KENNY’S FOOD CART: Affordable Comfort Food in Aman Suria

If you have lived in Petaling Jaya long enough, you’d probably know where Alisan Street is, where Kenny Lock’s father used to run a stall selling his popular “Teng Chai Chuk”, way back since 1993. “Teng Chai Chuk” directly translates to “Boat Porridge” is a comforting bowl of piping hot rice congee filled with anchovies, peanuts, century egg, dried cuttlefish and fried crullers & vermicelli for added crunch. This “boat porridge” originates from the simple rice congee cooked by boat dwellers in Hong Kong. Every spoonful spreads its comforting warmth all the way from my mouth to tummy – it’s a bowl of congee everyone needs to cheer up a chilly moodless day.

Signature Teng Chai Chuk (RM9)

25 years down the road, Kenny Lock has taken over from the father (Uncle Lock still helps out) and expanded the business with a couple of partners. The porridge stall has now found a new home in a shop in Aman Suria. To keep its heritage going, a brick & mortar replica of the stall is housed inside the shop, adding a certain quaintness to the ambience.

Besides Teng Chai Chuk, you can also opt for other varieties of condiments for your porridge. Choose your favourites from dried scallops, shredded chicken, sliced fish, minced pork, fish paste and even fried fish head. We tried the Fried Fish Belly Porridge too. The crunchy fish pieces, with sweet marine flavours submerged in smooth rice congee made for another bowl of good comfort food.

Fried Fish Belly Porridge (RM10)

Besides porridge, there’s rice and noodles on the menu. I do recommend their Cantonese Style Loh See Fun and their signature Mushroom Pork Noodles. The bowl of Cantonese loh see fun may look kinda uninspiring in its pale gooey gravy topped with an egg but once I dug into it, I had to change my mind. That bowl of gooey noodles packed quite a punch in terms of taste and flavours. Try it and you’ll see.

Cantonese Style Loh See Fun (RM8.50)

If you are not fond of noodles in thick gravy, try their Fried Loh See Fun, something that Kenny just added to his menu. Fragrant with delicate “wok hei”, this version proves to be popular with diners.

Fried Loh See Fun (RM8)

The same goes for another one of their signatures – Noodles with Mushroom and Minced Pork. Served with a hard-boiled egg and with noodles swimming in a thick dark gravy, it looks a bit like “loh mee”. It’s a bowl of simple goodness and so satisfying.

Signature Mushroom Pork Yee Mee (RM8)

Kenny prepares his fresh fish paste from scratch in-house every day which he then shapes into irregular chunks and they are either deep fried or boiled. Springy and tasty with fresh fishy sweetness, I love them either way: added into noodles/porridge or served as deep-fried snacks. Served straight from the wok, the deep-fried fish paste smells pretty heavenly just as they are brought to our table and they are gone within minutes! The same applies to the Fried Dumplings – one plate is never enough!

Fried Fish Paste (RM4/5 pieces)

Fried Dumplings (RM4/3 pieces)

Kenny keeps his menu dynamic – as he’s bound to come up with some specials every day. It all depends on what’s fresh and good at the market and what he feels like cooking for the day. These specials are written on the blackboard and the popular dishes run out pretty fast. On the day I was there, we had two specials – Fried Pork Neck and Wantan in Soup.

The tender juicy slices of pork neck were just faultless and a hit with everyone. Likewise, the plump wantans were filled with generous portions of minced pork and shrimps. Check out also Kenny’s Fried Chicken – it’s very good: tastily marinated and fried well with crispy skin – so irresistible!

Fried Pork Neck (RM10)

Wantan in Soup (RM5)

Kenny’s Fried Chicken (RM4.50 per piece)

As you can see, the prices of food at Kenny’s Food Cart are really wallet-friendly. From the signature porridge, noodles and even rice dishes to the tasty snacks, every item is prepared meticulously with fresh ingredients. The food here has that “home-cooked” taste, food that one can eat over and over again.


K-G-11 Jalan PJU 1/43
Aman Suria Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel: Kenny (016-375-5304)/Ivan (012-329-8227)

11.30am till 2.30pm
6.00pm till 10.00pm
Closed on Sunday