Which mooncake is the best?

With the Mid Autumn Festival just round the corner, I get asked this question more often now. I’m often non-committal about mooncakes because it’s such a personal preference and there are so many variants in the market! Being the traditionalist, I prefer the traditional baked ones, with not-too-sweet lotus paste. But then there are so many brands out there these days – it seems every Chinese restaurant, bakery, hotel and home baker is selling mooncakes. And if that’s not enough, there are also imports from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

I think, nowadays the deciding factor, to a large extent, lies not so much in the mooncakes, but in the packaging! People are queueing up to get that lacquer jewellery box, designer handbag, exotic deco light etc and maybe not so much for the mooncakes. Do the math – you are paying more for the packaging, actually.


So that’s why I like the mooncakes from YU by Ruyi. They are so focused. Only two types are available:

Shanghai Mooncake: White Lotus Paste with Single Eggyolk
• Teochew Mooncake: Yam Paste with Single Eggyolk

Shanghai Mooncakes: Fragrant buttery crumbly pastry with not-too-sweet white lotus paste & moist golden salted eggyolk

Teochew Mooncakes: Light crispy pastry with smooth purple yam paste  & moist golden salted eggyolk

And they stick to a simple utilitarian red festive box. The mooncakes are made daily and you should eat them within 1-2 days as there’s no preservative used.

Best eaten on the same day it’s bought. I ate them as soon as I got home, and they were still warm!

Price: RM108 per box of 4 mooncakes or if less than 4 pieces, it’s RM30 each.

Call 03-2202-2602 to pre-order.


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