MR & MRS CHICKEN: Savour delightful free-range Chicken Meals

David Chen is one person who knows all about chicken and chicken rice.  After all, he and his family have been in the chicken rice business for many years and have recently opened MR & MRS CHICKEN in Pudu to extend the tradition.  The family’s passion has also resulted in having their own poultry farm in Rawang.  Concerned with providing the best quality chicken to his customers, David ensures that they are bred for at least 120 days in a free-range environment and fed with premium grains mixed with passionfruit enzyme and seaweed.  He also emphasizes that his chickens are not injected with growth hormones or antibiotics.  Furthermore, with passionfruit trees grown around the farm, quite often the chickens get to peck on those fruits as well – so how much more healthier can they get?

With such a catchy name as Mr & Mrs Chicken, this recently-opened restaurant in Pudu is hard to miss and serves the prized fowls from David’s own farm.  With chicken being the star, the menu offers various sets as well as a la carte orders. 

Simple & comfortable seating in the restaurant

A typical chicken rice set includes a single portion of chicken (poached Hainanese-style, roasted or braised in soya sauce), 4 pieces of chicken rice balls, fried crispy fuchuk (beancurd skin), vegetables of the day, soup, Chinese tea and dessert.  Fresh chillies and ginger dips are of course served, too.  At RM16.90 for this complete meal, I’d say it’s good value-for-money.

Perfectly poached chicken

Roast Chicken Set

My personal favourite is the simple poached chicken.  Poached to the right done-ness, the natural sweetness and lovely texture of the chicken shine through nicely.  The yellow-toned skin has just a thin layer of fat which emits the most divine flavour and aroma.

Golden-skinned goodness!

The perfectly-rounded rice balls are fragrant and firmly shaped, thanks to the addition of chicken oil, chicken broth and some glutinous rice for the “sticky” factor.  Regular chicken rice is also available if you are not partial towards balls.

There’s also Hor Fun on the menu, for something light!

To add some variety to the menu, there are several side dishes available.  Check out their fried starters like Crispy Wantan (RM6.90), Fried Fishcake (RM6.90), Spring Rolls (RM7.90), Fu Chuk (fried beancurd roll) (RM4.90) and Fook Chow Fish Balls (RM6.90). Braised Eggs, Braised Tofu and Hainanese Curry Chicken are also on the menu.  The sweetish curry cooked with chunks of free-range chicken and potatoes goes well with rice.

Crispy Wantan

Fried Fishcake

Fried Springrolls

Hainanese Curry


If you wish to add on any vegetables, I’d recommend the Steamed Okra (RM7.90/RM9.90).  The okra are grown in David’s farm and they are very tender and not fibrous at all – perfect with the chilli dip served together.

Steamed Okra

All in all, Mr & Mrs Chicken serves good-value free-range chicken rice meals in a very pleasant environment.  The interior of the restaurant is kept simple and comfortable to enjoy a good meal at affordable prices.

Mr & Mrs Chicken can do private dining and private events at their premise too.  Menus can be customised to your preference.  They do bulk-order delivery as well – minimum order quantity applies – do call them for further details.


No.11 Jalan Kancil
Off Jalan Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Open: 11.00am-8.00pm
Closed on Thursdays