Why would I buy the latest MAZDA CX-5?

I used to drive a SUV (sports utility vehicle) many years ago – about two decades ago when SUVs were rare, few and far between.  Unlike its popularity now when almost every other vehicle on the road is a SUV, owning and driving one back in the early 90’s was rather uncommon.  It was a popular Japanese brand and I remember feeling very lofty as the high seats gave me an elevated sense of command while driving it.

Long story short, that ownership of a SUV didn’t last very long as I eventually traded it in for a premium sedan.  And I have been driving sedans ever since. 

Mazda CX-5 in the stunning Soul Red Crystal shade!

Recently I had the chance to drive and experience Mazda’s latest SUV – the new CX-5 which was launched in 2017.  What struck me – visually, about this 2nd generation model when I first set eyes on it was its sleek sexy headlights.  Women are such visual creatures and I really like those “mata sepet” (slit eyes) headlights.  They somehow frame the honeycomb front grill very well and together, they sure turn heads.

I had quite forgotten how comfortable it is to climb up and down a higher vehicle like the CX-5.  Unlike a sedan with its lower seat profile, I just have to swing my legs out and very easily prop myself out of the vehicle!  Unlike a low-profile sedan, there’s not much effort needed to slide in and out of the vehicle.

It’s my first time checking out a Mazda and I must say i’m impressed with the stylish interior.  The 2.0GL comes with comfortable firm fabric seats.  I like the nifty leather-wrapped steering wheel which is so easy to manoeuvre and turning even the tightest corner broke no sweat.  The overall interior layout is very pleasing to the eyes – Mazda has certainly taken the aesthetic factor very seriously here.  Using premium quality materials, the clean elegant lines of the interior exude class and style, quite comparable to some European mach.  The infotainment screen, albeit a bit small, is very user-friendly.  Yes, there is a certain “luxurious” feel to the interior.

With this CX-5, tall and bigger-sized passengers would be most happy with the spaciousness of the back seats.  The legroom is really good. During our driving trips to Ipoh and Melaka, LL was comfortably sprawled on the back seats with more space than usual.  The comfort level went notches up with the rear air-cond vents and more importantly, the USB chargers at the back seats!  No more need for longer cables to plug into USB chargers located at the front seats!  The back seats are also reclinable, customising the comfort level even more.  It’s small useful features like these which makes a big difference and I’m glad Mazda recognises this.

While the CX-5 may not have the biggest boot space among SUVs of its class, I would say the storage space is pretty decent.  It becomes completely functional when the rear seats are folded down, leaving a totally flat load floor.  DL can haul in and store his bicycles effortlessly now for his biking trips.  It’s such a relief for him now not having to fix up a bike carrier whenever he joins his pals for their biking sessions!

The merits of Mazda’s SkyActiv system can be elaborated in many other sites so I won’t even go into the technicalities of how this new technology increases fuel efficiency and engine output.  It’s good to know that the good people at Mazda are constantly on the go about fuel efficiency and of course this plays a major role in any decision-making when buying any vehicle.  I like the “punchy” and responsive engine, making the CX-5 incredibly zippy to get around.  It performs well on busy roads for city driving and for long-distance trips, the ride is smooth and so comfortable.

Oh, did I mention the reverse camera of the CX-5 is really useful and cool?  But honestly, this Mazda CX-5 is one of the best-looking SUV in its class.  It’s got that irresistible sculptured look with the “mata sepet” headlights – in fact, the overall sleek styling, especially in that signature Soul Red Crystal undoubtedly makes this model the vehicle to watch out for!

See, there are so many reasons why I would go for the CX-5.  The Mazda CX-5 comes in several variances to suit different budgets and preferences and I just have to decide on which one!

*More information can be obtained from www.mazda.com.my