Retro Tapas Bar Cafe is one of the latest additions to the long list of F&B outlets in TREC. Located at the Alcove section of TREC, this bar cafe occupies a quiet corner facing the main road. With its bright yellow and red furniture, you can’t miss it. I couldn’t help but be amused by the cute red swing hanging right in front of the cheerful-looking bar counter! I think that certainly comes in handy to give their guests some rigorous swings when things are slowing down.

With the kitchen helmed by the charming Chef Raziq, the menu lists a variety of bites, ranging from snacks, appetizers, Japanese-style yakitori (all kinds of stuff on skewers) to pasta, rice and desserts. With more than 7 years’ experience from hotels (including Shangri-la Kuala Lumpur), Chef Raziq does have quite a lot of delicious items up his sleeve.


First to land on our table was a plate of mountain-high Seaweed Nachos (RM18.80) – made up of mixed salsa, guacamole, bell pepper, mesclun, melted cheese, topped with a bunch of shredded crisp seaweed and sprinkled with brandy. This concoction was just perfect to munch with drinks and more drinks!

Seaweed Nachos


Then it was time to check-out the skewered delights. Minced chicken marinated with delicate spices wrapped round lemongrass sticks were irresistible, to say the least. But what I fancied more were the delicious succulence of grilled calamari and chicken gizzards on skewers, perfumed with all kinds of mouth-watering spices. They go really well with some ice-cold beer!

Lemongrass Chicken (RM13.80)

Thai Calamari Skewers (RM11.80)

Gizzard Skewers (RM6.80) – salt and black pepper

I tried some grilled Shishamo (RM15.80) but they were underwhelmed beneath nondescript tomato sauce and some salsa which did nothing to the little fishes.

Grilled Shishamo

On the other hand, the Cheesy Chicken Wings were very flavourful and I enjoyed every bite of the finger-licking meat, skin and bones. The Grilled Lamb cutlets were also spot-on: tender, juicy and tasty.

Cheesy Chicken Wings (RM9.80) – with cheese and herbs

Lamb Grill (RM14.80) with mushroom sauce


I love grilled fish and the two thick pieces of butterfish were done perfectly, glazed with a miso sauce and adorned with crispy ginger strips. Eaten hot, the tender flaky fish practically melted in the mouth.

Glazing Fish on Charcoal (RM17.80) butterfish with miso glaze and crispy ginger strips

If you need something substantial to fill the tummy, go for the Green Curry Linguine. Made from scratch according to Chef Raziq’s personal recipe, the green curry packed a lovely fiery punch and guaranteed to leave some heat on your tongue!

Green Curry Linguine (RM19.80) green curry spices with sliced chicken and tomatoes

Two fluffy mini charcoal brioches sandwiching thick slices of crispily-fried chicken thigh also made a substantial dish from the menu. Slices of sweet onions and a secret dressing completed the satisfying ensemble.

Crispy Chicken with Brioche (RM18.80)

Chef Raziq’s house-made brownies were given a flaming presentation with hot chocolate sauce, served with mixed fruit compote, walnut sand and ice cream. I love how the slightly-burnt chocolate sauce on the hotplate gave the brownies a delightful smokey and slightly bitter finish. Yes, I’d definitely go back for this.

Brownies (RM18.80) homemade brownies


The Green Tea Pancake (RM18.80) didn’t impress me as much. I felt there was a bit too much going on there – with choco sauce, fresh cream, strawberries compote, mixed berries, chocolate chips and ice cream.

Green Tea Pancake with all the trimmings

All in all, Retro Tapas Bar Cafe is a casual and cosy joint to chill out and indulge on some small bites and drinks. And if you’re really hungry, there’s also pasta and rice to fill bigger appetites.

A-02 & 03 Alcove, TREC
436-438 Jalan Tun Razak
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 019-2207111/019-2907835

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