NAUGHTY NURI’S, Atria Shopping Gallery, Damansara Jaya

Originating from Bali, Naughty Nuri’s famed pork ribs have made its name far and wide in SE Asia and Australia. We Malaysians have been savouring the tender finger-licking good ribs for more than 2 years now. You step into a Naughty Nuri’s, you won’t have any doubt over what its core dish is – as what their Atria outlet proved to be. Piggies in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours adorn every available decorating space in the restaurant! Opened in 2016, this eatery is a firm favourite with fans of porky Balinese fares, particularly BBQ pork ribs.


Looking at the menu, it’s hard to decide quickly what to order. There seemed to be so many choices, ranging from pork to chicken to more Balinese favourites. Of course, pork ribs is a must here so we decided to have their Signature BBQ Smokey Spareribs which is their latest addition. Pork ribs are not new, it’s the “smokey” version which has just been recently introduced.

I’m told these are double the flavours of the original ribs. Slathered with a layer of sticky sweetish smokey BBQ sauce, the rack was grilled to perfection. While some may find the sauce a bit sweet, I liked it and even dipped the ribs into the accompanying sauce to relish them totally!

Signature BBQ Smoky Spareribs (RM55)

Ice-cold Lemongrass Ginger Fizz – perfect with all the grilled and spicy dishes here!


More porkiness arrived in the form of their Wah Tusuk Babi which were skewers of grilled pork belly. These were really good as the meat had been marinated with a special Ubud-style sauce for 12 hours prior to grilling.

Wah Tusuk Babi (RM22)


The Boom Boom Pow Pigtail Soup is a blander version of a regular Sup Ekor. The reduced spices in the soup has rendered it rather character-less so it didn’t quite hit the spot with me.

Boom Boom Pow Pigtail Soup (RM25)


On the other hand, the Balinese Ayam Bertutu made a good impression. Served with 4 types of sambal, a huge portion of chicken braised with special rending sauce, this was a satisfying one-plate meal by itself. We just couldn’t stop eating the rice, perfumed with caramelized onions and was so addictive with the sambals and acar.

Balinese Ayam Bertutu (RM35) served with sambal hijau, sambal dadakan, sambal lalapan & sambal terasi pedas


Another new item on the menu is their Nasi Goreng with Sambal Kambing. It’s the first time we’ve had fried rice with lamb and this turned out to be pretty good too. To help tone down the strong aroma of lamb, the rice was fried with home-made sambal hijau, onions, chillies and with a good dose of Balinese black sauce as well.

Indonesian Style Nasi Goreng with Sambal Kambing (RM28)


I’m not a cheesecake fan but I do kinda like their new dessert – Volcano Flambe Oreo Bacon Cheesecake. That’s probably because it’s such a sinfully rich dessert – it’s flambe’d with Bacardi Rum, drizzled with a tangy orange chilli sauce with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and served on a sizzling lava plate. The crunchy bits of bacon embedded in the cake blend well with all the other components and one would hardly notice much of any cheesy flavor, which for me, is a good thing!

Volcano Flambe Oreo Bacon Cheesecake (RM26)

Similarly served on a sizzling lava plate, we enjoyed the Ubud-inspired Fire glazed Bananas with Ice Cream, especially since it’s flambe’d with Bacardi Rum too and drizzled with a rich salted caramel sauce!

Ubud-inspired Fire Glazed Bananas with Ice Cream (RM25)

If you love martinis, you definitely must order some here as Naughty Nuri’s martinis are very popular. More so because every time a martini is ordered, the restaurant crew will perform a martini shake dance for the customer. This talented bunch has been well trained, so do enjoy the show!


Besides the Atria, Naughty Nuri’s is also at Desa Sri Hartamas, Life Centre Kuala Lumpur and Subang SS15 Courtyard.

Oh, in conjunction with Naughty Nuri’s anniversary celebrations, they are offering their special vouchers booklet at RM88 only for vouchers with value worth RM648! Yes, buy the booklet for RM88 and you get 1 Signature BBQ Ribs voucher worth RM48++ and 12 x monthly RM50 cash vouchers with No Minimum Spend. Get more details from their Facebook Page.



Lot G25, Ground Floor
Atria Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS22/23
Damansara Jaya
Petaling Jaya

Tel: 012-446-6679


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