Kembara Tujuh Sajian at ONE WORLD HOTEL, Petaling jaya

Every year when the holy month of Ramadhan rolls in, the Cinnamon Coffee House in One World Hotel is a big burst of colours, aromas and tastes! On any ordinary day, the dinner buffet selection in Cinnamon is always huge and varied but when it’s Ramadhan, the selections become even more extensive and mind-boggling! (if that’s even possible!)


This year is no different – the theme is “Kembara Tujuh Sajian” where dishes from 7 states of Malaysia are presented. Guests get to indulge on kampong-styled traditional dishes and local street fares from Selangor, Pulau Pinang, Johor, Kedah, Melaka, Perak and Negeri Sembilan prepared by Executive Sous Chef Saiful Baharin and his culinary team. Imagine – 7 states and the whole Cinnamon is all decked out with additional stalls in the side terrace and walkways. I can’t imagine how it would be if all the states of Malaysia are featured!

The main aisle of Cinnamon has long buffet tables serving all kinds of appetizers (from cold boiled seafood to local kerabus), mains (curries, rendang & popular local dishes like Kari Ayam Kandar, Sambal Udang Petai, Kambing Semur Kerisik, Gulai Daging Tetel Kawah Tok, Asam Ikan Pedas, Perut Lembu Masak Cili Api and Sayur Pucuk Manis. Numerous live food stations are kept very busy, like the Indian station with naans and curries, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Sup Kambing, Goreng-goreng, Rojak Mamak, Mee Kari and BBQ Seafood. These time-tested dishes are showcased in 6 rotational menus with over 100 items daily.

Succulent & juicy Ayam Percik

Then there are the international line-up: the Japanese and Western counters are always crowded.

Save room for the desserts as the selection is really very extensive. Desserts range from Western-styled sweets such as Coconut Choux, Apple Cinnamon Frangipane, Baked Lime Cheese Cake, Mango Panna Cotta, Raspberry Éclair, Pavlova to colourful local ones like Assorted Kuih Muih, Agar Agar, Kek Kukus, Bubur Pengat Pisang, Ais Kacang and Pulut Serawa Durian.

Don’t miss out the Chocolate Fountain!

Available from 6.30pm to 10.30pm nightly, it is priced at RM148.00 nett per adult and RM78.00 nett per child (aged 6-12 years) from 24 April to 5 May 2019 and RM175.00 nett and RM90.00 nett respectively from 6 May to 4 June 2019.

Reservations are encouraged to avoid disappointment.

For reservations and further enquiries such as discount or promotions, please call +603-7681-1157 or email


One World Hotel
Bandar Utama City Centre
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya

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Celebrate the Lunar New Year at ZUAN YUAN, ONE WORLD HOTEL

“Gathered Elegance” is the theme for this year’s lunar new year celebrations at Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant in One World Hotel. Aptly chosen – as since the restaurant’s massive makeover in end 2017, “elegant” is but one word to describe the restaurant. So, to welcome the Year of the Swine, why not have a sumptuous meal or two within this restaurant oozing with contemporary elegance?

Gather your friends and relatives to usher in the new year with 3 decadent set menus listing dishes which signify everything auspicious from prosperity, good luck, good fortune, good health to longevity. With 2 decades of culinary experience and prowess under his belt, Executive Chef, Michael Chew Chee Peng proudly presents his time-honoured Cantonese cuisine dishes again this year.  Working closely with Head Chef, Tommy Choong, the repertoire is pretty extensive and delectable.

The 3 special menus are priced at RM1,798.00 nett, RM1,988.00 nett and RM2,288.00 for a table of 10 with a complimentary bottle of wine. This Gathered Elegance promotion is available daily for lunch (12.00 noon to 2.30pm) and dinner (6.30pm to 10.30pm) until 3 March 2019.

We had a preview of some of the special dishes recently. Among the featured dishes we tried were Yee Sang with Crispy Soft Shell Crabs & Crystal Pear, Braised Superior Abalone Soup with Dried Scallops & Dried Seafood, Barbecue Roast Duck and Chicken, Steamed Live Dragon Garoupa with Superior Soy Sauce, Stir Fried Lotus Root and Garden Greens with Crispy Scallop Rolls, Wok Fried Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk and Braised Abalones with Money Bags & Mushrooms.

The meal ended on a delightful note with Steamed Coconut Nian Gao with Shredded Coconut and Six Treasures Sweet Soup.

Yee Sang with Crispy Soft Shell Crab and Crystal Pear

Braised Superior Abalone Soup with Dried Scallop and Dried Seafood

BBQ Roasted Duck and Chicken “Hong Kong” Style

Wok Fried Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk

Steamed Live Dragon Garoupa with Superior Soy Sauce

Stir Fried Lotus Root and Garden Greens accompanied with Crispy Scallop Rolls

Braised Abalones with Money Bag and Flower Mushrooms


Zuan Yuan remains open on the eve of Lunar New Year and throughout the festive season. For more information or reservation enquiries, please call +603-7681-
1159 or email

Business hours:
Monday to Friday:
Lunch 12.00 noon to 2.30 pm
Dinner 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday:
Lunch 10.00 am to 2.30 pm
Dinner 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm

One World Hotel
First Avenue
Bandar Utama City Centre
Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya

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I think it’s pretty apt for the good folks at Zuan Yuan to select Double Boiled Soups as the highlight of their “Taste of Freedom” promotion in August. August is our month of independence as Merdeka Day is celebrated on the 31st, hence, “freedom” comes into the picture. Now I also think there’s no better comparison than the sweetness of double-boiled soups to denote “freedom”!

We all know how nourishing double-boiled soups are – simply because the best ingredients are used and the long boiling time extracts the sweet flavours well.  At Zuan Yuan, this month, you get to savour winning double-boiled soups like Fish Maw Soup with Dried Scallops, Abalone, Sea Cucumber & Mushroom, Village Chicken Soup with Jade Abalone Dendrobium & American Ginseng, Chicken Soup with Korean Black Garlic, Abalone & Sea Cucumber, Fishbone Soup with Abalone, Monkey Head Mushroom, Dried Scallops & Lotus Seeds, among others.

Double Boiled Fishbone Soup with Abalone, Monkey Head Mushroom, Dried Scallops & Snow Lotus Seeds

There are other speciality dishes too in the extensive a la carte menu. Highly recommended are dishes like Claypot Eggplant with Cuttlefish & Shrimps in Spicy Chilli Sauce, Chef’s Special Sweet Sour Chicken with Dragonfruit, Braised Housemade Beancurd with Lily Bulbs & Dried Scallops and Crabmeat Eggwhite & Pine Nuts Omelette eaten with fresh lettuce leaves.

Crabmeat Eggwhite & Pine Nuts Omelette

Come September, Zuan Yuan will be highlighting fresh river fish in their special menu. With high content of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats (the good fats!) these fishes are highly recommended. My favourites are the Deep-fried Black Tilapia with Light Soy Sauce and the perfectly steamed Jade.

Black Tilapia – deep-fried with Light Soy Sauce

Jade Fish – steamed with crispy carrot & golden garlic

The fish dishes go well with plain rice but if you are not a fan of carbs, skip that and just go for the sweet, smooth and tender fish!

We couldn’t resist checking out some of Zuan Yuan’s popular dim sum (available at lunch only).

Steamed “Siew Mai” with Japanese Baby Scallop

Steamed “Phoenix Eye” Dumplings with Prawns & Black Truffle

Deep-fried Prawn Rolls with Century Egg & Oatmeal

“Cheong Fun” (rice rolls) with Goose Liver “YiuTiao” (fried crullers) Hong Kong-style

Chilled Pomelo, Snow Fungus & Nata De Coco with Lemon

So, August and September are certainly exciting months in Zuan Yuan with all these goodies lining up to induce food coma of the delicious kind!


One World Hotel
Bandar Utama City Centre
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7681-1111