ISHIN Japanese Dining – savour their signature dishes!

Ishin Japanese Dining is located in a bungalow lot along the ever-busy Old Klang Road and it’s one Japanese restaurant that has stood the test of time.  Established more than 6 years ago, Ishin remains a popular place to head to for some decent Japanese fares at mid-range prices.  Read about my first review of Ishin here.

On a recent re-visit, we were happy to note that Ishin was still consistent in its quality of food.  We had a couple of appetisers – Chuka Kurage (chilled pickled jellyfish) and Potato Salad with Sesame Dressing to get the meal going.  Both starters were good – refreshing and light, which really whetted the appetite.

Chuka Kurage

Potato Salad

Then came our special Sashimi Moriawase – slices of the freshest seafood arranged beautifully on Ishin’s signature igloo ice-carving.  Our favourite sashimi was all there – isaki, botan ebi, shima aji, kanpachi, salmon belly, Hokkaido uni and Hokkaido nama hotate!

We enjoyed the Ebi Tempura, Dobin Mushi and Hokkaido Oysters Teppanyaki, all of which were executed nicely by the chefs.  The tempura batter was light and crispy, encasing bouncy fresh shrimps within.  Equally good was the Dobin Mushi with its sweet clear broth brewed from dashi and fresh seafood.

Ebi Tempura

Dobin Mushi

Try the Softshell Crab Maki here as well

Hokkaido Oysters Teppanyaki

The star of the meal was undoubtedly the Ishiyaki Unagi Rice.  Thick slices of fat juicy unagi glistening with a lovely umami sauce were cooked with rice in an earthen pot.  The aroma was insane and we just had to scrape every grain of rice from the crusty layer at the bottom of the pot.  This is one dish we’d go back for!

Ishiyaki Unagi Rice

We had more Hokkaido scallops in the the Hotate Yanagawa dish where the shellfish was cooked in a light broth, in order to savour the natural sweet flavor of the scallops.

Hokkaido Hotate Yanagawa

End your meal on a sweet note here 

The 2-storey bungalow offers comfortable seating on regular tables as well as tatami-style seating.  Service was attentive and friendly.  So, if you want to avoid the malls and just want a nice quiet restaurant for a decent Japanese meal, Ishin fits the bill.



202 Persiaran Klang
Batu 3 3/4 Jalan Klang Lama
58100 Kuala Lumpur