KOUZU @ Bangsar

With Kouzu recently opened in Bangsar, the stretch along Jalan Telawi seems to have perked up considerably. This is actually the 2nd outlet, the first one being in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. As you step into this hip-looking Japanese fusion restaurant and bar, you’ll be greeted with a piece of vibrant painted pop-art on one of the main walls. The colourful wall-art depicts a mish-mash kaleidoscope of Mt Fuji, dragons, carps, sakura and even a Japanese maiden (geisha perhaps?) by local artist Katun. This long mural certainly sets the tone of contemporary vibes and we can’t wait for the gastronomic offerings.

Proudly marketing itself as a restaurant and bar, the menu features a good range of Hot & Cold Japas – contemporary Japanese appetizers using both Japanese and western ingredients. But before the japas comes, we happily line our stomachs with some refreshing salads. Attention-grabbing with beautiful crisp vegetables, fresh raw fish and al dente udon, we totally enjoy the Salmon Trout Salad and Sanuki Udon Pasta.

Salmon Trout Salad (RM25)

Sanuki Udon Pasta (RM19)

We can’t help ordering a sushi roll, – the Umami Roll with fried soft-shell crabs is prettily presented – light & easy on the palate.

Umami Roll (RM20)

Next comes the japas – small plates, small bites but oh-so-big in flavours.

The Kouzu Sliders look like cute mini-burgers; the only difference being that they are scones sandwiching juicy homemade wagyu patty, spinach, caramelized shallot and gyusugi.

Kouzu Sliders (RM25 for 2 pieces)

The Gyoza Kaisen, stuffed with chopped shrimps and scallops are just average to me.

Gyoza Kaisen (3 pieces) – RM22.00 

On the other hand, I simply love the Blue Fin Tuna and Foie Gras, reasonably priced at RM29. The tuna has been seared to perfection, and it pairs beautifully with the foie gras, unagi sauce and apple chutney.

Blue Fin Tuna & Foie Gras

For something light and fun, try their Agedashi Tofu, sprinkled with bonito flakes and paired with a smooth slithery onsen egg.

Bonito Agedashi Tofu (RM10) 

The hot tapas list features some substantial meaty items. The Stone Grilled Beef and Spicy Miso Lamb Rack are our favourites. Marinated well, the meat is tender and juicy, delicious to the last bite.

Stone Grilled Beef (RM29)

Spicy Miso Lamb Rack (RM36 for 2 pieces)

Besides tapas and roll sushis, Kouzu’s selection of yakitori is also quite popular. Ranging from RM5-RM15 per skewer, they have been meticulously grilled over charcoal.

Skewered delights to go with the sake, wine or beer!

We also recommend Kouzu’s interesting version of pizza. Instead of the usual flour dough, the pizzas here are made with a crispy rice base and topped with exotic ingredients like wasabi, yuzo, miso and escargot! The Escargot Pizza is a one that I can eat over and over again.

Japanese Escargot Pizza (RM19.00)

If you are someone who must have rice, then don’t miss their signature Kouzu Don. It’s a bowl of beautifully presented Japanese rice topped with tender sliced sirloin (lightly seared), scallions, garlic, drizzled with aromatic truffle teriyaki sauce and a lush onsen egg! Perfection in a bowl.

Kouzu Don (RM29)

I love how the food is prettily presented in Kouzu, enhancing the visual feasting even before it’s eaten. Flavours are well balanced with traditional and fusionistic touches, most of them light and refreshing – just perfect when chilling out with drinks.


19 Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2201-1592 /011-6050-0995

Opening Hours:
12noon to 2.30pm
5.00pm to 1.00am