When East meets West @ RUYI & LYN

For just a few short days, ie until this Saturday 23 June 2018, Ruyi & Lyn’s resident award-winning Chef James Ho is teaming up with Chef Toni Ruiz Valero to give diners a memorable dining experience with their “East Meets West”multi-course dinner. The eclectic 8-course cross-cultural menu from this dynamic combo of culinary mastery from two renowned chefs is something that has to be experienced.

Personally, I have tasted both chefs’ dishes in the past and in this special dinner, both of them have fielded their signature items, curated and presented creatively to feed the eyes and stomach. Do read my previous reviews of Chef Toni here and Chef James here.

The Dinner Set Menu is priced @ RM288 per pax and if you choose to have Wine Pairing, add in extra RM138. Let’s have a look of what’s in store…

Complimentary Hors D’oeuvres

The dinner starts off with Chef James’ beautifully presented appetizer of Sea Caviar (a type of crunchy seaweed) on a mound of shaved ice topped with a cute crispily-fried Baby Crab. Before eating, squirt the tangy Yuzu essence from the little syringe and then enjoy the burst of flavours and contrasting textures in the mouth!

Sea Caviar with Yuzu Essence topped with a Crispy Baby Crab by Chef James

Next… Chef Toni’s salad of Eggplant Confit, Chlorophyll and Pickled Vegetables further titillates the palate. Thinly-sliced pickled ladies fingers dance merrily with crisp rocket, polygonym (laksa leaves), basil and pea sprouts in every mouthful, spiked with fragrant mustard seeds and the chlorophyll curry made from dhall.

Eggplant Confit, Chlorophyll Curry & Pickled Vegetables by Chef Toni

Chef Toni further dazzles with his signature Red Prawn Carpaccio with Deconstructed Sarawak Laksa. The thin slices of red prawn are incredibly sweet and in a surprise twist, the spiced Sarawak Laksa gravy is encased in the prawn head!

Red Prawn Carpaccio with Deconstructed Sarawak Laksa by Chef Toni

One of my favourite dishes in the menu is the Pomfret in Double-boiled Soup by Chef James. Boneless slices of pomfret are steamed on a bed of silky smooth “chawan mushi” and the tasty clear double-boiled broth is then poured over, at table-side. This is a soup that’s to be slowly savoured, to fully enjoy the sweet flavours!

Pomfret in Double-boiled Soup by Chef James

Chef Toni’s mains of Roast Pigeon is a bold and daring dish. It’s done “medium-rare” or almost rare, I would say and that’s pretty much an acquired preference. If you like pigeon meat done rare, then this is for you… personally, I prefer it to be cooked “medium-well done”.

Roast Pigeon, Marinated Roulade with Beetroot Juice and Coconut Foam by Chef Toni

The 2nd and 3rd mains come from Chef James. I enjoy the succulent lamb chop coated in crumbs although the accompanying sauce is a wee bit too salty but this is offset by the tangy iced vegetables by the side.

Lamb Schnitzel with Monggolian Black Pepper & Iced Vegetables by Chef James

Fried Canton Sakura can be a bit puzzling – it turns out to be short-grain Sakura rice, fried Cantonese-style, with added crunch from some puffed rice crispies. For that extra glamour, a thick slice of foie gras sits elegantly on top and this gives a satisfying fullness to the meal.

Pan-seared Foie Gras with Fried Canton Sakura by Chef James

Chef Toni’s signature dessert of curry leaves-infused cream over stewed strawberries laced with Szechuan peppercorn ends the meal on a sweet note. The daintily-cubed jackfruit can be more substantial for a more satisfying bite to this interesting dessert.

Curry Leaves-infused Cream, Szechuan Pepper Strawberries & Jackfruit by Chef Toni


Do pick up the phone and call for reservations at 03-2083-0288 as last day of this special dinner is this Saturday, 23 June 2018!

Dinner Set Menu @ RM288, with Wine Pairing add extra RM138.


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Bukit Bandaraya
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2083-0288