PAK LOH CHIU CHOW – CNY Festive Dining with Teochew Flair

Things are kept pretty simple at Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant in Starhill Gallery. For the lunar new year celebrations, the restaurant is offering only 2 special set menus. There’s the Four Seasons Fortune Set and Golden Jade Prosperity Set. Executive Chef Alex Au and his team are focusing on serving top-notch dishes coupled with impeccable service. Even the pricing is pretty easy, starting at RM99.50 nett per person and meals are set for 4, 6 and 10 people. These set menus are available till 2 March 2018.

We had a chance to check out their Four Seasons Fortune Set and that turned out to be an excellent choice. Every dish was executed with care and the chefs did a good job plating the food, too. The dishes reflect the spirit of abundance and prosperity as is the norm during the Chinese New Year, fine-tuned with Teochew nuances. Ingredients used in some of the special dishes are very much associated with Teochew cuisine.

Take a look…

Tossing for prosperity…top of the list!

The starfruit slices were really good!

Rainbow Prosperity Yee Sang with Salmon Trout – the special dressing for this is a lovely combo of peanut jam, fish sauce, vinegar, salted plums, sesame oil and made more aromatic with fried crispy garlic and bits of “choy poh” (preserved turnip). Loved the sliced starfruit – so crisp, juicy and refreshing!

Loved the special effects!

Double-boiled Topshell and Cordyceps Flower Soup – a work of dedication! Superior stock boiled for 6 hours using free-range chicken, chinese ham and lean pork. That awesome broth is then double-boiled with the topshell and cordyceps flowers for 12 hours! We relished every single drop of this splendid soup.

Divine soup!

Classic Steamed Red Snapper with Bean Sauce – bean sauce is typically favoured by Teochews

Baked Prawns with Salad Sauce

Golden Crispy Chicken with Lemon Sauce

Braised Sea Abalones with Broccoli


Stir-fried Mixed Waxed Meat Rice with Pumpkin

Golden Crispy Nian Gao

Double-boiled Lotus Seeds & Lily Bulbs with Black Glutinous Rice

For reservations and enquiries on the Chinese New Year dining experience, kindly call Pak
Loh Chiu Chow at 03-2782 3856 or send an email to


Feast Village
Starhill Gallery
Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur