We talked about this for a long time – porky Indian food. How awesome it would be if the full spectrum of Indian spices, coconut milk and yoghurt were to be blended and cooked with pork – the possibilities were endless! WhenI first met Herukh Jethwani, he told me he’s contemplating this business model and I encouraged and urged him to hurry up. Then he got married to the lovely Aahana and things slowed down a bit and I thought he has put aside his porky venture.

Unbeknown to me, Herukh has been busy getting his new porky house in order and it was just recently that he excitedly told me to go Meat The Porkers! And what a meat-up that was!

DECO Collage

The first ever Indian restaurant in Malaysia (possibly in Asia too?) serving porky dishes from appetizers to tandoori favourites! Almost every northern Indian dish that can feature pork was there on the menu – we didn’t even know where to start, honestly!  Browsing through the menu made us want to eat every porky dish there.


Pork Pakora – addictive appetizer!

As starters go, the Pork Pakora (RM20) was an excellent rendition of stripped pork loin mixed with spices and curry leaves, battered and deep fried till crispy. The minty yoghurt dip was good with this but I liked eating the pakora without.  Crunchy and fragrant bites, there’s no stopping until the plate was clean!

pork seekh kebab

Pork Seekh Kebab (RM28) came next – perfectly grilled minced pork mixed with chopped onions and a bouquet of spice. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice over and a slice of sweet raw onion go beautifully with every piece of the toothsome kebab.

pork seekh kebab1

Pork Seekh Kebab

Tandoori Pork Ribs (RM48) must be one of the best-sounding dish name in pork kingdom. That glorious slab of pork ribs, all masala-red, tender and juicy was a sight to behold! Braised in masala broth to tenderise the meat, the ribs were then pitted into the tandoor oven.  Gorgeously charred at the sides, that slab had been in the tandoor oven for just the right amount of time to have it emerge in its perfectly-roasted state. Tasty and tender, it didn’t take us long to clean the bones out. Needless to say, this is a must-order item in Meat The Porkers!

pork ribs


Tandoori Pork Ribs

biryani set

The pièce de résistance at Meat The Porkers was of course the Siew Yoke Biryani (RM28), ie biryani with Chinese roast pork. The thick chunks of roast pork had fully absorbed the biryani spices and cooked nicely with the long-grained basmathi rice giving out insane aromas once the sealing dough around the pot was removed. The crispy deep-fried rind of the roast pork was served separately, meant to be sprinkled onto the rice just before eating it. This truly is something that has to be tried as the siew yoke has rendered the biryani to whole different level and may I say – it’s biryani at its best!


siew yook skin

Crispy fried skin of the siew yoke




Then came the other spiced pork dishes – Pork 65 Masala (RM28) and Pork Rogan Josh (RM28) to go with the splendid Cheese Bacon Naan (RM15).  Actually, I preferred to eat that naan on its own because the cheese and bacon in it just had to be savoured on their own within the warm comforting folds of the bread! The warm oozy cheese and decadent strips of bacon were simply irresistible – I found myself gorging more than I should, a gluttony to be indulged not too often ya!

cheese bacon naan

cheese bacon naan1

The irresistible and sinfully addictive Cheese Bacon Naan!

pork 65

Tenderloin was used in Pork 65 Masala, the tender meat fully absorbing the blend of spices. It’s perfect eaten with plain rice or naans. Similarly the more robust shoulder rump used in the Pork Rogan Josh paired well with rice and Indian breads.

pork rogan josh

Pork Rogan Josh

Just to lighten the porky dosage, we had Butter Chicken (RM25), Chicken Hariyali Tikka (RM22), Palak Paneer (RM22) and Bindhi Masala (RM17) – all deliciously executed, to complete our meal. The menu in Meat The Porkers still list other meats, besides pork, just so that diners will have a good variety to select from.

chicken hariyali

chicken hariyali1

Chicken Hariyali Tikka

butter chicken

Butter Chicken

palak paneer

Palak Paneer

bindhi masala

Bindhi Masala

nutella roti

Roti Nutella (RM10) to end your meal on a sweet chocolatey note!


For this coming Chinese New Year, why not have a different kind of festive feast at Meat The Porkers? If you are tired of the usual traditional Chinese dishes, have some of these North Indian favourites at Meat The Porkers!

I’ve just been told that Herukh’s team has come up with a special for this Chinese New Year – Pork Ribs Biryani! It’s a huge pot, I tell you, good for 4 robust eaters.  Order this as takeaway and enjoy it at home with friends and family – it goes pretty well with Yee Sang!



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