DELICIOUS @ St Mary Place, Kuala Lumpur

The last time I dined at Delicious was many years ago. Over time there has been many changes made at their cafes, in terms of management and menu. A recent visit to the Delicious at St Mary Place revealed a menu that’s varied with western choices and local favourites. This particular outlet serves a breakfast buffet and guests staying at the nearby E&O Residences mostly get their breakfast here.  For a more interesting dining experience, we checked out a few of their popular orders from the a la carte menu.

We love their golden roasted slice of sweet pumpkin served with a good portion of fresh crisp spinach and rocket leaves. Adding on more textures are the feta cheese, pine nuts, balsamic pearls and a light refreshing citrusy dressing.

Roasted Pumpkin Salad (RM25)

Fried Fish Skin tossed in salted eggyolk can’t be faulted – I mean, these two ingredients alone would make a very addictive snack! Chilli padi, garlic and curry leaves add on the “shiok” factor here.

Salted Egg Fish Skin (RM17)

The quintessential mamak item is given a luxe treatment here. Yellow noodles fried with chunks of chicken fillet, squid, beancurd, flour fritter (cucur), tomatoes and crowned with tiger prawns makes this an all-time favourite order.

Mee Goreng Mamak (RM28)

We like the simple Baked Salmon with its thin crispy skin and what’s special about this dish is the serving of citrus segment and tantalizing grapefruit reduction

Baked Salmon (RM38) – baked airflown chilled Norwegian salmon

On the other hand, we feel the Hainanese Chicken Chop and Nasi Kerabu are just average. While the fried battered chicken chop is crispy enough, the Hainanese sauce is somewhat lacking. The same goes for the Nasi Kerabu – we feel the ayam percik can be better, with more oomph in the spice department. I think the sambal belacan, salted egg and budu (fermented fish sauce) save the dish.

Hainanese Chicken Chop (RM28) – battered fried Chicken Chop, topped with tangy Hainanese sauce with sides of fries and garden vegetables

Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Percik (RM33) – Nasi kerabu tinted blue with bunga telang served with Ayam Percik and condiments of salted egg, ulam, sambal belacan and keropok

The Classic Cheese Burger is wholesome thanks to the nicely-seared thick US Black Angus beef patty (80% meat + 20% fat). Served on a substantial toasted sesame seed bun with cheddar, lettuce, onions, pickles and a special sauce, it’s definitely tummy-filling as there’s also a generous portion of French fries included.

Classic Cheese Burger (RM35)

Melon had a Blast (RM15.90)

Pomegranate Blueberry Sparkler (RM11.90)

In the past, Delicious has always been well known for their extensive selection of cakes and my favourite was their Coconut Cake. This time round, we tried their Brownie, Pavlova and Onde Onde Cake. The brownie and pavlova are just average and the Onde Onde Cake is too sweet. I wished I had ordered their Coconut Cake to see whether it’s still as good as before.

Brownie with Ice Cream (RM18)

Pavlova (RM18)

Onde Onde Cake (RM15)

On the whole, Delicious does offer a good selection of western cafe items and local favourites to please their diners. However, we feel certain dishes at Delicious can be better executed for more “oomph”.

Unit G-7 & G-8
St Mary Place
No.1 Jalan Tengah
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2856-6136

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MANJA Kuala Lumpur – get ready to be pampered!

Nestled in a cosy cul-de-sac and surrounded by skyscrapers, Manja is a welcome refuge amidst Kuala Lumpur’s crazy traffic. It’s located along Lorong Raja Chulan; its pretty facade unmistakable and easy to spot.

Wooden tables and high chairs are set out right in front of the restaurant for guests to relax with a drink or two in the calm al-fresco space. The greenery around this little haven forms a perfect backdrop to chill-out before dinner.

The noise of the city and crazy traffic of Jalan Raja Chulan miraculously fades out when I step into the warm comfort of the restaurant. It’s like entering another realm, a sanctuary that soothes any weary spirit. Cosy lighting bathes the interior, casting a golden glow on the red velvet seating and rustic brick walls. Old-world colonial charm permeates every corner of Manja and a sense of sweet nostalgia lingers in the air. Besides the main dining space, there’s also a private room with a sky window where the KL Tower is perfectly silhouetted like a magnificent glittering sabre.

As its name suggests: Manja is to pamper and that’s exactly what chef/owner Navin Karu has in mind. The repertoire of dishes curated by Navin are inspired by his childhood memories which he has given creative modern twists. Most ingredients are sourced locally from sustainable supplies – for example, local river prawns and line-caught yellowfin tuna and wild white sea prawns from the sea off East Malaysia (Borneo).

Every dish placed on my table is a delight to the eyes and palate. Flavours are fresh and clean – Navin’s creative touch is evident in the marriage of ingredients, flavours and presentation. Have a look…

Borneo Coconut Tuna (RM36) – sashimi-grade line-caught yellowfin tuna on top of grated coconut tartar, local flavours of kaffir lime, crushed cashews and served with handmade tapioca chips.


Creole Prawns Guacamole (RM38) – handmade cumin-spiced guacamole complement diced wild sea prawns grilled with a Creole paprika lime marinade, eaten with house-made fluffy mantou.

Palate Cleanser before the mains are served

Ten Cha Fish with Lobster Butter Soba (market price) – grilled seasonal catch in ginger palm marination, with ten cha green tea glaze. By the side is a bundle of organic soba cooked in house-made lobster butter with juicy morsels of river lobster meat, topped with sturgeon caviar!


Lemon Butter Scallops & Saffron Snapper Ravioli (RM88) – delicate handmade ravioli filled with local red snapper in a rich saffron sauce perfumed with curry leaves with large succulent lemon butter scallops.


Chipotle Jerk Pepper Chicken (RM88) – organic boneless chicken thigh charred on charcoal grill in a sauce of roasted chipotle peppers and pureed Kalamata olives. The ensemble is balanced with caramelized pineapple cubes, chili smoked eggplant and pinenut salsa.

Desserts are a must here. Ideas and flavours are mainly inspired from local favourites and typical of Manja’s style, all given a luxe twist!

Old Malaya Teatime (RM36) – banana coconut fritters made from locally sourced organic Rastali bananas and sprinkled with salted kaya caramel. If that’s not rich enough, there’s gorgeously-aromatic house-churned Teh Tarik ice-cream by the side.


Kopi Peng & Kahlua (RM29) – charcoal roasted coffee local ice-cream served with candied cashews and kahlua. It’s perfect, especially for coffee lovers.

For that special date or if you just want to be pampered with some good food in a charming colonial atmosphere with a bit of nostalgia thrown in, check out Manja.


MANJA Kuala Lumpur
No.6 Lorong Raja Chulan
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-373-7063


Monday-Thursday & Sunday
12.00pm – 12.00am
Friday & Saturday
12.00pm – 1.00am

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VIVA ITALIA BRUNCH @ PREGO, The Westin Kuala Lumpur

The year-end festive season is fast approaching and before you get hooked on the celebratory buffets all across town, do check out the Viva Italia Sunday Brunch at Prego, The Westin Kuala Lumpur. It’s one of the most popular Sunday brunches in KL and it’s always a treat to indulge on the sumptuous offering there. With Italian Chef Marco De Cecco helming the kitchen of Prego, I knew I was in for some really wholesome and comforting Italian fares.

Head on to the fresh oysters and chilled seafood counter first – perfect starters to get the Sunday mood going. Then proceed to the long counter facing the open kitchen and you’ll find it hard to resist the wide selections of warm appetizers like Spinach Frittata, Polenta with caramelized onions, Caprese with Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil Essence, Grandma’s Meatballs, Black Angus beef carpaccio, Arancini with smoked cheese & truffles and Sicilian Caponata with bread croutons.

Cheese lovers will love the array of Gorgonzola, Taleggio, Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino and Goat Cheeses on the board.

From antipasti to desserts, diners get to try hot/cold dishes on the counters and every now and then, the serving crew goes round the tables offering freshly cooked pasta, pizza and other mains.

Outside at the terrace, there’s a barbecue and carvery station all ready to serve meats and seafood like grilled fish, tender roast chicken and succulent steaks & lamb shoulder accompanied by roasted vegetables and potatoes. We really loved the grilled giant prawns – sweet, bouncy and bursting with roe.

What’s Italian food without the sweets, right? So, do save some tummy space for the delectable selections of Tiramisu, Panna Cotta, Croquembouche, Strawberry mouse, Black forest, Pavlova, fruit tarts, lots of Cheesecakes and Creme brulee!

Served every Sunday from 11.30am to 2.30pm, the Viva Italia Sunday Brunch is a great way to spend a lazy indulgent Sunday.

* Viva Italia Sunday Brunch Buffet – RM188 nett per pax
* Add on RM160 for unlimited Prosecco, Wine & Beer
* Or add on RM260 for unlimited Champagne, Prosecco, Wine, Beer & all other drinks
* Up to 30% discount available (RM132 nett) for Marriott Bonvoy members and selected credit cards. For more details on this, do call Westin Dining.

Reservations: Westin Dining @ 03-2773-8495
Time: 11.30am to 2.30pm


Lobby Level, The Westin Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2731 8333

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LE PONT SMOKE & GRILL BAR, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur

Le Pont Smoke & Grill Bar is an extension of the immensely popular bakery cafe, Le Pont Boulangerie. “Le Pont”, its namesake in French means “the bridge” and in their case, it’s all about bridging and connecting people with great gastronomic experiences. Ever since they opened for business a few years ago, Le Pont’s pastries, cakes and breads have wow’ed their clientele with their range of quality and comforting fares. Diversity in presentation also plays an important role in their appeal with just the right touch of sophistication to reflect the French connection.

Taking their food philosophy a step higher, the culinary team introduced a selection of smoked meats, poultry and seafood. I actually tried some of these smoked dishes several months ago when they were first introduced but unfortunately they were not well executed, partially due to a malfunctioned smoker machine. I thought it’s fair to give them some time to recoup that letdown. Well, recover they did, as I visited them again recently and am happy to share that the culinary team has really done a good job in improving their smoked dishes in the A La Carte Menu.

Our drinks!

Let’s start with my favourite… the 48-hour Marinated Mackerel! This perfectly-grilled fish was bursting with flavours, thanks to the marination over 2 days. It’s then slowly and evenly grilled in smoked paprika and served with a spicy citrus sauce and pickles. The flavours and texture of the mackerel were amazing, so good that the dipping sauce wasn’t really necessary. I picked the fish clean.

48-hour Marinated Mackerel (RM38)

Similarly the whole king squid was grilled till just the right level of done-ness, rendering it tender and tasty to the bite. I felt the house mayo didn’t quite do much justice to the squid – a bit more zest and heat would have enhanced the squid’s freshness better.


Glazed Whole King Squid (RM40) with house mayo and pickles

We tried the Aromatic Chicken Wings and Sou Vide Angus Beef Tenderloin, both grilled over charcoal and between the two, the chicken wings came out suffused nicely with smokey aroma. The beef, probably due to the cut, was a bit uneven in done-ness with the sides more cooked than the centre. As we preferred our beef done “medium” to “medium-rare”, the sides of the tenderloin were a bit over-cooked.

Aromatic Chicken Wings (RM22/4 pieces) Juicy plump chicken wings served with house-made fruity BBQ sauce

Sou Vide Angus Beef Tenderloin (RM60) – Charcoal-grilled beef tenderloin served with mashed potatoes, French beans & miso demi-glace sauce

We had the Seafood Soup Du Tomate in our first visit here and loved it. It’s good to see that the same standard has been maintained as the soup tasted just as good as before! We really like how the sweetness of the fresh seafood (especially that piece of salmon!) has steeped into the soup.

Seafood Soup Du Tomate (RM26) seafood tomato soup with pan-seared Norwegian salmon, mussels, clams and white prawns

For some good old comfort food, the Lamb Shank here at Le Pont is recommended. Served with creamy mashed potatoes and greens, the fork-tender shank, braised for hours, is imbued with the rich flavours from various herbs, spices and dried apricots.

One of the bestsellers – Lamb Shank!

Lamb Shank (RM50)

The flowing lava Chocolate Font Dant here is a big hit and it’s not difficult to see why. Baked only upon order (which takes 20-25 minutes), the hot lava flows out so easily and it’s just so heavenly to eat that with a scoop of vanilla icecream! Remember to order this!

If you like the classic Italian signature dessert of mascarpone cream and light finger sponge, Le Pont’s Bailey Tiramisu is served with a shot of Bailey on the side, for that extra kick.

Chocolate Font Dant (RM22)


Bailey Tiramisu (RM26)


Dining Section – 1st Floor
No.6 Lorong 1/137C, Batu 5
Jalan Klang Lama
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-7783-0900/018-203-2585

Open daily:
11.00am – 3.00pm
6.00pm – 11.00pm

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