Kim
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-7732-9552
Opens daily 11.00am till 11.00pm

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