TOKUSHIMA WAGYU Promotion @ IKETERU, Hilton Kuala Lumpur

For the very first time, Hilton Kuala Lumpur is bringing in the famous Tokushima wagyu beef from Shikoku whereby diners will get to savour this premium beef at Iketeru for the entire month of August 2018. Sourced from Nishiawa Beef from Tokushima Prefecture, the beef is certified halal to be sold in Malaysia, explained Japanese Executive Chef Ricky Kamiishi.

This Grade A5 wagyu is available on a special a la carte menu for both lunch and dinner. Besides the popular cuts like sirloin, tenderloin and ribeye, Chef Ricky is also introducing the lesser-known cuts like rib loin and knuckle. Cooked with the right method and matched with complementary ingredients, these secondary cuts are just as delicious.

Broiling and grilling the wagyu expertly, the Aburi Sushi and Karubi Salad prove that rib loin and knuckle can be rendered just as good.

Beef skeletal muscles and trimmings are simmered with tofu and vegetables resulting in a comforting rustic stew. My favourite is the seared rib loin with sea urchin, enhanced with some garlic ponzu sauce. The textural contrasts from the beef, rice and sea urchin is just amazing.

Aburi Sushi – broil sliced rib loin sushi

Karubi Salad – BBQ wagyu knuckle salad with spicy miso sauce

Wagyu Tataki Uni Soe – seared rib loin with sea urchin with garlic ponzu sauce

Gyusuji Nikomi – beef skeletal muscle with vegetables & tofu

Wagyu Hamburger with Mushroom Sauce

Other dishes offered under this promotion are the Toban Yaki Mojio To Wasabi Shoyu (grilled wagyu chuck roll on hot plate with sea salt and wasabi soy sauce) and Mini Onsen Tamago Karubi Donburi (BBQ wagyu knuckle & half-boiled egg with steamed rice). Prices for the dishes range from RM64-RM320.

Head on over to Iketeru this month to savour these special wagyu dishes, available at both lunch and dinner. This promotion started today and is available until 31 August 2018.

For reservations, please call +603-2264-2264 or visit for more information.


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