I think it’s pretty apt for the good folks at Zuan Yuan to select Double Boiled Soups as the highlight of their “Taste of Freedom” promotion in August. August is our month of independence as Merdeka Day is celebrated on the 31st, hence, “freedom” comes into the picture. Now I also think there’s no better comparison than the sweetness of double-boiled soups to denote “freedom”!

We all know how nourishing double-boiled soups are – simply because the best ingredients are used and the long boiling time extracts the sweet flavours well.  At Zuan Yuan, this month, you get to savour winning double-boiled soups like Fish Maw Soup with Dried Scallops, Abalone, Sea Cucumber & Mushroom, Village Chicken Soup with Jade Abalone Dendrobium & American Ginseng, Chicken Soup with Korean Black Garlic, Abalone & Sea Cucumber, Fishbone Soup with Abalone, Monkey Head Mushroom, Dried Scallops & Lotus Seeds, among others.

Double Boiled Fishbone Soup with Abalone, Monkey Head Mushroom, Dried Scallops & Snow Lotus Seeds

There are other speciality dishes too in the extensive a la carte menu. Highly recommended are dishes like Claypot Eggplant with Cuttlefish & Shrimps in Spicy Chilli Sauce, Chef’s Special Sweet Sour Chicken with Dragonfruit, Braised Housemade Beancurd with Lily Bulbs & Dried Scallops and Crabmeat Eggwhite & Pine Nuts Omelette eaten with fresh lettuce leaves.

Crabmeat Eggwhite & Pine Nuts Omelette

Come September, Zuan Yuan will be highlighting fresh river fish in their special menu. With high content of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats (the good fats!) these fishes are highly recommended. My favourites are the Deep-fried Black Tilapia with Light Soy Sauce and the perfectly steamed Jade.

Black Tilapia – deep-fried with Light Soy Sauce

Jade Fish – steamed with crispy carrot & golden garlic

The fish dishes go well with plain rice but if you are not a fan of carbs, skip that and just go for the sweet, smooth and tender fish!

We couldn’t resist checking out some of Zuan Yuan’s popular dim sum (available at lunch only).

Steamed “Siew Mai” with Japanese Baby Scallop

Steamed “Phoenix Eye” Dumplings with Prawns & Black Truffle

Deep-fried Prawn Rolls with Century Egg & Oatmeal

“Cheong Fun” (rice rolls) with Goose Liver “YiuTiao” (fried crullers) Hong Kong-style

Chilled Pomelo, Snow Fungus & Nata De Coco with Lemon

So, August and September are certainly exciting months in Zuan Yuan with all these goodies lining up to induce food coma of the delicious kind!


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