Halcyon Days at RIMBA ALOR ORCHARD VILLAS, Melaka Pindah, Alor Gajah

Melaka Pindah – have you ever heard of this place? Literally translated from Malay, it means “Malacca Shifted”? Shifted from where, to where? See, that’s the natural response whenever this name is mentioned.

Well, according to legendary folklore, a certain high-ranking officer retreated upriver to evade the Portuguese forces in 1511 (which subsequently captured and colonized Malacca). So the high-ranking officer, together with his followers settled at this place and named it “Melaka Pindah” as he believed he had shifted Malacca away from the invaders. Interesting piece of folklore or even history and that’s how Melaka Pindah got its name. But why all this interesting information? That’s because I happened to spend a glorious weekend in Melaka Pindah recently in a sublime green haven known as Rimba Alor Orchard Villas.

It’s just a 1.5 hours’ drive from Kuala Lumpur along the North-South Expressway and once we exited the Alor Gajah toll, it’s a short and easy drive to Rimba Alor. So, Melaka Pindah is actually in the vicinity of Alor Gajah. The moment we drove through the gates to Rimba Alor Orchard Villas, we immediately fell in love with this kampung retreat! It’s hard not to – I mean, just look at this…

The impeccably-maintained 1.7 acres plot of land houses 2 lovely traditional kampung houses, a fish pond and a variety of fruit trees. My good friend, Mr Kaspur, was all welcoming in his usual super-friendly bubbly self and after a barrage of warm greetings, I just could not wait to check out the surroundings!

So easy to pick these sweet juicy rambutans!

Rambutans & coconuts on the house 🙂

Try your luck fishing some ikan keli, haruan and tilapia in this fishing pond!

This piece of land has been in the owners’ family for generations. Initially, there was only one small wooden house and a well amidst the abundant fruit trees. Kaspur proudly told me that some of the existing durian trees there are more than 90 years old! Rambutans, mangosteens, mangoes, pink guava, bananas, avocados and chempedak trees grow and thrive in this piece of green paradise.

Chempedak tree laden with countless fruits!

For many years that had been sufficient but recently the owners decided to spruce it up and build a couple more houses. Being nature lovers and out of respect for the land, they were careful to construct and size the houses without much damage to Mother Nature.

As a result, there are now two beautiful wooden villas built on the property which offer guests a great feel of heritage and tradition. Built along typical Malay kampung-style design with raised walk-up steps to the front door, Villa Rimba is slightly different from Villa Alor but both are equally charming in their own unique set-up. Colourful tiles, wooden carved banisters, stained glass with touches of “Peranakan” influences all add up to the quaint appeal.

Each villa has 4 spacious bedrooms to accommodate a maximum of 8 persons very comfortably. This can increase to 10 people with the addition of 2 single rollaway beds upon request. Bedrooms are fitted-out with nice bedlinen and comfy beds and the modern bathrooms have all the necessary toiletries. The villas are fully-airconditioned and complete with well-equipped kitchens. We had such a lovely and super comfortable stay!

As we wanted to have the whole kampung-stay experience, Kaspur very kindly arranged for breakfast, tea and dinner catered in the villas. We totally enjoyed the delicious local fares cooked by local makciks nearby. Guests can request for this meal arrangement (separately charged by the caterers) – just let Kaspur know and he will take care of it. Another option is BBQ – there’s a nice BBQ pit built at the outdoor dining area – perfect for that private gathering here!

Delectable local favourites can be catered for your meals at Rimba Alor

Al fresco dining surrounded by lush greenery – food tastes much better!

Jom makan – so sedap!

You won’t believe the immensely restful sleep we had at this quiet retreat. The only sounds we heard were birds chirping and the morning call from the neighbour’s cockerel! While waiting for our breakfast, we made some coffee and chilled out at the verandah, breathing in the fresh crisp air all around. If air has colour, it’s definitely green in Rimba Alor!

Durian trees bathed in morning sunlight

There’s a gazebo built on the property, with the main purpose: relaxation. With a ceiling fan thoughtfully installed and facing the pond, it’s a perfect spot to just chill – curl up with a book, enjoy a yoga or meditation session or do what we did: have a massage! Yes, local masseuses are available with prior booking (Kaspur would be happy to arrange this!) and I must say I had a darn good massage that day!

As I look back at the collection of photos taken and the short stay at Rimba Alor, I can’t help but be reminded of the halcyon days of my childhood. Although I wasn’t brought up in a kampung, I used to live in a small town in an area that was abundant with local fruit trees and there’s always a sense of “running free” then.

I can sit here all day!

Do check out Rimba Alor Orchard Villas if you are looking for that little green sanctuary for a quiet idyllic sojourn or a private celebration with family and friends. The friendly folks there would be happy to organize it for you.


Just give Kaspur a tinkle at +6019-325-6582 or click here for more information.


Batu 15 ½ Jalan Haji Abdul Rahman
Melaka Pindah
78000 Alor Gajah

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