GAROUPA PROMOTION in Oriental Group of Restaurants

For the entire month of June 2017, if you love fish, cooked in all manner of Chinese styles, then do head over to any of the Oriental Group of Restaurants. The grouper, or better known as “garoupa” here, will be the highlight of the month. There will be 2 types of garoupas in this showcase: Deep Sea Garoupa (aka “loong tan” in Cantonese) and Ocean Garoupa.

Now the Deep Sea Garoupa is a mighty fish, often weighing more than 3kg, minimally. Due to its size, the fish is sold by portion and not by individual fish. The deep sea garoupa has thicker, firmer flesh with a thick gelatinous-like skin which is slightly chewy (my favourite!)

The Ocean Garoupa is smaller, with average weight around 800g-1kg. It’s sold by per fish. For this garoupa promotion, the pricing is:

Deep Sea Garoupa @ RM98++ per portion (usual price RM138++)
Ocean Garoupa @ RM198++ (usual price RM330++)

We were at Noble Mansion recently and checked out some of the garoupa dishes cooked in various special ways…

Deep Sea Garoupa Aberdeen Sizzling Shunde Style

Deep Sea Garoupa Braised Traditional Style

Deep Sea Garoupa with Rice Noodles in Superior Stock

Ocean Garoupa Boiled with Fish Maw, Yam and Chinese Cabbage in Superior Fish Stock

Ocean Garoupa Steamed with King Prawns, Glass Noodles & Garlic

As I’m a garoupa fan, you can’t blame me for saying that I love all the above dishes. With its thicker, slightly chewy sweet texture, the deep sea garoupa is very suitable for braising. In the traditional style, water chestnuts, mushrooms and whole garlic were braised together with the garoupa in a thick gravy, comforting to the last drop. With the generous use of garlic, shallots and coriander stalks in the Shunde style, the garoupa fillets were totally steeped in these robust flavours. The stronger flavours were excellent with plain rice.

If you are not keen on rice, then the soupy Deep Sea Garoupa with Meehoon (rice noodles) in a thick cloudy superior broth would be a good choice. Pickled vegetables (“kiam chye”) and tomatoes gave the broth a nice tangy nuance – it’s so easy to love these noodles!

I really couldn’t decide which one of the Ocean Garoupa was better – both dishes were just equally good! Cooked to a perfect done-ness, the garoupa was sweet and nicely firm in texture. Flavours here were milder and I could taste the natural sweetness of the fish.

With the very reasonable promotional prices, I’d say these are value-for-money garoupa dishes. Head on over to any of the Oriental Group of Restaurants for your garoupa fix by/before end of June 2017.

For details of the Oriental Group of Restaurants, check out their website


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