I’m a big fan of steamboat and are always on the lookout for good ones.  So when I got to know that Secret Garden has just launched their steamboat meals, I wasted no time in rounding up a couple of makan-kakis and headed to the restaurant in Taman SEA, Petaling Jaya – read my earlier review of their signature dishes here.

As it’s the Chinese New Year season, we started off with a Salmon Yee Sang!

Secret Garden’ steamboat features 3 signature soups: Premium Wild Forest Truffle & Mushroom, Imperial Chicken and their latest Premium Spicy Seafood Soup.  We started off with the Spicy Seafood Soup as nothing works the appetite up better than some hot spicy broth in the stomach!

The pot of seafood goodness came brimming over with fresh prawns, crabs and a whole deep-fried soon hock fish (marbled goby).  Talk about being premium!  And is it any surprise that the broth was incredibly sweet and tasty, thanks to the generous portions of seafood simmering in it?!  There’s a good kick of fiery flavours in the soup so we took our time to eat up all the precious seafood before putting in any new ingredients into the pot.

Signature 3 Premium Spicy Seafood Soup (RM188) – prawns, crabs and whole soon hock


My favourite soup was the divine Imperial Chicken Broth.  It’s easily the best soup I’ve ever had for steamboat!  Free-range chicken, Chinese ham, dried scallops together with red dates and wolfberries were simmered for hours, producing a rich opaque soup that’s so flavourful I could just have that and be a happy camper.  If you choose this soup, do enjoy its original flavours and eat up the delicious chicken in it before putting in the other steamboat ingredients.

Secret Garden Imperial Chicken Broth (RM78)

These are the ingredients that produced that awesome soup!


Secret Garden’s steamboat can be ordered on a la carte basis or if you have a bigger group, opt for their Special Sets.  Prices and menus are as below:

The ingredients for steamboat at Secret Garden cover a wide variety of meats, seafood, house-made pastes and balls, vegetables, beancurds and noodles.  Freshly sliced premium meats like matsusaka, sendai and wagyu beef as well as Iberico pork are all available.

Sliced Pork (RM12) *price does not include the doll though!

Sliced Snapper (RM20/100g)

What I love most for my steamboat is fresh and hand-made pastes and balls and in Secret Garden, one can go overboard over these because there is such a good selection on the menu.  We almost over-indulged with the range of sweet bouncy balls made from fresh squids, prawns, fish and pork pastes.

Clockwise from Top Left:
Handmade Fish Paste (RM16), Prawn Paste (RM18)
Handmade Black Truffle Balls (RM22/4 pieces)
Handmade Squid Balls (RM16/4 pieces)
Handmade Tobiko Squid Balls (RM18/4 pieces)
Seafood Dumplings “Kao Zi” (RM20/5 pieces)
Handmade Pork Balls with Mushrooms (RM12/4 pieces)


After dipping all these premium items into the broth, it was just perfect to pile in some mushrooms, vegetables and noodles and slurp up every last drop of the amazing broth.

Can’t wait to go back for more – Secret Garden has just topped our list of Favourite Steamboats!


SECRET GARDEN Chinese Restaurant
7 & 9 Jalan SS23/15
Taman SEA
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7887-6999

Open: 11.30am-3.00pm/6.00pm-11.00pm