Peruvian Roast Chicken at BRASARIA, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

Since the last Peruvian chicken restaurant in my hood closed down, I thought I won’t see one again around for some time. But guess what? There’s a restaurant tucked away in Jaya One which serves only Peruvian-style roast chicken which recently came into my radar.

Brasaria is a bright cheerful eatery done up in the most vibrant colours you can imagine. It’s a riot – think purple walls, orange partitions, yellow tables and lime green floor! And look out for that bright grinning patchwork lamma at the entrance! Suffice to say you won’t miss the place.  Owned by an entrepreneurial young couple who decided to explore and share the culinary tastes of Peru with Malaysians, Brasaria is a relatively new eatery in Jaya One, having just opened only in January this e


The star of the menu is of course the roast chicken and you can have it by quarter (RM13.50), half (RM24.50) or whole chicken (RM45.90) portions.   These are also served in set platters with side dishes added in, e.g. their “El Nino” (RM17.90) comprises a quarter piece chicken, green salad and one side dish. Roasted in a rotisserie grill charcoal oven, the delicately marinated chicken is crispy on the skin while maintaining tender juiciness in the meat. Specks of herbs and spices give the golden skin some extra aromas and I actually prefer to eat the chicken without any sauce. Brasaria serves Aji Sauce in both mild and hot versions as well as their tangy non-spicy BBQ Peruano sauce.


There are several side dishes to accompany the roast chicken, all priced at RM5 per portion. My favourites are the Latin Trio of grilled sweet potato, plantain and pineapple. The slightly charred caramelised pineapple pieces complement the roast chicken very well.

Latin Trio – grilled sweet potato, plantain and pineapple

Elote – grilled corn brushed with Brasaria sauce, topped with chilli powder and cheese

Grilled Vegetables – eggplant, carrots and peppers

Peas Saltado – stirfried snow peas and black-eyed peas

Brasaria Slaw with a Peruvian tinge

Crispy Fries to dip into those sauces!


If you are pressed for time to savour the roast chicken, have their hand-pulled Brasaria Chicken Sandwich – a quick and nutritious meal on its own.

El Sanguche (RM14.90) – hand-pulled Brasaria Chicken Sandwich on a soft roll with mixed greens, Brasaria sauce and salsa criollo, served with chips

So all you chicken lovers, if you are tired of the regular fried chicken, check out the Pollo a La Brasa: Peruvian flavours of crisply-roasted fowls over at Brasaria. You’ll love the bright zany deco too.


D.59.G Jaya One Ground Floor
72A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7627-4626/018-280-4316
Opens daily 11.30am-9.00pm


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