Festive Chinese New Year Dining at MEATOLOGY, TTDI Kuala Lumpur

For the upcoming Chinese New Year, Chef Yenni Law has crafted 4 special dishes at Meatology for those who would like to have a change of dining scene. I mean, if you are wary and weary of the regular noisy Chinese restaurants, Meatology provides a more casual and cosy environment for you to hang out with your loved ones.

Keep the Chinese New Year mood going by starting with Chef Yenni’s Prosperity Toss. This has got to be the most luxe yee sang I’ve had so far and probably the best one too. Since she couldn’t decide which one seafood ingredient to put in the yee sang, Chef Yenni just included all of them and I think that’s the best decision ever!  I must say I felt so spoiled and pampered when I saw the entire selection of abalones, fresh scallops, bluefin tuna and jellyfish served in the yee sang! Yes, I’m so going back again for this!

The Prosperity Toss (RM78)

The home-cured and house-smoked giant cut of pork ribs, specially prepared for this festive season, is a labour of love. From choosing the best cut of meaty ribs with just the right amount of fat in it to carefully smoking it over proper heat, the preparation work was just astounding. The result?  A mouth-watering piece of pork ribs that’s a sight to behold: all golden hued and nicely browned all over.

When sliced open, the juicy pink meat inside was oozing with smokey aromas and flavour. It’s like biting into a thick tender juicy piece of bacon with the perfectly balanced flavours. Although it was served with a creamy tangy mustard sauce by the side, I preferred to eat that awesome piece of ribs on its own with just the pineapples and rambutans with their touches of sweetness. I felt even the Chinese sausage was not necessary although they were home-made by Yenni’s mom. Let’s keep that for the fried rice or the lap mei fan.

Smoked Pork Ribs (RM63)

Yenni’s version of a westernised lap mei fan – the Lap Cheong Risotto was interesting. The lap cheong with its sweetish flavour was surprisingly good with the Italian arborio rice.

Lap Cheong Risotto (RM38)


The Rock Lobster Spaghetti served with more fresh prawns by the side was cooked in a lovely creamy sauce spiked with century eggs! I thought that was a touch of genius as I have not come across this combination before in a pasta dish. The chunks of century eggs embedded in the sauce really did lift this pasta above ordinary.

Rock Lobster Spaghetti (RM48)


Now although this next dish of Cold Marinated Clams is not officially in the Chinese New Year line-up, I’d just like to share it with you. It’s something that Yenni has just adapted from a recipe in her cookbook “Meatology” and it’s the perfect appetizer. Sweet, tangy and chilli-hot with birds’eye chillis and fragrant fried garlic, I bet you can’t stop eating this! Oh, the secret also lies in the hint of brandy tossed into this ?

Cold Marinated Clams (RM32)

So get on over to Meatology for a feast that’s not too orthodoxly Chinese and yet has all the festive elements cleverly weaved in!

16 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7727-4426
Open: 4.00pm onwards

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