We all know about Sangkaya Ice Cream – that coconut madness that got everyone intoxicated on its smooth fragrant and refreshing ice desserts. Well, Sangkaya has now taken another step forward and recently unveiled its range of new ice cream flavours and several new desserts on the menu, based on Malaysians’ favourite traditional sweets.

As Hari Raya is round the corner, check out the new promotional flavour – Rose Bandung! Known as the Blissful Riang Raya promotion, the familiar pink is (always a hit with Malaysians) so appropriate during this festive period. Have it as pure unadulterated ice cream – it’s the Bandung Bliss – 4 scoops of Rose Bandung flavoured ice cream served in a coconut shell decorated with strips of coconut flesh.

Bandung Bliss (RM12.20)

To quench your thirst, why not have the Bandung Blitz – it’s Rose Bandung flavoured coconut shake with diced cincau (grass jelly) and a scoop of Bandung Ice Cream!

Bandung Blitz (RM9.90)

The Blissful Riang Raya promotion will run until 31 July 2017 only, so hurry over and lick your favourite pink Bandung ice cream!
Have you tried Sangkaya’s new release – Gula Melaka? It’s my favourite and I can’t get enough of it, seriously. The natural palm sugar sweetness mixed with the coconut base flavour has resulted in this absolutely rich-tasting aromatic ice cream that’s crazy good. If you have a weakness for gula melaka, then this will totally undo you!

Gula Melaka Ice Cream

Besides the Gula Melaka, Sangkaya has also released two more new flavours: Kaya and Mango.

Mango Ice Cream


Visit any Sangkaya outlet now and be bowled by their new range of desserts. When it used to be just coconut shells and cones, now there are waffles, coconut cookies, toasts and even their own version of ABC (ais batu campur). For something quick, light and easy, the Ice Cream Cookiez is just perfect. I mean, what else can be enjoyed in a jiffy but just two crunchy coconut cookies sandwiching a scoop of coconut ice cream, right?

Ice Cream Cookiez (RM4.90)

With more tim on your hand, just sit down and have some Freshly Baked Waffles topped by Sangkaya’s signature coconut ice cream (or any other flavours) with a sprinkle of toasted coconut flakes. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Freshly Baked Waffles (RM12.90)

I remember when I was a kid, one of the highlights of my childhood was having ice cream with bread. Those were the days when pleasures and treats were just so simple. Eating Sangkaya’s Hainanese Roti Bakar sandwiched with scoops of Kaya Ice Cream and slices of frozen butter is like reliving my childhood 10-fold. It’s like the treat of treats: toasts with kaya ice cream!

Malaysian Toast (RM6.90)


The Ice Cream Campur is Sangkaya’s version of ABC, a very deluxe version too. Together with cincau, cendol, sweet corn, nata de coco, roasted peanuts and coconut flesh, there are 2 scoops of coconut ice cream and 1 scoop of gula melaka ice cream! Now if that isn’t decadent, I don’t know what is.

Ice Cream Campur (RM10.90)

Did you know that Sangkaya now also has a Chocolate Maniac series? Their new chocolate flavour – Chocolate Royale can be ordered and eaten in any form. But in order to fully appreciate the rich chocolate, check out the Chocolate Divinity which is a huge dark chocolate cone filled with 3 scoops of Chocolate Royale ice cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce and studded with oreo crush bits, corn flakes and peanuts for that extra crunch.

Chocolate Divinity

There’s a milkshake/frappe version called Chocolate Blitz, an Ice Chocolate coconut milk shake. A scoop of Chocolate Royale Ice Cream is all that’s needed here.

Then there’s the Best Giler yin-yang concoction of a dark jumbo cone filled with chocolate sauce and a massive scoop of ice cream. This is paired with a waffle cone filled with gula melaka sauce topped with another massive scoop of ice cream!


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